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Hey, I'm nyt, or dream, or hey you. Yeah, that sounds like something a human would say, lets go with that. Hopefully I'm doing this right.
I've been roleplaying for awhile on discord. I mostly do Victorian era or futeristic type roleplays, that's so strange to think about, like my two favorite types of roleplays aren't even connected, but I digress. I'm always up for a good post-Apocolypse roleplay. Magic and supernatural genres are also very cool.
I like to do a nice paragraph for my replies but I'm an over achiever sometimes and write a book for them lol. So if you wanna get me to roleplay, hmu cause I'm socially awkward, and have no idea how to work this website yet.


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Which fandoms?
Depends. If you ask about anime/manga, list is way too long. Black Butler, BNHA, KnB, Devilman, Rurouni Kenshin, Dororo, Ranma, Dragon Ball (Z, GT, Super), One Piece, InuYasha, Pokemon, Digimon, Hamtaro, Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Wedding Peach, Detective Conan, Steins Gate, ...
Some other like: Kamen Rider, Garo, Zero, Super Sentai, Supernatural, Sherlock, The Boys, Moon Lovers, A Korean Odyssey, Scholar Who Walks The Night,...


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Hello, I'm Lis! I've been roleplaying for a good few years, but I am a bit rusty from having very few partners as of late. This is also the first time I've ever come across this site.

I mostly do fandom roleplay, but I do have non-fandom OC's if anyone is interested in them, too! I'd prefer to do RP outside of this site, as I have a Discord and Quotev for anyone interested.

I also prefer 1x1 RP's since groups overwhelm me. Anywho, I look forward to meeting some great writers here!


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Hello one and all, I'm Dolor Trucido! I'm into different styles and settings, plus I've got years of experience with Roleplay under my belt! Hit me up with ideas or come chat with me in general, let's enjoy the story we create!


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I'm a little confused about this introduction thing. I've been roleplaying for about 14 years. I'm looking for someone who's interested in playing Doc Holliday to my OC.


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Hello! I go by Kihte pretty much everywhere. I've been roleplaying on and off for over 13 years now. I have a very wide variety of interests, but recently I've been craving some FMA or other game/anime ones. I only play OCs because I love them dearly and like to create my own characters without being constricted by already existing ones. I love roleplays that take their time in character building and relationships- drama in any form of roleplay is a must-have for me. Tragedy and angst are my guilty pleasures.

My hobbies outside of roleplaying are writing, reading, drawing, gaming, you know... other nerdy stuff.

If you'd like to know more, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm a bit awkward, but I'm pretty friendly!


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Hi hello! I mostly joined because one of my friends rps on here a lot, and he's been putting together an rp that looks really interesting, and I've signed up just so I can be a part of it :closed eyes open smile:


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hello : ) i'm here because i used to belong to a fairly popular site back in '17 that fell off the face of the earth and i miss roleplaying. i'm interested in krp, witchcraft, and anything realistic. i prefer lapslock outside of structured rp but i promise i know how to capitalize and punctuate : )


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Time for my early morning site welcomings!

@AliceNLee @Foxyboi @Galaxy fire @nota_plant @Shizu27 @MinnieCraft @sparklingsins @May2000 @ColdLeviathan @robbybobby93 @LifeBeginsHere @JapaneseMuty @PandimalDarlian @medicineman337 @Roi @Eleganza @Wintersend @synistersyrum @_Nytmare_ @UsedCarSalesman @andyartfull @Mzbabydoll @Chicken_little @dolortrucido @theyoungestjames @LunaStorm @Actual_Trash009 @LittleCal @cupidity @Kihte @Actual_Trash009

Welcome to the site! I hope you have a great time here and if you ever need anything don’t hesitate to ask! ;)

Also, if you’d like, feel free to check out my beginner’s guide!



I am hawkmoth
Depends. If you ask about anime/manga, list is way too long. Black Butler, BNHA, KnB, Devilman, Rurouni Kenshin, Dororo, Ranma, Dragon Ball (Z, GT, Super), One Piece, InuYasha, Pokemon, Digimon, Hamtaro, Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Wedding Peach, Detective Conan, Steins Gate, ...
Some other like: Kamen Rider, Garo, Zero, Super Sentai, Supernatural, Sherlock, The Boys, Moon Lovers, A Korean Odyssey, Scholar Who Walks The Night,...
O_O wait hold up.....sailor moon and detective conan the case closed series? I love them, been trying to find some partners for ideas


Well I'm uwuKitty and I have been rping since 2012 but I haven't done so in a few years. I used to rp on fb then migrated to this website. Then I stopped for a bit. Now I'm back! I'm interested in ALL types of rp! Romance, action, fantasy! Messages are always open and I'm open to a lot of ideas! I have a few different hobbies outside of this but I won't go into that :P I decided to come back to rpnation because I miss the fun and excitement of roleplay! :3


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Hello! I used to RP waaay back in the day and decided to try and get back into it! I hope this works out! My main fandom is D.Gray-man but I doubt there is anything going on for that lol. However I love a wide variety of fandoms so I'm excited to explore!


