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Name's Lauriee, and writing's my game! Any pronouns for me (I'm genderfluid), and it's an absolute pleasure to meet you. I hope we can be friends! 🤗

I write original fiction (you can find me on a few writing sites by this same username) but every now and again I crave to write alongside another person.

I'm open to doing fandom roleplays (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and whatnot), but I also enjoy original fiction roleplays!

I love anything having to do with mythological/fantasy creatures (mermaids, vampires, angels/demons, fae, the like)! I also enjoy a good medieval roleplay (princesses and princes galore)! My favorite overall genres are romance and fantasy, occasionally with a little horror sprinkled in!


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hello! you can call me by the names dran,maabby, or just maab. i'm pretty new to the rp scene and i really wanna rp in a fantasy themed world. i'm excited to meet you all!


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Hello! You can call me Moose. I got suggested to look here for roleplay partners from a friend.
Here are some of the fandoms I’m in!
Harry Potter
Criminal Minds
Good Omens
And a few others


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Hello, Names Kisa. I’ve been doing rp for about fives years now I can be pretty detailed if necessary and can be quite literate. I mostly do romance, Slice of life, fantasy, and action. Most of the rps I do are in third person but I can do first as well, though rarely ever do so. I have a few plots in mind, but if you have your own or want to come up with one together. Please do send me a message (≧∀≦)

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Hello I'm Jaenni, I'm a transgender male. I'm pretty new to role-playing, only about a year since I started but I can be pretty detailed if the plot is intriguing. I really like romance, slice-of-life, and drama as of now. We can come up with some interesting ideas so please message me 😄

Edit: Now officially known as Jin but you can call me Jaenni if you want, it doesn't matter
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Hi all!

I have been roleplaying for a while and felt the need to expand to another rp website. I have been roleplaying for 10+ years and am looking forward to getting something started on here!

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Hello! Name is Siren. Ive been rping for over a decade now. Im a casual rper. Im a lover of Mechs and i rp fandoms strictly. I joined in hopes of finding a partner for a specific fandom.
See you around hopefully


Good Morning, I am Dr4g0nG0d. I hope everyone is having a good morning/afternoon/evening.

My experience in roleplaying dates back to August, 2009. So I have plenty of experience, be it D&D, Forums, Discord, or vocal improv. Most of which is either Fantasy, Space Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern, or Alternative History. Most genres I can find myself in comfortably, however enjoy myself medieval fantasy and Sci-Fi more recently. Due to some recent medical and real life incidents, I have been unable to meet up with real people or my old group. So seeing this site after a Google search and reading the rules, I decided to give this place a shot!

Offline, I like to delve myself into politics, economics, social issues, and recently art. I understand politics is a messy topic and everyone has a different opinion, so I will keep my head above water while I'm here and focus on having fun.

I have at the time of posting this, three dogs(Weimaraners), two cats(domestic short hairs), and two tanks of fish. I love my dogs, but the new puppy, Freya, ate my glasses. So she's on my watchlist.

I suppose I'll add in something silly as well, 2 truths and 1 lie;

- I am currently single.
- I work at a cellphone company.
- The colour blue is my favorite.


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Hi,I go by Gray and in all honesty this is my first experience with something like this site,but I have had experience rping via Dnd and am looking forward to participating


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Hello! I hope that I'm in the right place for an intro! Just registered literal seconds ago and have been glancing around for a couple minutes...

Y'all can call me Higuu! (There's a story behind the name but honestly it's a bit long-winded) or Higgy, or Hig, which seems to be rather common nicknames for me.. Please refer to me with feminine or neutral pronouns!

I've technically been roleplaying for a couple years now (5 or 6) but I'm not very confident with my skills though I know I'm past beginner level. (I might just be self-conscious. Don't want to risk bragging about something untrue)

I rather enjoy fantasy roleplays, and most anything with superpowers. Escapism at its finest. Won't lie, the "Quests" Section of this site intrigued me— never seen anything else quite like it, and the site seems nice, too!

I do have to admit, I'm having some trouble finding the Rules. If I could get a link or instructions on where to find them that would be wonderful! Thank you!

Hmm.. I think that was all I need to say! Have a nice day!


Uhh.. so I think this isn’t where I introduce myself? Sorry If I’m wrong. But I’m someone going’s by kiibo’s name. I just would like to have some fun Danganronpa roleplays as kiibo! 🥰


Hi there!
You can call me Milligan or Rohan. I have about 7 or 8 years of roleplay experience. i've been looking for a new place to rp, and a friend suggested this site to me, so I decided to give it a try. I love original storyline roleplays, but I also love fandom roleplays, such as JJBA and Danganronpa. I like using both canon characters and original ones when it comes to fandom!


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Hey Everyone,

I'm Rebekah but call me Bex if you would like.

I have been roleplaying for about 9.5 years - although their is about 4 years of that time when I could barely call it semi-regular participation. Also if I could erase about the first three years from my brain that would be fantastic(I was young and my writing was awful) I have experience with a wide variety of roleplaying - include humanoid and animal based characters. I love to do art(My profile is a picture of one of my paintings). Recently I decided to return to roleplaying because I've been feeling creatively unmotivated lately and roleplaying is a low stress way to return to writing. Also as I type this I'm hanging out with three dogs... So three guesses for my favourite animal. So yeah, that's kinda all from me.


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hi gamers I'm Sungeist or Sun is also good! I love to draw and RP!

I've RP'd on a mostly regular basis for a few years now and I like pretty much any genre!
Some stuff I enjoy a lot are Pokemon and the Owl House!!!!

I have a dog named sprite, yes she is from actual hell

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