Hosted Projects

Hosted Projects

Hosted Projects, as the name implies, are projects: massive roleplays that require more resources than the standard sections of the site can provide. This is usually because they require an unusual number of threads or have a ton of players that complicate the setup of the roleplay, in addition to other reasons. Please do not apply simply because you think it’s cool. HPs are intended for massive projects. If it’s not needed, please do not alter your RP just to meet the requirements.

Requirements to Apply:
  • 250+ account posts to be able to apply. (Click here for the HP Apply Here/Support area.)
  • Only the owner of the roleplay may apply for an HP, not a co-GM or other player.
  • Let us know in as much detail as possible exactly what kind of RP you want to do, why you need hosted project status, and why you can’t do this via the normal system on the site. This is very much you trying to sell the administration and the site owner on your idea; therefore, we will not actually have a set of questions to fill out. The goal here is to not waste Hosted Project resources. Once you meet the post requirement, you’ll be able to post your application in the Apply Here area.
  • Go ahead and start your RP in the regular RP forums. We need to know that you and your players will commit to the RP. Plus, it'll give you a jump-start on the RP itself while you wait!

  • If approved, it will be assumed that the user is responsible. They will be allowed to create up to three Hosted Projects.
  • The ability to fully moderate your roleplay with various functionality and add co-storytellers, DMs, GMs, et cetera.
  • Invite System.
  • Banner to represent the RP on the Hosted Projects page.
  • One main forum and up to five subforums per Hosted Project.
Other Info:

Except under very special circumstances, we will not be granting users the ability to make more than three hosted projects at once. As we’ve stated previously, these are massive projects and we are not interested in letting them come up en masse only for them to go inactive. So, if you have three already and want another one, you’ll have to contact the administration to archive one of your existing projects. This brings your number of HPs below three, allowing you to make more again.

Archival Process:
  • If a project has not had a reply in 60 days, it will be sent into the queue for archival.
  • If a project does not have a banner within seven days of being created, it will be sent into the queue for archival.
  • If a user’s projects regularly fall into the archival process, the user may be barred from using this system again.

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