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I have done the basic requirments (Such as picking a profile image and sending my first message), but it still is giving me the same problem. Is there anything else I need to submit? Or is there some kind of formatting error in my PM?

(Also, it's the same time here to :) )


I have done the basic requirments (Such as picking a profile image and sending my first message), but it still is giving me the same problem. Is there anything else I need to submit? Or is there some kind of formatting error in my PM?

(Also, it's the same time here to :) )
You can post within Staff Contact so we can review the message to investigate.


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Hello everybody!
I go by Anchoram or Carolus (and generally accepts any shortenings of those). Truth be told I haven't roleplayed in many years, but I really want to get back into it as I miss the fun and friends that comes with a good roleplay. In the past however, fantasy and urban fantasy is what I have experience with, and it is what I'm interested it although I am not completely opposed to other genres such as sci-fi or post-apocalyptic themes.
My hobbies include drawing, travelling and hiking. I also enjoy anime/manga, as well as regular tv shows and books from time to time, but I'm that person who gets really into stuff years after it's all over and the majority of the fandom has left haha.
I joined RPNation because I finally decided to take action and do more than just wish to start rping again.

As for a random fun fact I can reveal that I've been to the literal North Pole, aaaaaand that I took a swim there because what else is there to do at the top of the world?


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Greetings ladies and gentlemen! My nickname is: Nesy. But I have a real name but yeah uh... I don't like to share my real name online..
I've been roleplaying for like since I've been in roblox. I never tried forum roleplaying, should be exciting!
Anyway! 😀
I'm from Sweden! 😄
I'm a semi-literate/literate person during roleplaying.. So there shouldn't be an issue with me roleplaying with literate roleplayers.
So, I have loads of favourite roleplaying genres and stuff... Allow me the state what I like.
I'm genre flexible! So I'm very open to all genres possible.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- However, I'm genre flexible anyway so I'm mostly fine with anything.
I like fantasy races... Fantasy races are always allowed too for my standards as I'm flexible and fine with that.

I do have some good grammar and some okay-level spelling. May sometimes mispell words.. However it's not a big issue as that uncommoningly happens.
I do not have an OC yet, but I'd love to roleplay with anyone to be honest.. I don't roleplay as a female as I suck at doing so.. But I'm a male roleplayer anyway.
I prefer 1x1 roleplaying and group roleplaying.
I really really love to do some roleplaying with anyone and we can always brainstorm..

I'm very excited to roleplay with everyone! I hope this forum suits my needs!


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Hi! My name's Eabha (pronounced Ava) and I'm a 16 yr old from Ireland :P I found this website because the site ive been Rping on for over three years now is no longer active... and we want to be able to save our beloved RPs! So I guess we'll be moving them here, and posting what we've saved before continuing on. Out of all the Rp forum sites I researched this one seemed most user friendly and easy to use. Even though I'm here to continue old role plays I also really want to get to know more people and start new Rps! I mostly like fantasy and adventure genres but I've also done mystery and horror. I don't know if foreign language role plays are allowed here but if there are any Irish members who'd like to make an rp as gaeilge I could do with the practice!! Anyway, I look forward to roleplaying here :D


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Hi all! I'm Qwebs. I've been roleplaying for about 5 years now, and am semi-literate, but literate most of the time.

I like most roleplay genres except herd/pack based, generally animal ones since they're confusing to me. I've been into superpower-based roleplays lately.

Hmm, um an interesting fact would have to be that I usually only have male OCs, even though I'm a girl in real life.


Hello! I'm Ariess, but you can call me Ari.
I used to RP a lot, but I had stopped for an extended period of time. I do want to get back into it, but I may be a bit rusty!
Anyway, I tend to do fantasy roleplays.... Vampires, werewolves, angels, n such. However, I don't mind doing other types.
That's all for now. Byeeee ;)


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*Curious noise in the distance*
"Hello! Is...Is anyone here?"

A being floats slowly through the halls. A flutter of wings, a twinkle of gold, and a cascading of white robe is all that's visible in the dark.

"I know you are there. I'm sure we will soon meet. Till then, just listen to my voice."

*Curious noise gets closer*
(End scene)

Role-play has always been a thing for me since high school. (11-14 years). As far as my tastes are concerned, to be honest, I detest reality. (Ask why if you are interested :p ) So anything but non-fiction and reality suits me. Once I have been satiated by the smorgasbord RP online, I tend to play fantasy video games. Rp nation seems interesting, but I have noticed that RP has begun to severely die out over the years. Maybe I can eat my fill of RP here?

Oh yea and just so you know, I'm Transgender, I'm a Sapiosexual and I am philanthropist!
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Hi! I'm a beast of many names, but Bells of Nevermore is my usual handle. I've been roleplaying for an embarrasingly-long time; go ahead and laugh at me—I'm old! My normal genres are dark fantasy, OG Marvel mutants, science fiction, post-apoc, and I am looking to branch out into one modern/realistic with some modification (13 Reasons Why). My characters tend to be heavily developed, especially when I am using my created world of Pellithárias (dark fantasy). Something I am also jonesing for is Game of Thrones, but I have yet to find someone willing to do the story I want. If you would be willing to play Sansa Stark in a sort of AU situation, I would adore you forever and ever amen! Other than RP, I am a published author and also a professional psychic. I am damn good at both. I decided to join RP nation because I was floatin' around the interwebz and saw it. Why not give it a shot?

I am owned by a pride of four amazing cats! My oldest is Valeia, the Lady of a Thousand Stupid Nicknames. She is 14, but still all sassy and vibrant and weeeeird. She is a dilute torbie point with mittens and we think she is a Ragdoll cross because of her long, lush fur and her sweet demeanor. Then there is Týr. Huge black cat weighing about 18 pounds. But naming him for the Norse God of Justice was a dumb thing to do, because dude is a wimpasaurus! I also am owned by Kára,. She's a purebred Bengal, and she is like her kin: all Bengals are insane! Lastly... and this one is be getting trolled hard by Freyja. I have Litheia, who looks very, very much like Leia! Her coloration is a little different, but she also is a torbie point longhair. No mits, but she has a gold toe on one of her dinky feetfeets! She is only three months old and she iseven more wacky than Kára. Do kittens have an of button?! I love my four kitties more than most humans.

So. Two truths and a lie, huh? Spot the lie:

1. I served in the Navy during a war.

2. I once was thrown out of a movie theater for yelling 'Bullshit!' with a mouthful of cherry soda and cheese popcorn.

3, I am the person who created Zombo.com.


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