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Hey! I'm Russenguard. I've been roleplaying for three years now, and I'm very literate. I do better with shorter sentence roleplays, but I can do any length needed. I love the elaborateness of roleplaying and I work best in 1x1, though I want to be in a large, long-term group one day that I could illustrate scenes from and maybe even make it into a webcomic. I draw a bit, though not nearly as good to do professionaly, and I'm still in school so I have a hard time replying in time. Thanks!


hopeless romantic
Hi I'm new to the site. I'm 15 and I love to write, mostly romance. I've been roleplaying for a while but I stopped for a bit. Looking for romantic, cute plotlines. I usually write at least a few sentences. I like to send my rp replies asap but I do have school on weekdays. PMs are open, I'd love to hear any romance plot ideas of yours. I only rp as f, mxf. Looking forward to roleplaying again


I am a bird
Hello. My name is Adam. I love to roleplay because it provides distraction and helps me not feel so lonely. I love chatting OOC with partners. I knit and I have kids. I just moved and am looking for ways to feel less lonely. Please let me know if you like want to rp. I am down for just about anything.

The Mayn Nerd

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Hey, I'm the mayn nerd, I love making up stories all the time, even if most of them never leave my head. That's why I'm trying out this site to get some equally weird people to help me create weird stories.

Apparently I was supposed to introduce myself here, I'm the mayn nerd, and I am kind of weird.


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Time for my early morning site welcomings!

@BlueLight @stfuarin @GreekCeltic @princessxsugarcookie @Pharmakon @Russenguard @emotionalwreck4 @skeksis @Adamfaraday

Welcome to the site! I hope you have a great time here and if you ever need anything don’t hesitate to ask! ;)

Also, if you’d like, feel free to check out my beginner’s guide!



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Hello there folks, my name is Inkman, but feel free to call me Tear. I'm a pretty avid roleplayer that loves to do it, however, unfortunately, I was unable to locate any partners and grew bored and disconnected from this interest. Then it occurred to me that there probably was a roleplay exclusive site, and here I am! I hope this can really reignite my love for rping and that I can meet new people. ♥ I like to say I'm pretty friendly, so don't be scared lol. Also, I'm typically a fandom exclusive kinda person--canon characters are just my forté.
Hello all, I'm Raven! I've been rping for several years but the other site I use isn't super active so it was getting hard to find rps that I was interested in, especially since I have specific characters I like to use. A friend of mine mentioned this site so I figured I'd check it out. ^^


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Hey there! My name is Lindsey. I've made my way back on this site after falling off for a bit. I forgot the info for my last account, so I'm starting fresh! (Which is probably for the best, because I'm pretty sure I ghosted a couple of great people. My bad.)

Can't wait to get back into plotting and scheming with y'all! :)


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Hey! I'm Trashbin, otherwise known as Trashy. I like drawing although i'm not that good at digital art, I also like Theatre/drama however i'm quite inexperienced with acting and such.

I joined this website cause I needed a place where I can actually roleplay. None of my friends are roleplayers and I don't really know where i'd find a roleplay otherwise. I think I've been roleplaying for around a year at least, I've never really done anything big or that good though and I'm hoping to improve, make new ocs and develop current ones that I have. I hope I can have fun on this website and make some new roleplay friends!


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Hello Everyone! Im Twinky, but I'll probably end up going by my character's name. I've been roleplaying for nearly 7 years now so I've got a bit of experience under my belt. That being said I took a long hiatus resulting in a lot of rust accumulating on my writer's brain. Now I've come by this lovely site to Rp some Naruto themed stories having recently descended back into my love of the show so hopefully, I'll find like-minded individuals and maybe even some long term friends!

. A n u b i s

Life is stressful, kid. Rest in peace.

I go by Anubis. Or Anu for short if you want.

