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hi all :D

my name is Henry, but you can refer to me by my acc name (tearsinrain), an abbreviation of it, my real name, or really anything you'd like. I've always loved creative writing and the concepts of character development, world building, etc and often find myself with a lot of cool ideas, but I've never really realized them yet through stories/rps. I thought RPN would be a cool place to explore my creative side in my free time and a good way to make friends and immerse myself in worlds more fascinating than our own.

I've been watching the Fate series and GOT recently, so I've had an affinity for high fantasy/medieval plots and what-not. That said I'm down for almost anything and I'm very accommodating to specific plots/writing styles/rules etc.

Feel free to message or follow/friend me :D

Hey everyone, I technically already introduced my self- but that was around a year ago. and My grammar wasn't very good. Heres an improved version
So I go by Loner/Kitten/Nat etc
I go by all pronouns
The fandoms I am currently interested in : Warriors, Hunger Games, Dream smp, etc

Finally, Happy pride month and have a good day! 🏳️‍🌈

- Loner


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hello hello, I typically roleplay on discord but I'm looking forward to trying out a forum-style :) so far everything seems to carry over which is nice. Look forward to the new experience !


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Hi! I'm Wyvern, and we're the bug system! I'm completely willing to explain what a system is in more detail, but basically-multiple people. one body! We enjoy a variety of writing, and personally I'm a fan of Persona 5!


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Hello! I'm a long-term MMO rper hoping to find some good stories. I love drama and action and have a soft spot for gothic literature, especially southern gothic!


Hello and welcome to RpNation!
Here is where you can make an introduction post and let us know a little about you, while reading the intros of other people like yourself, and maybe making a new friend!

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  • What interests you have within roleplay, such as genre or settings.
  • What interests you have outside of roleplay; such as a hobby.
  • Why you decided to join RpNation.
  • Write about your pet (if you have one).
  • Or for something silly, two truths and a lie.

You can use those prompts or just introduce yourself as you wish to the community.

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I hope you enjoy your time here!


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This forum was recommended to me, so I looked around on here a bit and really like it, decided to join :)


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Hello! I am Pakky. I'm new here but I have been roleplaying for 7 years. I'm also a longtime artist who tends to make alot of OC's. I stumbled here and I'm looking forward to roleplay with y'all!


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Er, hey . I am Haru , I am biracial guy with Chinese mother . I am 18 y.o. I don’t like talking much but I had been roleplaying for a while now , and joined here just a minute or two ago ... so I dunno much how this platform works but I would like to know ~ bows
Hi all. You can call me Caution. Been RPing for more than 10 years, mostly fantasy, mystery/crime, and apocalypse stories. At this point, I only play female main characters across male main characters. I spent a lot of years playing males for females and I'm bored of it. Came here looking for a mature partner with zero interest in cybering. Who knew it would be this hard to find a male adult to RP with that isn't looking to subject me to their unethical erotic fantasies. :xFrolleyes:

Hit me up with a PM if you are interesting in RPing.



HEYO! Please call me Beleth :bishiesparklesr: I’m a professional concept artist moonlighting as a secret oc enthusiast! I absolutely love to roleplay and I’ve been zooming around advanced lit forums for about ten years now- I usually tend to deviate towards science fiction/urban fantasy sorts of setting, so I cant wait to dive in and really develop some ocs! (Dont be afraid to shoot me a DM if you need anything!)


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Hello everyone!!

I’ve been role playing on and off for the past 10 years. It’s been a good while since my last one. Basically I love to write stories and create deep to the soul plots. I love to read too, so anything that sparks the senses and gets the mind and emotions flowing I’m excited for. In general I stick with modern slice of life stories with well rounded but equally flawed characters. That’s reality right? I’m a sucker for romance and I mean real romance, not all the physical you see in a lot of stories. Don’t get me wrong there is a time and place for that stuff but again I strive for deeper stuff than just that. I want to create characters and stories others can fall in love with and enjoy as they read along.

