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    Hello all. So, last discussion before the site goes down for a few days. I was speaking with @The One Eyed Bandit a short while ago and it got me thinking. About stories in general, and how how we take them in the forms they're presented to us. From novels to video games, movies to plays, audiobooks and whatever else, they come in many ways. What I want to know, is which way is best, in your opinion. Or better said, which format you say is the most you enjoy. What is it about that format that gets you like nothing else? Is it something you can maybe replicate in RP? Have you ever thought of taking pieces from that format and using it as your own? Have you already done something like it before? I'd appreciate all your thoughts and experiences. It'd be good to see what makes a well presented and interesting story to you. I will include a poll up top with the broad category of formats. If you love one not on the list, please feel free to specify it below.
  3. hello people
  4. Presumably sometime tomorrow, unless they delay it yet again. @WereFolf The links to this area and the other threads are on top of each OP. I've put some bold red letters on top of the IC OP just in case. (You're the second person to miss those so far after all) @Midnightchan123 I appreciate your intervention. now could you two please delete your posts over there? I'd really like to have the IC thread be somewhat organized.
  5. Gaster, being so close to the phone over heard chara and told papyrus the where underground. In an abandoned train line
  6. @Noivian @Verdana @BeebeTheWarrior @Heim @MattieLee Let the RP begin!
  7. you da best <3 

  8. Phillipe- Phillipe had finished eating his snack when a voice from behind them caused him to turn his head to look. A young woman was the person who had called out and Phillipe couldn't help but smile. She was a rather attractive girl with long blonde hair and green eyes. Phillipe stood as she spoke to the young man named Akira. "Greetings Miss, I'm guessing you two know each other. I don't see any resemblance that means your family, perhaps I have stumbled upon a pair of lovers?" He noticed the look she gave Akira and it set off the alarm bells in his head. During his time as an assassin he had managed to develop a sixth sense and that sense was telling him to be very careful around these two. Taylor- "What about my hair and everything else?" Taylor responded in a confused voice as he ran his left hand through his long hair. He was still confused when Bella changed the subject but oh well. "Yeah I am planning on heading back to base, The news of the attack is new to me. Guess that means I now have time to prepare for the upcoming operation. That also means we should probably get back and meet up with crow and everyone else. Are you going back to base as well?" @Literally Batman @AwesomeGamerDude5433
  9. The pirate who could not be moved was/is Shae. He climbed up a lamp post. They literally cannot reach him.
  10. Ihbarhasvad Naran Location: Facility 108 Mood: Excited to properly meet the all the other teachers Tag: @Teh Frixz @Captain Hesperus @Bag o Fruit @Giyari A few days have passed since the prison break, and she finally have settled in this city. The government has yet to find a place for her so she's currently staying in a hotel, though she already said that she doesn't mind living in the same apartment building as the one usually rented out to students. It's better, ins't it? Closing the distance between student and a teacher and if they need help, they could just knock on their door! Anyway, an email arrived in her brand new work email this morning. A message, telling her to go to Facility 108 to attend the staff meeting and properly introduce herself as the guest teacher for the Community Service after all this mess. Without wasting anymore time, she changed to one of the work suits the government has prepared for her. Naran is slightly tempted to wear her super suit underneath, but let's save it to when her first day of teaching! Her car, and the driver prepared by the Mongolian Embassy is already waiting for her when she walked out of the hotel's lobby. Naran wondered how they always seem to know when she's about to go and not, but without asking question she jumped and asked to be taken to Facility 108. The facility it self looked empty, there is no student in sight. Huh, Naran is a little bit disappointed. With big steps, she made her way to the Teacher's Lounge. Opening the door, she found a couple people already seated inside. Naran gave them her biggest smile and greets them, "Sain uu! Öglöönii mend!Hello! Good morning! I'm the new teacher-- guest teacher, for Community Service! Ihbarhasvad Naran is the name, though you might know me more as Narangerel!"
  11. Ohhh ok well he will be 80 then xD ill get to making him now. Would he have any special abilities? @Jefferson
  12. fantasy

