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the Boss-Battle Loving Role-Player
Hi I'm Ciscodog. I don't Role Play too very often because I'm a little nervous about what some people might say. But RPNation is a place meant for people to RP, so I decided to join. I enjoy playing lots of video games, and have a black Labrador Retriever. I hope to have some good fun around here!
Greetings fellow roleplayers! Hibiki here and new to this site. Looking forward to have fun creating stories, characters and worlds with y'all. I'm a chinese/mexican mutt born in the late 80's that still struggles with English, but hopefully that won't be too much of a problem haha!


Your experience with roleplay and how long you have been roleplaying.
Been roleplaying for many years now and even though I've been on and off of it, I always keep coming back. Worldbuilding is addictive.

What interests you have within roleplay, such as genre or settings.
I have a soft spot for futuristic, sci-fi oriented stuff. Space travel, mechs, cyberware... all that gritty, futuristic things. Blade Runner, Robocop, Mad Max, Terminator, Star Wars. Yup, y'know what I mean. I love big action sequences, silly (and often over the top) comedy, dark humor. I often see roleplays as movies in my head both when I'm reading and writing haha!

What interests you have outside of roleplay; such as a hobby.
I work as a photographer irl, and I enjoy playing guitar in whatever project or band is available. Some of my favorite bands are Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Guns N' Roses... the list goes on and on.

Why you decided to join RpNation.
This year has been crazy, and it can get pretty boring when you're locked at home and you're done with your job for the day. I'm joining to keep the creative juices flowing and if possible, make new friends!

Write about your pet (if you have one).
I'm a proud dogparent to a crazy fat chihuahua which I love. She's super sweet and loves people.

Or for something silly, two truths and a lie.
a) I swing for the same team
b) I'm allergic to cats
c) I'm afraid of clothes irons

Well I guess that's it, see you around guys! :D


New Member
Hello everyone! Names ShadowQueen but you can call me Shadow. I'm 26 and new to the site but not to roleplaying ive been doing this for about 13 years i was searching up sites because i love and really want to role play. really looking for 1 on 1, I used to do groups but that was years ago. I love doing role plays with romance in them and i have a couple ideas already that ive been itching to get out. ^^ If you want to do an ooc style roleplay off a fandom ( example role playing characters from that series but doing something different) feel free to hit me up because i personally love those style role plays. I don't mind doing multiple roleplays for example we( one you like one i like) as long as one isnt getting more attention than the other one.


Well my name is Azrael as you can see. I’m just a girl who likes to Rp. I’ve been writing since I was a young preteen and I am now an adult. I’m pretty open to all sorts of genres, plots and writing lengths. With the exception to one liners. I mean if that’s your thing, then knock yourself out. I tend to lean more towards 1-2 paragraph responses.

Other than that, I have 2 dogs and a cat. My hobbies are playing Destiny 2 and listening to music. I’m just trying to hit the bullet points up top. I work 5 days a week like most adults and have adult responsibilities. I can post everyday but mostly it’s gonna be once a day. Which is why I tend to lean more towards relaxed and chill rps.

Have anymore question I assume we all know how to use DM’s. So yea.


Snorlax has the right idea.
Hi, I'm afterrain, or just rain for short; female, young adult. I've roleplayed before scattered over a few years, but never on a site like this, so I hope I'm posting correctly lol. I joined because I wanted to roleplay again, and so even though I've got a very busy schedule I figured I'd make the first steps towards it and see where I go from there, and also because I hope to improving my social skills since I rarely interact with others.

I like a variety of genres in roleplaying: action/adventure, slice of life, fluffy, dystopic, etc, though I prefer them to have at least some casual, slice of life elements, because I prefer emotional conflicts over strictly action-focused ones. I prefer oc-focused fandom roleplays, and have never played a non-fandom roleplay before, though I might be interested in trying one sometime.

A few of my favorite fandoms include DC, Marvel, Pokemon, Gravity Falls, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Avatar: The Last Airbender (hurrah for all the new fans! Thanks Netflix, lol).

Outside of roleplaying I have a variety of interests, including reading, writing (fanfiction and original fiction), art, baking, and crafting.


Kara ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ
Hi, hi! I'm Kara.

I am new to this site, but not new to rp'ing. I used to roleplay A LOT on Wattpad, so if you used to do the same, please chat with me!

I mostly like fantasy roleplaying, but I am flexible. Not big into fandoms though.

Much love,

Kara ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ


Hi! I’m Frost.
I’ve been roleplaying for a few years, mostly on amino. I have much more experience in role playing for fandoms, Harry Potter in particular, and for ships. Drarry, Tomarry (17+ Harry, or same age AU), Snarry (same as Tomarry), and Wolfstar. I’m open to some other ships, so if you want to roleplay something it’s fine if you ask.
Outside of roleplay I enjoy reading, writing, art, and music.
I decided to join RpNation because I’ve been looking for a new place to RP and I wanted to try it out.


The Bard
Hey there! I'm Hiram. I'm from the mid western part of the US. I'm 29 and I've been roleplaying close to fifteen years now on and off. I'm really big into all things fantasy--particularly Dungeons and Dragons. If you are interested in creating a world full of adventure and fun times then hit me up! Nice meeting you all!
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Behold, an Idiot
I'm Yoob.