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Hello hello! As you can probably see, I go by RedLeftHand36, and have for a little while, though you can just call me Scratch. I've always highly enjoyed story telling in its miscellaneous mediums, and in particular, interactive ones are the most enjoyable, especially with emphasis on creating our own characters. Obviously video games are fine and dandy, but to me, nothing beats the creative freedom of RPing. In particular, I've always enjoyed grim-dark sword and sorcery high fantasy, with plenty of action, horror, and gothic elements, and I very much enjoy playing the villains, or fairly dark (nothing edgy, preferably, but either grandiose or rugged) characters. When it comes to my own creations, I enjoy creating things that are particularly atmospheric, mixing up traditional dungeon crawls with pseudo-political instances; Things along the line of the usurpation of a throne. Else wise, classic fantasy setting, particularly D&Dish things, tavern meetings and goblin beatings. And of course, there is no form of undeath I enjoy. Setting involving zombies, liches, wights, flesh golems and the like, all in particular strike my fancy. I've RPed since the late 2000s/early 2010s, and while I've certainly grown, I always strive to make each of my stories better than the last ones. My greatest weakness in terms of these kinds of things is that I certainly have a character type that I don't too often deviate from, so there's not a whole lot of diversity in characters I make for other people's RPs, though I do try when the opportunity arises.


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Hi there,

I'm really new to the whole rping thing but I really wanted to give it a try. I'm 18 and an Artist(still studying), I love to write but mostly just as a hobby atm. I'm not really picky when it comes to genres, however, if I had to pick I'd probably choose fantasy, horror and supernatural.
I have lots of ideas but usually struggle to form the story in the way I want, so I thought rping with others would help me with this.
I'm not sure how long this is supposed to be so I'll stop here, I hope to meet new people and make some friends!


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Hello! I adore fandom roleplay and would love to share my large list with you. I'm on a few more places to roleplay so that's kinda cool:). My rules are in my bio so check that out:) also im dyslexic so sorry for mistakes.


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hello hello! you can call me en or kiri! i've been a roleplayer for a decade but i had a break last year, i'm planning on going back to roleplaying this year though which is why i'm here!

despite my years of roleplaying i'm still not that good at it, considering a lot of factors like english not being my main language.

i usually like fantasy roleplays but i can do just about anything as long as i have enough information to go by
Hello there, my name is Kleaver, you may also call me Clever, I'm known other online places that way sometimes.

Uh nothing very special about me. I'm 22, female, looking for a role-play that doesn't necessarily have to follow a fandom. I'm generally easy to get along with and would love to talk about a prompt with someone. I work calling people for surveys, and sometimes I get burnt out on talking to people but I won't ever leave you hanging permanently.

I'm hoping writing good fictional stories with new friends may be just what I need to break the monotony, I don't shine well in group chats but am not opposed to trying them. For the most part I'd prefer 1v1, either way don't be afraid to say hi!

(I replied here because I can't find the button to make a fresh post on this thread and I thought I had it yesterday but my post wasn't in the right place.)


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Hello RP Nation!

I'm new here!

I'm looking for long term RP, story driven and detailed writing! If this interests you get a hold of me, I'm also PM friendly and have lots of RP experience!

Third person only! Thanks!


Hello to all! I'm new here and trying to get into roleplaying again. I was in middle school when I first started roleplaying, and I remember having so much fun and silly adventures with my roleplaying group. I tried to return to it in high school but I took things too seriously and it started feeling more like work than fun.

I'm interested in fandom roleplay as well as roleplaying in a more general fantasy setting. Since entering college I've pretty much abandoned my old hobbies of reading and writing, and I think the lack of a creative outlet is taking a toll on me. Hopefully joining here will change that! I decided to join RpNation because the roleplaying community on the old platform I used to roleplay on has long since died, and this place seems like a really large, diverse, and active community. I'm sure I will be able to find a place here somewhere.

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