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Lydia Fern

known as she goes with the nickname "Ember" that matches her fired red long hair. This is a girl who'll always keep herself away around other's.

It's not very easy befriended her right away because you'll need to gain her trust first.

You'll catch her spending her time alone smoking a cigarette or end up seeing her sitting on the railed stairs outside of her apartment.

Her family is always out of town which leads her by herself since the fact she enjoys her quiet time to herself or she'll baby sit some of her young siblings.

Ember grew up too fast at a young age which makes her the mature young female as she is by this day.

It's always the girl's who'll she will easily avoid as they they feel envy towards her by ember usually by her personality and appearance.

The redhead has a small history of shoplifting and drinks from time to time, she's been in fights before with other girls and this is why she avoids any type of negativity.

Once you know Ember well you'll see her care and kindness from her heart.

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