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~ Only available on Saturday's ~
(( I was told this site was very friendly and would accept my rps. Usually everywhere else I go I get bullied for having OCD and learning disabilities and also just for wanting to rp innocent minded stuff. ))
We need innocent people like you. Welcome! Yes, it is a very safe site.


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Sup everyone, I'm your bro Dante. Happy Pride Month btw.
I'm just your neighbour non-binary fella who blasts EDM and Metal while you're trying to take a nap and loves anime and learning languages.
I don't have much experience with roleplaying tbh aside of casual stuff with my friends. But hey I wanna learn and maybe getting to know people around here.
I own a cat called Narancia, although I might say she owns me: she insists on sleeping in the same bed as me and licking my face at 3am.
So yeah hope to see you around, and remember: Be naughty and be proud!


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Thanks Dante! What’s your favourite bands? ;P
You're welcome bro. Now let's see... I have a diverse taste so you'll have to forgive me if I list too many.

EDM: Skrillex, David Guetta, Avicii, Martin Garrix, Fox Stevenson, Tobu, Zedd, TheFatRat
Rock/Metal: Metallica, Nirvana, FIve Finger Death Punch, Kid Rock, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Sum 41, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Blink 182 (yeah I know I missed a lot of genres here, sue me)
Others: OneRepublic, Eminem, Macklemore, Hollywood Undead, Michel Bublé (seriously lol)


Hey Everyone! I'm Aiomi, I've been rping for about eight years or soish, I'm in college with 17-18 credits a semester on my plate, so there will be times I can't RP due to school, but when I do have free time I look forward to writing stories with you. I've bounced back and forth between Forum and IRC style RP for a while now so I'm reasonably comfortable with both forms. As for settings/characters, I prefer to write strictly in the third person, I can run one, or multiple characters, and I don't mind sharing NPCs with my partner to enhance the setting. I also can play pretty much any role you can think of, and while I prefer fantasy settings, I can write urban or Sci Fi Settings as well! Please reach out if you want to work something out!


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Hello! I’m Kooki! I’m new here, but I have been writing for a long time. I’m still trying to get the hang of this, so bare with me.


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hello I have been role playing for a bout five years and i I’m around semi advanced. I know my name is long but if u need to contact me just call me cloudy. Also I am new here so I don’t know much about it but I found it through a close friend.


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Hello all, I am Dai! Nice to meet everyone :3 Im a 27yr old weirdo XD Im an experienced roleplayer just looking for new partners to write with and more friends. I prefer para rps and up as well as group rather than 1x1. I love fantasy but Im up for mostly anything ^.^ I wont rp with anyone under 16 and will not do romance rping with minors at all! I am a furry as well and into mlp so those are oki rps as well, i have a lot of ocs. I am good at creating characters on the spot as well as rping multiple charas. Please note even though i am advanced i am dyslexic so i do misspell things. Im a bit shy at first when talking out of rp but i warm up and open up quickly so dont be afraid to send me a pm to chat and be friends <3 oki i guess thats it XD im not good at intros
howdy howdy, i'm dr_escargot! i used to roleplay a ton when i was younger but i got out of it. now its like 7ish years later and i miss it lol.
used to rp on warriorcatsrpg before it switched to feralfront a LONG time ago.
currently in school for engineering so thats pretty rad, and i would like an escape from that stress so here I am!
very very new to RPNation....will need some tuning to the vibe of this place ;3

My name is Stevie, I'm a 24 year old woman. I have loved roleplaying ever since I was young and have found it to be an outlet for me to express myself, to improve my writing, and to use as a form of escapism. No shame lol.

I am new to the world of forums so definitely bear with me on that side of things!

I am looking forward to posting a partner search post and seeing if I get any interest.

Thanks for reading 😊


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hello! I'm not new here but i got busy and eventually lost the information to the account i was using!

i've been roleplaying for quite a while, around 7 years or so! i'm semi-lit to lit, depending on the roleplay itself.

looking forward to returning and hopefully finding some enjoyable rps!


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Hello! My name is Zeke, I've been roleplaying for several years now. I just joined this site in hope of meeting some new RP partners! I roleplay for several fandoms, but also non-fandom settings! Lately I've been very interested in BNHA/MHA.


Hi Hi, I'm jelly and I am 20 years old, I started to roleplay about 2 years ago. I like to roleplay Fantasy, action, adventure, romance.


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Hello and welcome to RpNation!
Here is where you can make an introduction post and let us know a little about you, while reading the intros of other people like yourself, and maybe making a new friend!

Before you go any further, though, please take a moment to look over our site rules. They aren't very long, and it's best to know what's expected of you before you take the plunge into the depths of the site.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ. If there's something you want to know that isn't answered there, ask in the Community Hub -- many of our members are very friendly and happy to help. Or, if you have something to ask that you want to keep just between you and the staff, make a post in Staff Contact instead.

Please remember this is to introduce yourself. If you want to just jump into looking for roleplay players or partners please create a thread in Recruitment.

If you need some ideas on what to include in your introduction to the community, you can mention:
  • Your experience with roleplay and how long you have been roleplaying.
  • What interests you have within roleplay, such as genre or settings.
  • What interests you have outside of roleplay; such as a hobby.
  • Why you decided to join RpNation.
  • Write about your pet (if you have one).
  • Or for something silly, two truths and a lie.

You can use those prompts or just introduce yourself as you wish to the community.

While we are happy to have this thread help you meet and make new friends, please remember this isn't the spot to converse about roleplays, in-depth conversations, or taking over the thread with ongoing chit-chat. ;3

I hope you enjoy your time here!
hi, my name is jay! my pronouns are she/her. i’ve been roleplaying for about 5 years now, although i’m slowly branching out into more fandoms and finding RP partners outside of tumblr (hehe) although i started off writing as various Naruto characters, i’ve graduated to My Hero Academia (specifically Bakudeku) and adding on every day (i watch entirely too much anime)!


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Hey, nice to meet everyone! I've been roleplaying for a while, usually through Tumblr, but I want to branch out and find new partners 😊 I'm in my twenties, use she/her pronouns, and you can call me Pea...hopefully we get to write soon! 💙


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Hi! Welcome! I’m new to this site too, so still trying to get my bearings. Bullies just project their own insecurities on others and karma will find them eventually. I hope to see you around in some threads!

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