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Name: Jenithan
Age: 16
Occupation: sticky fingers

Personality: very quiet she sees no need to talk, she doesn't have good people skills , much to focused on being sneaky , shes very desperate at times to get her way, she doesn't seem to have emotion, and it comes off as she's careless, but she just doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve.

Looks: She looks like a guy and most people think she is a guy, because of her large black coat and ripped gloves . She has blotchy pale skin, and stubby legs ,often not very clean, the best parts of her that actually look decent are her purple eyes, that seem to peek out, from under her raggedy bleach blond hair, and her nubby small nose.



Ethnicity: white German

Hobbies: Dancing when the city's asleep

Small Bio: Jenithan brought up in a drunkards household, as a child she'd get sick quite a lot and no one seemed to care, because there were seven kids all together in the house, and Jenithan's father was the one who abused the bottle, her mother was always sleeping if not breastfeeding.

One day social services arrived, and tore the family apart , Jenthan ran away before they could take her, and she survived on the streets where she's always been.

Extra: Jenthan still gets sick alot.
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