    Extremely interested! I'm okay with either modern, victorian, or medieval era, so pretty much all the era's are fine! Could we double though?
  13. Ooooh, now I get it. Thanks.
  14. -Scouting job begins!- Grinning Serena fist bumped his. "Heck yea, Partner!" She didn't notice James' competitive streak, but Renee did. It seems Seth knew as well and that only made her giggle a bit. Maybe James would finally open up more with Serena around Seth...heheh! 'Oh yea...Serena would make a good big sister.' She thought, grinning rather similar to the twins' when they are up to no good. Clearing her throat, Renee casually repeated what Seifer told her brother long ago when he complained. "Oh? I thought you can work professionally with people are annoying like me. Were you just boasting?" She raised an eyebrow at the other archer, daring him to try to challenge her. Following Seifer to her brother's horse and grabbing her bow and quiver filled with arrows, the white haired Pendragon waved at the waiting group. "We will! See you later guys!" She made a heart with her fingers at Echo and Johnny. "Make sure everyone else is safe, sheep dad and mom! Bye Big brother! We'll come back soon!" With that, she sat behind Seifer, one hand clutching on the back of his shirt and the other on her bow. "Before you complain, it's so we can lessen the chances of being seen. Less horses the better." She told him before looking over her brothers and smiling warmly at them. Serena stayed close to Seth and did the same thing as Renee: sitting behind the young Pendragon sibling and holding her violin close. The violinist nodded at Seth. "Ready whenever you are, Seth." Then she peeked over her shoulder and waved timidly? at James. "I'll be sure to watch over your brother, I promise! Bye everyone!" "Come back safe!!" Echo yelled as she watched her friends rode off in the cavern, hugging Johnny close, worrying about their safety already. "They'll stay safe right?...Wait, who's sheep mom?" She asked him, blushing a bit. @Zer0 @Roleplay Skittle
  15. OOC

    @JRPG May I send you a PM for help with the history? And I would also like to keep it a secret as I know that my character is like that (it'll be one of his vices).
  16. My cast Luna: max tension, double oomph, queen's whip, twin dragon lash Hope: Max tension, double oomph, knight's watch (all foes directed at her, but attacks won't to a thing), multithrust Dante: max tension, Magic burst Rando: max tension, double oomph, omnislash yeah, if you put enough time into your characters, attacks can hurt a lot...
  17. @Shi no toki 2 Oh yeah, and the battle sounds great to me, let's just make sure we get the castle back to self sufficient and on its feet again first. Kind of like part one, and then part two can be the battle. Is that cool with you?
  18. Satoru watched Athena curiously as she spoke. He wondered why this woman was so passionate about the case and so willing to lay her life down. But she was right. Even if he didn't know how the Death Note worked, he would still do what he could to solve the case, even if it cost him his life. And if he was honest with himself, he didn't want to work with anyone unwilling to go as far as he was. If it came to it and he was captured and threatened to extract information, he'd be sure to keep his mouth shut. He hoped he could entrust the others to do the same. Chief Ohara cleared his throat. "Right then. Well, that's all the information I can share with you as of now. If you have any more questions, or you'd like to speak with me individually, please stick around. I'll be open to hearing your concerns. Otherwise, you're free to return to work." That's just his way of saying "If you want to resign from the investigation, don't waste our time. Do it now", Satoru thought. He could already guess which people wouldn't be back. For one, the man who'd just gotten married and was expecting his first child. Then the sister who was the sole care-taker of her younger sibling. After he and the ones set on catching Kira left the room, they'd quietly approach Chief Ohara and tell them they couldn't continue with the investigation. And they'd go back to working on their low-profile cases, which carried much less of a risk. It was quite a shame actually. They would've been so useful to the investigation. Satoru nodded, rose from his seat and made his way back to the cubicle. He saw that the file for the hostage situation had been placed on his desk already, along with the location of the criminal's phone in the evidence lockers. He was one of the few who had access to these. If Athena wanted to see the phone, he'd have to authorize that. He wasn't quite sure what to think of her. She seemed to know what she was talking about, but he got the sense that she was hiding something.
  19. Yes. But the thing is that grails allow for one to travel across the multiverse and not manipulate time and space
  20. *unconvincing emo lyrics*