Little bit about 'ol me: used to RP a while back and kinda miss it after all these years so.. here I am scratching that itch. Pretty laid back dude. Very passionate about the things I enjoy despite my normal demeanor. I'm pretty comfortable in my skin and not easily offended by anything so don't be shy and hit me up! I'm down for some convo. Mostly into fantasy stuffs(super power, vampires, ninja/samurai, ect.) but will involve myself in more realistic( hs rom com) RPs from time to time.

Looking forward to meeting new peeps and rekindling an old flame. Cheers!

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Hewwo I'm user and I'm totally new to this place I been rping for 2 years now and I saw myself improving since then I like to rp school life stuff and such so yeeaaaaah I like anime that's cool my favorite anime genre is shoujo and my favorite anime is sailor moon and lovelive school idol project so that's epic
Anyway that enough from me
P.s I'm very new to thing place plz guide me


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holy shit u guys im not new but ive been gone for two years apparently WOW

whaddup it's ya homebird finch back for like a week before i forget again, probably. let's draw some characters together!!


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Hello, I roleplay. Need I say more?

PS: I'm not used to the formatting of a form. I used Tumb for a couple years. Fingers crossed it all comes back to me.


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Hi; Pep here. Been roleplaying for just over a decade now on various mediums. Typically open to anything, but fantasy and survival horror is definitely my bread and butter. Maybe I'll run into some of you later.


howdy folks my names maxim!! im 18 years old and ive spent 7 of them bustin out roleplays.... ive done plenty of verses (i started out in the hetalia fandom on facebook) but im mostly into invader zim nowadays. i like doing really silly rps but also crazy ass stuff thats super dramatic and weird. also i promise i have actual grammar skills this is just how i write ooc :-) so yeah here i am!


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Hey all! My name is Toni. I’m new to RpNation, and relatively new to roleplaying itself. I have roleplayed before, but I’ve been on a very long hiatus and I’m a bit out of practice.

Generally, in roleplays, I look for something casual but creative. Essentially, what I’m saying is that I don’t need you to be Shakespeare or anything, but I don’t like those unintelligent illiterate roleplays. I do value creativity the most in a roleplay. I don’t have any major qualms about reply time (life, ya know?).

Ah, almost forgot to mention, I primarily do fandom roleplays. But I also love doing original ideas!

Man, I’ve passed in and out of so many fandoms during my life... I’ll post something on which ones I’m willing to do a bit later. Stay posted!

I joined RpNation for a couple of reasons. First of all, I’m totally addicted to rping. Stepping into the role of someone completely different and seeing a situation through their perspective is just a really cool experience. And it’s just super fun. Another reason (and don’t cry, lol) is because I don’t really have any friends in my real life. Sure, I talk to people and stuff, but I also wanna have someone I can chat/rp with. Mainly rp. But maybe we can also chat in a separate convo?...
Anyways, I can’t wait to rp with all of you guys! Well, maybe not ALL of you...


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Hello everyone! My name is Kimyo, and I'm brand new to this site and honestly a little intimidated! I made this account to flesh out my new character, Alexa and hopefully meet some cool fellow writers!
Lets see... I've been roleplaying for about 2-3 years now, mostly on twitter. Twitter rp is cool and all but I was hoping to migrate here for a more robust RP experience! You can only say so much in 280 characters after all, lol.
As far as RP preferences go, I'm a fan of comedic, and light hearted sessions. I rarely ever get heavy, but I also enjoy it when I do. I like a bit of romance with good chemistry but, my strong suit is in comedy.
Though I've only been rping for about 3 years, writing has always been my biggest passion! I look forward to meeting cool new people soon! Don't be a stranger~


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Time for my early morning site welcomings!

@Inkman @thalassophile @Trashbin @Twinky @. A n u b i s @maxzim @Peppercorn @HereToParty @Stormpooper @VampireAlexa @midoriyas

Welcome to the site! I hope you have a great time here and if you ever need anything don’t hesitate to ask! ;)

Also, if you’d like, feel free to check out my beginner’s guide!



savannah marie!
hello! my name is savannah and i’m a returning member of this site. i lost track of roleplaying because of time constraints but i’m ready to jump back head-first into it. :)
let’s make some mega good stories together!

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