I might be using this site to put my writings out there and not necessarily role play but I’m always interested in a good story created between two artistic minds.
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Hello everyone! I'm Keyta/Kat! I may be new here but I've been rping with a close friend of mine for about 5 years now! Growing up I always loved to write stories with many characters and thought-out worlds. But it wasn't until my friend told me what an OC was that I understood and was shown a wonderful world where people can make a story together. Most of the rps that I've done with my friend involve some aspect of magic or in-human aspect (because human lives are boring lol). I'm usually the one that comes up with a lot of the story ideas but I'm up for any ideas! I only really rp in 3rd person. The main reason I joined was because my friend has gotten quite busy and never has the time anymore. So I'm looking forward to satisfying my craving! This is my first time rping on a website though. I can't wait to learn!


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Hey, I’m Toast and I’m new to the site but not new to RP; I’ve been RPing for the better part of 20 years, having started WAAAAY back in the AOL chats like Red Dragon Inn.

I enjoy creating OCs in canon universes but I also play those canon characters. I really enjoy Fruits Basket, Legacy of Kain, and Final Fantasy VII, just to name a few.


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hello ! you can call me sage . my pronouns are he / him , and i'm a literate role - player . i mostly do fluff ^-^ and prefer original storylines / characters over fandoms ^-^


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if you're interested in slice of life ; psychological ; forbidden romances and darker themes >
message me.

is this introductory enough?
i suck.


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Hi, I'm LemonKitten, I have been role-playing since I was in middle school. I have dipped my toes into a lot of different Roleplays. I love supernatural, horror, romance, mystery, and adventure Roleplays. My favorite species of Creature to play as is actually werewolves (the way they are represented in horror movie), I don't know why but something about a seemly normal person shifting into a furry monstrosity that has little to no humanity is fun to play as. I know I'm weird. I plays some Fandom Roleplays in the past, but nowadays I don't play them.

I have 3 cats, names are Socks, Oreo, and Chunky, 3 dogs whose names are Layla, Jackson, Shasta, a bearded dragon Named Dart, and a Ball python named Jenny. I love to draw and animate during my spare time, as well as write.

Two truths, one lie. I write supernatural stories, I like to cook and bake, I like to read the books before the seeing the movie.

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Well hello there everyone!

Coffee addict here, new to RP but not to writing. Accidently sort of kind of fell into one one day aaaannndddd hooked! Love to chat (too much, honestly gets me in trouble some days as my filter is broken) Hope too find a few RP friends on here!

'Speak' to you soon (fingers crossed)


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hello! yeah, i honestly am just posting here to meet the minimum to send PMs, lol. i've been rping for multiple years now, though i did stop for a period of time and now i'm looking to get back into it. i like writing in any form, but something about doing it collaboratively is really enjoyable, especially when it's with someone who knows what they're doing.

i love original characters and storylines, and prefer them to fandom stuff pretty much all the time, though ocs in fandom universes can be really fun too. feel free to shoot me a pm if you're a good writer but a casual roleplayer, who's more focused on meaningful engagement and development than meeting minimum wordcounts.


Hello, hello...

I'm new to the site and hope to improve in my Rping skills. Usually Rp in a 3rd person perspective because it feels much more comfortable to me. So yeah fandoms and whatnot, I shall try my utmost to be as active as possible.



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hello! i was recommended this site, so i thought i would give it a try! so, new here but not to writing! i've been writing off and on for about 10+ years? i love a little bit of everything. though i can be heavy into fandoms, i love original content just as much! i like reading, drawing, and playing games in my free time. when i'm not doing those things, usually i'm working or sleeping.

as far as my writing style goes, i write 3rd person, multipara-novella, and can double or focus more on 1 x 1. depends on the mood or what my writing partner is looking for! i love plotting and world building. some personal favorites are fantasy, supernatural, specific eras, basing original content off of already preset worlds (ie dragon age, fallout, mass effect). and i have a variety of tropes i tend to swoon over. so yea! hope to write with some of you lovely people soon! ♥️


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