I haven't rped for long - a couple of years intermittently, and a bit infrequently at that.
I love doing so, however!

I love slice of life scenarios, fantasy, romance, horror, etc.
My main fandoms right now are:
- Haikyuu!!
- Mystic Messenger
- Creepypasta

I joined the site because my usual site is a little dry and I wanted to expand a bit!
I hope to befriend a lot of new people and sharpen my writing here! :3


A green Rose
Hello my name is Venom Ivy,obviously not my birth given name.But I am a big fan of the DC Universe Poison Ivy character.

Anyways I adore romance and would love to make new friends while roleplaying.I hope i am able to make friends with my partners oh i also write in third person and I only play female characters hope nobody will mind.


the annoying one
Hello, my name is Elina! I'm new to roleplaying and I am trying to learn the ropes right now. My favorite color is pink and I like watching movies! I'm interested in starting a one-on-one roleplay because that's what I'm used to but, I'd also like a friend to show me around :3


★ 𝓥𝓔𝓔 ★
Hiya! I’m SS.GreenSky, but you can call me Vee!

I’ve been roleplaying for about 4-5 years. I wouldn’t consider myself a good roleplayer, but I think I’m a decent one. I would consider myself a semi-lit roleplayer!
I am really big in the Sanders Sides fandom and FNaF fandom, so I hope that there are some people that like those. But I also really love original roleplays!
I do a lot of drawing, I’m not good but I’m practicing! I’ve recently just got into writing as well!
I joined because I got into writing! I’m hoping that my experiences with roleplays here boost my creativity and writing skills!

I think that’s all you really need to know about me! I hope you all have an amazing day/night, and I hope to roleplay with some of y’all soon! Bye!


New Member
Hiya everyone,

This is a bit late coming, but I don't particularly enjoy introducing myself or being very talkative (Even on forums, haha.)

I've been roleplaying on and off for about 11 years. I took a four year hiatus and came back about two months ago.
I love original RPs and my fandoms are always changing. Specifically, right now I am craving Fire Emblem or fantasy based RPs and AUs, but I'm really okay with almost any genre. (Obviously, there are some animes I will always be inclined to RP, like Hetalia and Death Note)
I joined because, well, quarantine life is very boring, isn't it? I got back into writing recently, as well...

As for pets, I have one cat named Cesar, who is scared of his own shadow and enjoys waking me up at six in the morning every day.

Nothing else to really say about me, I feel I'm a rather boring person. Goodbye for now.


New Member
Hello! My name is Iri :D

Back in high school I used to roleplay quite a bit, but ever since I've entered college I haven't had time for it. Now I'm trying to get back in the swing of it! Haha. I'm mainly drawn to roleplays set in fantasy settings because I believe it's the funnest way to explore situations and characters.

Outside of roleplaying, I'm really into painting portraits of characters and I'm a huge fan of the Dragon Age series. I probably have too many hours logged into those games, haha!

I decided to join this site because recently I've gotten a creative urge that I think can only be quelled by roleplaying, so here I am.

Uh besides that a fun fact about me is that I'm a barista! It's a pretty fun and entertaining job too! I get to meet all types of people.


Hi, I’m new to this site. I love to roleplay but the site I used to use has changed a lot and it made it harder to rp there. I’m hoping to get some of the same rp experience here as I used to there, and I hope to get along with so many of you!


✨🌈Voice Actor🌈✨
Hello everyone! I’m super duper new here and also really excited to meet new people who are into the same Fandoms as I am! As of right now the ones I’m focusing on for RP are Hazbin Hotel and My Hero Academia!


Hello and welcome to RpNation!
Here is where you can make an introduction post and let us know a little about you, while reading the intros of other people like yourself, and maybe making a new friend!

Before you go any further, though, please take a moment to look over our site rules. They aren't very long, and it's best to know what's expected of you before you take the plunge into the depths of the site.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ. If there's something you want to know that isn't answered there, ask in the Community Hub -- many of our members are very friendly and happy to help. Or, if you have something to ask that you want to keep just between you and the staff, make a post in Staff Contact instead.

Please remember this is to introduce yourself. If you want to just jump into looking for roleplay players or partners please create a thread in Recruitment.

If you need some ideas on what to include in your introduction to the community, you can mention:
  • Your experience with roleplay and how long you have been roleplaying.
  • What interests you have within roleplay, such as genre or settings.
  • What interests you have outside of roleplay; such as a hobby.
  • Why you decided to join RpNation.
  • Write about your pet (if you have one).
  • Or for something silly, two truths and a lie.

You can use those prompts or just introduce yourself as you wish to the community.

While we are happy to have this thread help you meet and make new friends, please remember this isn't the spot to converse about roleplays, in-depth conversations, or taking over the thread with ongoing chit-chat. ;3

I hope you enjoy your time here!


New Member
Hello, New here but not to the roleplaying world. I have been out of it for a while due to life events. But I am wanting to get back into it as I am finding myself writing my little stories again as well. I feel this is the best way to keep my mind occupied away from work and everyday life as a "get away" for a short time before having to return to life. I'm an easy going person and easy to talk to.


hullo! name’s imogen. i’m 23 years old and i joined this site because i missed roleplaying and a good mate of mine told me to join, so here i am! i hope i’ll stick around for awhile xx

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