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Hi! I’m NymphBall but you can call me Blue. I’ve been rping for over a year now and decided to join this bc I could never really get used to discord although I’m trying,my laptop is broken right now so I’m on my phone so I may misspell somethings.

I am 18yrs and enjoy a lot of kinds of rp especially music,anime based ones or mythical/fictional versions ,I have many different OC’s for different Rp’s
I’m from the U.K. so my English may be different to others like a couch is a sofa over here haha but I look forward to meeting some of you and hope I’m not too much of a simpleton!


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Salutations, I’m otterfall. While I am new to this site, seeing as I have just joined today, I’ve been roleplaying for around three or so years now. I’m advanced literate to novella and I enjoy historical settings along with crime genres. Outside of roleplaying, I like watching anime and going to the ice rink!

Well, I hope to see you all around!



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Hello everyone, i'm new to the site itself but have roleplaying for years now. was honestly surprised that this site wasn't at the top recommendations on google search. i've been using discord for a long time now and most of my friends have died out from it. i still have the server but figured i could meet some great people on here. its great to meet you all ^-^


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I decided to answer all the recommended questions :)

Your experience with roleplay and how long you have been roleplaying:
I've been roleplaying for about 2 years but took a small break recently. But I am no stranger to writing, I have been writing for 4+ years.

What interests you have within roleplay, such as genre or settings:
I am pretty much into any genre! I love fantasy and romance the most. I love small towns and large forests, but the occasional big city does interest me.

What interests you have outside of roleplay; such as a hobby:
I write stories, I love to draw, and I am a musician! (Singing, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, and Piano :)

Why you decided to join RpNation:
My old roleplay site was being shut down and I got so used to its format I had no idea where to go. I then clicked on here and saw it was a similar setup, so I decided to sign up. :)

Write about your pet (if you have one):
I have lots of pets! I have 4 dogs; One blonde Chiweenie named Harley, a black Chiweenie named Einstein, A Shih Tzu named Wicket, and a black lab named Lexi. I have 4 cats; 3 calicos, a male named Sylvester, and two females named Ava and Penelope, and a tabby named Evie.

Or for something silly, two truths and a lie:
Okay you gotta guess based off of what I wrote hehe
1. I don't roleplay as much as I used to.
2. I don't like Fantasy.
3. I love to draw. :)

Also, call me Mystic!


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I'm Ciel, I'm 19. I use He/They pronouns and I'm NB! I've been Roleplaying on and off for about 9 years online. I used to Roleplay on DeviantArt and Omegle LMAO. I roleplayed over email or on my flip phone through text message.
I prefer Roleplays that are paragraph and long term! I prefer supernatural or Sci-Fi settings set in modern day, not a huge fan of romance as the main plot and prefer action/adventure!
I love world building and I love RPing with multiple characters in one story!! I mostly Roleplay OCs, though on occasion I may Roleplay a canon character from something.
I honestly just came to RP Nation because it kept coming up in google searches for SFW Roleplaying sites hahah.

As for pets, I have 3 at the moment! My Pibble/Mountain Cur mix named king Jonas. Named after the king of the werewolves from World of Darkness.
I have a mini Pibble whose deaf named Princess Zelda, obviously named after Princess Zelda lol.
And I have a Veiled Chameleon named Princess Vivian! She's named after Henry Darger my favorite fine artist. He had characters in his story called the "Vivian Girls." and i just loved that a lot.

Anyway, I'm happy to be here!
Just saying hello. New to both forums and online roleplay but have years of pen and paper roleplay under my belt. If anyone is running a fantasy, sci fi, horror or other roleplay and looking for a laid back, compliant player please let me know 😊


Hello everyone! I accidentally made a profile on here I never used and 4 years later I still remember the details for it! so I logged back and decided to use it hah. So I went into a coma for 4 years and woke up? so Kinda new?


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Hi! T_Wolf 19 here. I am a college student and have been roleplaying for about 10 years now. I love all kinds of roleplays, but I usually do ones in already established fandoms. Though I do love making up plots and storylines for fantasy or sci-fi roleplays.

Outside of roleplaying, I love to read and cook. I also love horseback riding, have been riding since I was two. I am disciplined in English and Western.

Really excited to find some rp partners. ^_^
wonderful to meet you. Are you, by chance, interested in Ninjago?
Hello I'm Mae and I've been roleplaying (albeit with a singular person) for a year now. I normally write by myself, so please be patient with me while I figure out how to write cooperatively. I prefer supernatural and fantasy roleplay and I have an intense love for fairies. I draw outside of roleplay!


