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Hello. My name is Weazel, but my friends call me Rex. Going by the site's glossary of terms, I would say I am a lit, usually multi-para, Roleplayer with... Jeez, over a decade of experience with RP? Within RP, I have a general preference towards serial adventures, long term stories in fleshed out worlds. While there's many fandoms I enjoy playing in, I generally lean away from canon characters and towards OCs, with the exception of important world "NPCs" so to speak, though this is by no means a refusal to engage with RPers who prefer to play canon characters. While the majority of my experience these days is in Pokemon Roleplay, I also dabble in Digimon, Star Wars, Marvel, and occasionally other books, movies, or games, and not to mention completely original settles for collaborative writing. I would say that I am primarily a world builder, who enjoys fleshing out the big picture and crafting a setting, but I struggle with the minutia of getting characters from point A to point B. I've come here in the hopes of finding a slightly more active community

Outside of RP, I am a hobbyist digital artist active in the furry fandom. I'm a fairly avid gamer, generally leaning towards PlayStation, though with a Switch and a half decent gaming laptop I'm not really a particular partisan of the console wars. I have a general interest in world history, though admittedly my knowledge of areas outside Europe is somewhat lacking. Not to mention other general hyperfixations I have that tend to bleed into my RPs. I'm sure if you spend enough time around me, you'll notice them all eventually. =p


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Hey, joined the site to try RP again, haven't really done anything for the last 5 years or so. You can call me Sammy or Oso... or whatever the hell you want. If you have an open spot in a project and need a last minute fill-in, feel free to hit me up. Other than that I'll just be chilling and browsing for projects that seem interesting. See you around


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Hello. I'm WIngs and I just joined yesterday, I'm 31 and from the UK. I have been RPing since I was 14 and after a five-year break have recently got back into it. I have Dyslexia and Autism. My pronouns are He/Him. My main genre of love is fandoms such as Harry Potter (Lupin was my main canon for many years), Disney, HTTYD, Pokemon, Zelda, and many more. I love video games especially Nintendo, Monster Hunter, Zelda and I am a huge Pokemon fan. I also enjoy Fantasy, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Supernatural (Not the show), and Horror. Hobby-wise I make Lego figures, collect candles, Falconry, and Writing. I have a University degree in Writing too. I look forward to talking to you all.


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Hello! I'm KittenmerightMeow,
I'm new to the site, I've been RPing for awhile but it has been a couple years since i have been in one due to school and work. I decided I want to get back in again see what I can remember; how I remember. I prefer 1 on 1 role play because group role play is hard due to times zones or one/two people are gone and the role play continues without them and they have to catch up; I like romance and fantasy but I am willing to try any genre. I work at a pharmacy; my schedule is random, I love to write, draw, and read outside of work. I have two cats and 4 dogs; my cats are lazy, I have two pitbulls, a doxin mix, and a Yorkie. two truth and one lie? I still live with my parents, I prefer dogs to cats, I've only been in one group rp.


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Hello fellow RPN friends! My name is Malory. I was on this site about a year after it was made, but then I had a mid-life crisis or two and kinda ditched everything digital so I could get my life together. A few years later I'm back, and honestly can't even remember my old username, so here I am. With a new account. ~Yay~
Now that my life is all good again and I'm actually really happy, I decided to come back because, lets be honest here, Covid is giving me too much free time at home and I really miss role-playing.
Also, apologies to anyone who thinks that they knew me on my old account, I know that I ditched you, and it was a pretty crappy thing of me to do. But, if you think you recognize me and wanna DM me again, I'm gonna be pretty active for a while now.
Anyhoo, time for me to make sure I still remember how this site works.


oh, well, hello. my name is tarot and i am from soidsv0dfvo0df. i'm new to the site, but i've been roleplaying for a year now, and writing for a few more. i'm into a few fandoms, mostly anime, so if something intrigues you, then go ahead and shoot me a message! or do whatever is standard around here, i'm not too sure. i also do oc material, specialising in supernatural and horror!


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Hi, I'm Marco.

Been out of roleplaying for a few years and trying to get back into it. Had experience mostly in the grand strategy style of roleplay, but I've done single and group character roleplays too.

Pretty broad areas of interest, so I'm eager to see what's here.


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het is een genoegen jullie allemaal te ontmoeten!

which means, its a pleasure to meet you in dutch! I've been mostly roleplaying DnD but I came onto rpn to maybe make some new friends and have some wholesome roleplays!! :hearteyes:


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Hello, out there!

I'm pretty sure I was on this site some years back, and had some great experiences with fantastic writers before I had to pay more attention to Real Life and took an extended break from the addicting world of Role Play. Now I'm back and hoping to revive some of those days when minds came together to create amazing stories!

I love brainstorming/plotting with a writing partner. My writing style is 3rd person, multi-para to novella - shorter scenes also are fine on occasion, when dialogue, etc requires it, but single paragraphs or one-liners consistently will bore me quickly. Open to 1x1 or group collaborations, LGBTQ+ friendly, absolutely adore deep psychological character development and grit.

While I'm still pretty busy with real life, I'm still able to check messages daily and write more at length a few evenings a week.

Best of luck to everyone in your writing!


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Hello there! I’m Luna, but you can call me Luna. I just joined RPNation today, like 10 minutes ago, so here I am to introduce myself!

In the past, I’ve only ever written stories as a way to pass the time. I’ve never actually roleplayed before though, so I’m curious as to what it’s like! I prefer writing (and reading) sci-fi, fantasy, or a mixture between the two. I’ve never really been in to realistic stories. To this day, I haven’t published any stories anywhere besides the notes app on my laptop (which doesn’t count), but I hope to at some point.

Anyways, that’s a little bit about me. Hope your night/day/whatever-time-it-is-where-you-are goes well!

- Luna


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Greetings everyone not sure if this is ok but I'm not exactly new but a person returning after being away a year. I have been roleplaying for a little over 10yrs. I enjoy making my own characters and writing up their stories. I started by reading tons of romance novels and then one day I decided to write my own. I also enjoy anime and fishing, collecting comics, and funko pops hehe. When I write I tend to do action, fantasy, romance, supernatural, and sometimes sparing &fighting. The longest I have written is Multipara and a little over I can write quite a bit when in the mood. Not sure yet but if I need to I will start new forums since I've been away so long so look out for that. I hope to make new friends here so don't be shy. :)


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Hello, everyone!

My name's Sionnach! I took a pretty sizable break from roleplaying and came back to find that the site I used to roleplay on doesn't really function in the same way anymore. After poking around a bit for a new platform, I landed here!
Hi! I'm new here but I have been roleplaying for-- er, about 3 years now. Y'all can call me Aish!

I like CountryHumans and I'm looking forward to roleplaying with y'all!


Hi there everybody!!!! my name is kayla (or you can call me dax)
  • I've been roleplaying since around 2012 or 2013!
  • I really enjoy fantasy roleplay or things to do with magic. Action, drama, slice of life (maybe a little romance?)
  • I'm an artist!! I do all my own oc art. I also like to game :)
  • I have a corgi which means I'm probably better than you
Feel free to shoot me a message! :3 I'll be lurking around forums to see if there's any good roleplays to join.

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