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hello! my name is melissa and i've been role playing for maybe five to six years now? i usually do media-based role plays and have a whole list of fandoms, but i'm open to original role plays as well and have definitely had my fair share of them. i prefer descriptive writing over anything else, and love discussing the plots of role plays beforehand. i role play various anime, games, tv shows and movies! feel free to send me a pm if you're interested.


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Hi! I'm a long time roleplayer, however I did take a long break from it. I really would like to get back into roleplaying and meet new people! I've been doing a couple of little roleplays here and there, however I very much crave a nice long term roleplay which my partner and I can just pour our ideas into.

I generally prefer fantasy themed roleplays, with massive worlds that my partner and I can develop on. However I am open to other genres too, depending if I like the sound of the plot. I also love some romance in a roleplay, however as long as it doesn't become the main centre of it. I'm a sucker for a good story, what can I say.
Feel free to message me any ideas if you think I'd be interested, I don't bite! ;)


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hello I new here i joined and found this site because i was bored and wanted to do some rp but can not seem to find any that i can join easily hoping this site will change that
Howdy Y'all,
New to online RP. Play lots of different ttrpgs irl. In my group I've become the forever GM, so I'm coming here to have a chance to play a character again. I'm a fast learner so hopefully I can get to playing pretty quick. I consider myself to be fairly decent at RP so I hope we can all have fun.


Hello. I go by Adira, there's a lot to get to know about me but thankfully i'm an open book. I've always loved literature and read a lot as a child. I dabbled in roleplays as a teen but it was never anything too serious. Recently i've been more interested in rp though. I'm hoping this could be the start of something fun.


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Hi! I'm me and I've been looking for a good place to rp for the longest time. I'm coming from twitter rp and before that I was on Rp.me but the owners of the site supported ALM and were censoring people who posted things about BLM. Hopefully, this is a safe safe!


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Bonjour, my name is Annabella and I come here from a very small community so form role-playing is something that is very new to me. Now I have been role-playing for about five years, I took a three-month break during the summer and was going to come back early August but that did not work out for me. But I am here, I really can't wait to meet some new role-play buddies. Currently, the only fandom that I am doing is Supernatural, I got into it two years ago but then stopped when life caught up to me. So this month I got back into the show and I'm more hooked than ever. I have also for some weird reason, have really gotten into doing mafia role-play. One of my favorite things to do is travel to different places, but crappy weather is now hitting where I'm living so it's freaking cold! Also, Covid numbers are getting higher, so I'm needed to stay home, so I do not have the chance of getting it and giving it to my family when I see them. I'm going to leave this off on a good note, I get this question a lot and I have to answer it for the people who are maybe wondering. I'm 100% a Dean girl, don't get me wrong Sam is cute but my boy Dean hits so different with the car and his bad boy attitude, man the way he flirts is just wow. Haha, anyways I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day or night, stay safe!


while i'm new to this site, I'm not new to rping in general. just so everyone is clear, I only do bxb and gxg. i don't do one-liners, and I try to match my rp partner's style. :)

Kenna Farren

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Oh hey there! I'm SukiRikko, a 26-year-old female hailing from the midwest. Usually my main hobby is cosplaying then voice acting but since cosplaying is...Well you know, I really wanted to get back into roleplaying when I can while I'm not working as an essential worker in the grocery store.

I've been online roleplaying for...Wow I've been on and off on it but it's been long...I wanna say since 2005 but didn't do it more more until 2011 when we got actual internet. Mainly my experience has been through Gaia Online (I could never get away but it seems now a days there isn't as many roleplays there) but I did roleplay for a little while on Tumblr during college when I wasn't overwhelmed on school work and theatre and me and a friend did some roleplaying using notebook paper back in Middle School. (Now how well the content was written in my early days is a whole different story.)

I'm down for anything but usually gravitate to roleplays based on fandoms I like, anything supernatural with high school students, and especially LGBTQ+ material. I usually like doing groups more as I feel they are more fun but I will do a one on one if I really like the plot. For joining RPNation, we were looking for a place to move our roleplays because I posted them on Gaia and I do really like to actually start them (I rarely say this but I'm super proud of the plots) and a friend suggested this site so hopefully this will work.

So yeah. I hope to get to meet people! It really depends on how life goes to determine how active I am but I will make sure to check in even so for roleplays I'm in or feel free to message me about it.
It's been a crazy couple days. Sorry I didn't get back sooner. Thanks for replying! I hope we can start something soon, could be fun!
yoyoyo home slice bread slice whats poppin

my name is Alexandr Sebastian (Sebby, Seb, Alex, or either names work)
ive been rping for a few years. im interested in furry-based rp (haha im kinda one myself). im pansexual and genderfluid, so i'll rp with anyone willing <3

Hope to talk to ya :D


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Hiya! I created this account a while back but keep neglecting it even when I'm looking for roleplay.. Crazy, huh? Anyhow! Some of you may recognize me when I was "magicmanisthiccc" (he is tho).

I am Atlas, a 20 year old Spanish boy who has around.. Say, few years of experience. I started up on the old MySpace and have went program to program since then, a roleplaying fanatic. I am a true at heart MegaMan fan and will stand by the fandom for all the years to come.

I'm gay and a transgender male, so don't mind asking me for advice on playing LGBTQ characters. I've been deaf since 5. My birthday is August 6th. Please feel free to ask more later on.
- Atlas
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Hello, I'm Vauquelin or Vaux if the former is too much of a hassle to spell. I'm quite new to this site and roleplaying in general, though I do write a lot so I don't have much doubt in my literate abilities. I am interested in playing all sorts of scenarios, from fandom-based (though has to be of franchises I already know) to original storylines, with wide range in genre as while. Looking forward to spending some hopefully great time with the community, I suppose.


piper : )
Hello everyone!

My name is Piper and I've been roleplaying online for about five years now? Most of the sites I've used in the past have sort of died out and I've really been wanting to get back in there and write with some people. I always get so excited when I have new stories to think about everyday, so I hope I'm successful in finding people here as this site was very highly talked about!

I absolutely love any plots that have some form of action/adventure and just little drops of dramatic tendencies here and there. Although I also love romance, I enjoy it as more of a subplot rather than the entire plot. I also adore building fantasy worlds with others!

Being a freshman in college (ew, I know) I don't quite have as much time as I use to to do the things I love, but I absolutely love movies, music, and theatre. I also know way too much about the lore of some worlds and it's a little unnerving sometimes ahh

I also have a dog and her name is Callie and she's quite literally insane but I adore her.

If you're ever interested in making up a plot and writing with me, just let me know! I'm always down for making new friends :)

I hope you all have a lovely rest of your day!

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