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So question, how do I actually find people to RP with/join into already existing ones, still haven't figured out how to properly find all that yet.


Attempting an introduction...Ive been roleplaying since 2000? Back when i found out about yahoochat, as a "newbie" in grade 8. those were strange days. I still miss MSN groups, love fantasy RP and generally have a disliking for too many rules, very hardcore, strict RP. I haven't RP'd for a few years becausenof some bad experiences with some "Career RP'ers.

Here's to another attempt!


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Hello everyone!
My name is Marina and Im happy to have joined!
Let me tell you all about me! <3

Name: Marina
Gender: Demigender
Sexuality: Autosexual/Asexual

Roleplay Experience: I have been roleplaying since I was in 5th grade! Im not sure what age I was though!
Roleplay Style: Third Person, Past Tense, 1-5 Paragraphs, Literate

Im going to keep this short like that! Ill mention my fandoms in the Roleplay Search section! Thanks everyone for reading! <3

Lucky Jack

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Hello! I hope.

Usually I try to delve right into rp communities and start scrolling through posts to see what interests me, but seeing as this is a new experience, I shall leave my lurking hermit corner make an introduction.

Not really sure if I'm doing this entirely correctly, it's my first time trying to do anything involving online forums, really. Just kept scrolling until it gave me a place to type. I'm sure I'll be corrected if I've done something wrong. (Thanks in advance, if that's the case)

Oh well, here goes.

I found this site via a google search looking for good places to role play online. I've been role playing in general for 7-8 years now, and while it has helped me hone my craft, I still seek newer, better experiences. Like the fabled role play that actually reaches an ending and has character growth. Still looking for that one. Jokes aside, I look forward to seeing what this place has to offer. Hopefully I'll be able to make a good impression on those I interact with.
Hello and welcome to RpNation!
Here is where you can make an introduction post and let us know a little about you, while reading the intros of other people like yourself, and maybe making a new friend!

Before you go any further, though, please take a moment to look over our site rules. They aren't very long, and it's best to know what's expected of you before you take the plunge into the depths of the site.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ. If there's something you want to know that isn't answered there, ask in the Community Hub -- many of our members are very friendly and happy to help. Or, if you have something to ask that you want to keep just between you and the staff, make a post in Staff Contact instead.

Please remember this is to introduce yourself. If you want to just jump into looking for roleplay players or partners please create a thread in Recruitment.

If you need some ideas on what to include in your introduction to the community, you can mention:
  • Your experience with roleplay and how long you have been roleplaying.
  • What interests you have within roleplay, such as genre or settings.
  • What interests you have outside of roleplay; such as a hobby.
  • Why you decided to join RpNation.
  • Write about your pet (if you have one).
  • Or for something silly, two truths and a lie.

You can use those prompts or just introduce yourself as you wish to the community.

While we are happy to have this thread help you meet and make new friends, please remember this isn't the spot to converse about roleplays, in-depth conversations, or taking over the thread with ongoing chit-chat. ;3

I hope you enjoy your time here!
I am Noah (not my real name but still :>) I am not a stalker that's just what my OC's title is. I am new to this site so yeah- I can do any roleplay but no NSFW I can't stand it! I do Danganronpa, My Hero Academia, Creepypasta and more but I mainly do those and I love to do OC and OC role-plays! Other people's OC's are interesting so I would rather do those types. I can rp in any setting and I prefer fantasy or horror types too but I'm also good with others. And I will check in here often so message me anytime and hopefully I will get back :> -Noah

Sir Hawke

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Hey, Hawke here

I'm a "seasoned?" rper, if you could call me that these days. Uni really did a number on my ability to actively rp just with the sheer amount of stuff I've been doing there. As such I can't promise joining much, probably just one or two things.

I'm mainly around fantasy or sci-fi roleplays with lots of worldbuilding as that's where my interests lie. (Tbh, if I was allowed to just sit by myself and worldbuild for a living I'd take it) Preferably with lighthearted adventure and maybe a little bit of romance in there.

Hopefully I'll find some likeminded people around here and have a good time


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Hey all, my name is Kitty and I am new to this site. I have been role playing for a very long time and I consider writing to be my passion. I am a very creative person in general and I am always trying to do something that satisfies the itch that I constantly feel. I enjoy fantasy and especially romance, but I love long epic tales filled with danger and character development.

I love seeing oddball characters that don’t seem to fit much of anywhere. You can bring those to me. I enjoy freeform role play the most as it tends to give us the most freedom to shape the role play how we see fit, but I can do others as well. I could fill a book with the amount of OCs that I have, so I tend to think that I have something for everyone.

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