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Don't Wander

Don't Wander

My muses have always been in the childhood stories told to me by my grandfather. In order to keep me from wandering off, he told me there were elephants in the woods to scare me. I also from a young age have been working with exotic animals, training them and caring for them.
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The story behind this really add to the piece. It's already a gorgeous illustration of an elephant, but I'd never heard about 'elephants in the woods' before and it explains why you have it as your muse. Super cool piece, and the subtle hints of objects meaning more on the sides are really neat!
@RubyRose The objects to the sides are feathers, an arrowhead, and two hag stones :) They're all items that have been gifted to me from my grandfather or my uncles, as they hold a lot of spiritual importance. The hagstones are said to be protecting amulets, breaking if they've used their magic to save the wearer's life. Thank you very much btw!
I think you used, acrylic paint? Generally thin and then faded at the bottom. I like how wispy it looks, as if there is a mist or the image is in a person's mind. The description is lovely also uvu~

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