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Introduce Yourself!

hi! my name is rina. excited to be here, just joined this site!
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Hi! I used to roleplay a lot on feralfront, I was on there for about ten years? Then I started going to school and got extremely busy, but now, I'm here to roleplay with my friends!
hello! im kenny! (irl serenity) im still new here so hopefully i will catch on i love to do fnaf,fnf,mha, and south park rps! so i hope we can rp sometime! thanks!
Hey, I'm Fernarii, or Fern. I'm 21 and use any pronouns.

Some of my main hobbies are art, videogames and anime/maga. I love dark themes and genres, and love to deal with character angst and intense emotions in a very delicate way.

Exploring my characters with real emotions and life events is so interesting to me, so bringing it into most of what I do is important to me. I am a gentle person in real life, though I can get pretty hyped up and excited about things that mean a lot to me. I try my best to be understanding and communicate well with those I interact with, especially important relationships.

I am always open to making new friends and meeting new people to write with, so if you'd like to talk or rp, even share art or hobbies, send me a message here!

I am happy to talk/rp here or discord, tbh.
Hello everyone! I'm Tiger and I've been rping for at least ten years now. I constantly jump from one new thing to another. I've really been wanting to find new rp partners and create fun stories together!
Hi there! My name is Tiger and I have been rping for almost 10 years. I am really looking forward to trying to find new rp partners with new amazing plots!
Hello, im Yonas, working as an admin at a marketing company.
i like cosplay festival as there are a lot of people characterizing themselves as fiction heroes or villains.
i myself enjoy interacting with those characters, especially the one i watch or read.
Heya! I'm Jess, and use she/her pronouns. I originally started out roleplaying on a forum many years ago, but said forum went down after a couple years. Since then I've been on sites like Aniroleplay or just roleplayed with partners on Discord or Skype. I have around 15 or so years' experience, and I guess you could say roleplaying is a pretty big passion of mine. I love to roleplay in fandoms, but creating an entirely new story with OCs is something I enjoy as well! It all depends on my partner, really. I'm not really picky on length, but my own replies tend to generally be around 1-3 paragraphs. I have no particular genre preferences; I can write anything from a fluffy slice of life to a dark apocalyptic universe. I do have social anxiety though, so I may not be very talkative at first. But I joined this site in hopes of fighting that and finding more people to talk and write with, so I'm always open to making friends and meeting new people to write with!
Hey everyone! New to the site, but I have years of quality RP experience. I'm interested in creating art for RP scenes and characters I find interesting :)
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Hello hello! My name is Unnatural!

I've been into rping for I think 7 years now? I'm big into TTRPGs (been really liking the smaller more obscure ones like Arcabe Ugly), and revisiting shows from my childhood (Just finished season 1 of slugterra...Or so I thought). I'm here because a discord friend pointed me here after I tried to start up a Deep Rock Galactic rp on another site (not saying it's name as to not advertise), and so I finally came here after a month of procrastination!

Hope you learned at least something about me, I kinda just rambled to give something I can call an intro.

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