  21. Okay will edit once i get home @poppet And asveth doesn't know any of this so he assumed since Fyren is the caretaker it was his fault
  22. fantasy

    I am absolutely interested and I will get the references, cause i love Black Butler!!!! Please pm me!
  23. Jim's jaw almost dropped. His eyes lightened up as a huge grin appeared on his face. "Come here you old geezer.", he hugged Al tightly, giving him a pat on his back. "You were right, man. You were so fuckin' right. How did you know that'd all happen?" Turning to Eddie, he sighed. "Al's right, man. I was damn glad to see you alive and all. I don't mind you livin' the life you live. Hadn't I been dragged into the military I'd probably be still livin' the same. I'm glad it didn't turn out like that for me, but still. I've blamed myself for your death all these years, I drowned in my guilt and no matter what others said I could not forgive myself." He shook his head, a broken look in his eyes. "I agree, we both changed. We've grown up. >>Well, one of us has.<< I would've let you back into my life - hadn't you tried to punch my son. I have a really protective personality, and if someone tries to hurt the ones I love - it won't end good for them. That's exactly what happened to you, and to be honest - I am not sorry about hurting your face. I believe you deserved that. You know that I always donated money to a charity to help kids get out of abusive families - and you always said you had the exact same opinion as me. Well, I guess that was a lie, hm?" Crossing his arms, he straightened his back. "Yet, what I don't understand: why come back? You know I'm stronger than you. Even with you being an angel, that doesn't change a thing, bud. I already disfigured your face. Man, I could've killed you hadn't Al stopped us. So, answer my question: why did you return?" Eddie rolled his eyes. "Urgh Jim, stop trying to lecture me. And that old man should better shut his mouth before I-" Jim frowned. "Remember what I just said, Ed." "Whatever.", Eddie lifted his shoulders and continued. "I might be an angel and I might still be alive, but god how I hate that. For years I had to hide so nobody would see my wings, I had to leave my family behind after I 'died'. Do you know what that's like?" "Are you serious, Ed? You're not even grateful for still being alive?", Jim sighed. "You didn't even like your family. You always ran away and ended up in foster homes until you went back home." "Fine, you may have a point there. But I freakin' lost 4 years of my life hiding before I could finally come out! My life after death at age 14 only started when I was 18!" "You wanna know something, hm?! I didn't have a freakin' childhood. You may think I loved it because of all those things we did, but I freakin' hated it. Thinking back still gives me chills. You wanna know when my life started? My life only started when I fell in love with my wife. You know when that was? 2 years ago. I was 22, 'kay? 22 years of my life were wasted on training and shooting and knife-throwing and learning how to kill." "I get it.", Eddie rolled his eyes. "Your life was oh-so-bad and now you need to cry, don't you? It's always about you. Empathy, Jim. You could once show empathy. Your heart is still as cold as ice. Only thinking about yourself." He shook his head, spreading his wings. "I hope I'll never see you again.", and he raced off into the sky, disappearing in the clouds. Steve raised an eyebrow. "No time for jokes now, James. I know that, but that was kind of different. Eddie died.... 10 years ago. If he'd still been alive he would've given a sign, right?" Emma smiled softly. "You're very kind, Sam. Thanks." Giggling, she added. "And I don't think you're homeless or gay. Weird. Maybe.", winking, she smiled again. "I have to say, I have never smiled nor laughed that much since the accident. Thank you." ((good XD)) Hunter nodded. "Of course I know what you mean.", she softly hit Foxy's shoulder. "I mean, you don't have to marry at age 18 and be a mother at age 19-20. Take your time, sweetie. And should I give you a hint? Don't search for love. Love will find you." Dennis grinned, sighing happily. "He or she will love it. But most of all, he or she will love you." He stopped, turned to Toxic and pulled her closer. Putting his hands on her cheeks, he pulled her face towards hers and kissed her passionately. "Dammit Tox, I love you so much."
  24. Yeah, I re-read his history, think im just tired atm. But I like it. Think this rp is going to be more interesting on different levels. @Verdas All looks fine to me!
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