Hosted Projects

Hosted Projects

STATUS: Applications for Hosted Projects are CURRENTLY CLOSED!

Hosted Projects, as the name implies, are projects: massive roleplays that require more resources than the standard sections of the site can provide. This is usually because they require an unusual number of threads or have a ton of players that complicate the setup of the roleplay, in addition to other reasons. Please do not apply simply because you think it’s cool. HPs are intended for massive projects. If it’s not needed, please do not alter your RP just to meet the requirements.

Requirements to Apply
  • The GM must have at least 500+ posts.
  • The GM may not have any egregious infractions on their account.
    Having a Hosted Project is a privilege.
  • Users may not have more than one Hosted Project.
  • Only the owner (aka GM) or the roleplay may apply for a Hosted Project.
  • The roleplay must have already been initiated and active for at least 15-30 days.
  • Do not apply unless you are currently using the features available for roleplays that can be utilized for organization.
  • Patience is required while Staff review your application. It can take some time due to various scheduling and Staff having multiple tasks.


There is no application form. What you will have to do to apply is in as much detail as possible you must tell reviewing Staff what kind of RP you want to do, why you need hosted project status, and why you can’t do this via the normal system on the site.

If Approved

If your application is approved you are granted a Hosted Project forum and up to five sub-forums will be created for the roleplay. This is a manual process for Staff to set up. You will be asked to provide information regarding what you want your sub-forums to be, any co-GMs to be included, and provide links to all your roleplay content, and other additional information.

Co-Gms will have equal moderation power as the GM. Please keep this in mind.

Staff will move your roleplay content into your Hosted Project, but will not organize it for you after that point. That is the responsibility of the GM and Co-Gms.

Archival Process
  • If a project has not had a reply in 30 days within an in character thread, it will be sent into the queue for archival.
  • If a user’s projects regularly fall into the archival process, the user may be barred from using this system again.
  • Users found falsifying activity can have their HP status revoked and the content archived with no chance to re-apply or request for a new HP for at least 6 months.