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Viking Nerd
Well hello everyone,

My name is Freya and I'm new to online RPing and forums such as this. I've been LRPG for years but because of the pandemic I haven't been able to get my fix. I figured this would be a great opportunity to work on my writing skills and spark my creativity back up! I look forward to RPing with you all.

rain elf

aaaaa im very much confused XD i hope this is the right spot. anyways, you can call me rain, she/her, im a teen. im not sure you can really call it rp since i do it with my friends and uh lets just say its not very organized lmao, but ive been doing it for 2 years prolly? i am eager to learn the correct way lol. oh and im a baby artist.


hello!! im juno and i use he/they pronouns :] i havent rped in probably a year now but i started in 2014 on animal jam. im very dyslexic and not a native english speaker so im not perfect with punctuation :,] im best at 1x1 and would like to get to know the person first so im less awkward haha but im excited to start up again!!


One Time Luck
Hi there, my name is Clarice and I'm really thrilled to get back in one on one roleplays.
I've been writing a novel here and there on my own, but I find it much more enjoyable when you have a writing partner to bounce ideas off of.
I have a lot of fandom ideas, or original plots. I'm hoping to post in the 1x1 interests page once my account is able.

If you are looking for a very active, literate, doubling, hetero roleplayer and can't wait until then/can't find my post, feel free to message me directly!


One Time Luck
Hey! I’m Lily ~ I’m 18 ~ I roleplay for fun and I’ve been doing it for a few years though I’m still not the best ~ I do pretty much any role play ~ My other hobbies consist of Star Gazing, Anime, Animals, Marvel, Supernatural, MMA, Art, Video Games, Fishing, Hanging with friends, Archery, Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars, Cosplaying, D&D, Doctor who, Rock Music, Voice Calls, Horror movies, Cryptids, Writing stories, Creating characters. ~ There’s me ~ Feel free to message me if you want to talk or possibly role play


New Member
Hello! I am Brad. I have been Roleplaying for over 10 years now in various forms, starting out with RP in Warcraft III, as some of you may recognise from my avatar! This developed shortly into private WoW servers dedicated to Roleplay, and later classic RP such as DnD, as well as text RP in the form of Star Trek Simulations and Forum RP.

I have ran forum RP campaign's in the past and I am looking to revitalise an old RP concept of mine set in the Lord of the Rings universe, so if any of you would be interested please let me know! I will be making a post relating to the RP proposal in due course with further details. Looking forward to RPing with you all!

m a k i

Heyoo, I'm Maki, a 17 y/o boy who's bored out of his mind. I think have been roleplaying for 3 years. I roleplayed a lot in this site called harrypotterfanfiction but there was a lot of drama going on there so here I am, in a new place. Nice to meet you all!



I am Nicodemus, though please call me Nico. (He/him)
I have been RPing for about four years and am happy to dive into this kind of setting. What I've typically done in the past is 1x1 RPs through messengers like Discord so I am quite new to the forum format, but I'm excited to learn! RPing has become a huge part of my creative experience (though most of my writing is still done alone). I consider myself quite literate with an avid passion for the art of words.
I love anime, reading, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, metal, editing- you name it! I've got a lot of hobbies.
I've also been playing D&D for about as long as I've been roleplaying, though I'm yet to stray from the two DMs I worked with.

My messages are open to anyone!

Mr. Cowboy

Christ conquers! Christ reigns! Christ commands!
Out of curiosity, I'd like to ask why'd you pick that particular profile picture of all the ones you could have taken.


Hello new friends! I’m Float. I’ve been role-playing for 6 years and counting.
I‘ve developed this hobby as a result of my creative writing classes.
I love reading, although, I don’t do it as often now. I really should be getting back into that hobby.
My favourite genres/settings/topics to write include Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mysteries/Crime, and Action Adventure.
Sprinkle in bits of Romance to that mix and you have me. I’m a pretty easy-going partner and really not hard to please.
Outside of RP, I’m an animal lover. I love them all! Bunnies have a special place in my heart because I’m fostering/adopting one.
Nice to meet you all!


Hello, I’m new here! I’ve roleplayed a lot a few years ago but I have never been to a site like this before, so I would really appreciate some help!

I don’t really know what to write, so I guess that’s it haha, looking forward to meeting you all! 😊

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