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  2. When Ferris said they would have to wait for the ice to melt, Emorie looked at him and scoffed. Hell they would. Emorie reached across the table and grabbed her sisters hand, pulling her over to the door and putting her hand against it before looking at Ellsie and grinning. "Melt it." They were dry. They were together. And honestly? Emorie was pissed. Aris was just going to put everyone including her mother in danger. Some student comes up from outside? That means there were others. Some demon acts up? That more than likely meant they would take actual against all the demons. Emorie could understand that Aris wanted to help her mother but this wasn't the way. Ellsie looked at her sister with wide eyes as she was yanked towards the door, "What? You want to? I m-Yeah. Yeah okay." Ellsie was just so shocked that Emorie even thought about using magic at all. Usually she avoided it at all costs. To start, it made them pretty weak and they weren't in the best shape right now to start. Especially Ellsie... the hunger was starting to kill her. Also, they weren't very good with magic and a lot of the time it ended up going haywire. Ellsie put her hand against the door and concentrated for a moment before slowly pushing the thing open to find a giant puddle right outside. No more ice. "No, someone goes to get her now. Before she leads anything to us and before she puts the person she was trying to save in danger." Emorie looked at Kai slowly, "So either you go, or I do. And I won't do it nicely. Because you're right. I'm tired. And I'm over it already." Her head was killing already just from that little bit of work. Next to her she saw her sister start to sway and she reached out just in time to grab Ellsie under the arm as she slipped out of consciousness. "And now I'm super pissed." Emorie's eyes went red and she picked her sister up over her shoulder and looked around at everyone. "I'm laying down." Emorie moved and jumped up to the loft without touching the ladder. The magic tired her, but the anger fueled the vampire. She sat her sister down on one of the beds and covered her up before sitting down herself and resting her head in her hands and letting out a long slow sigh. If they were going to help anyone, they had to work together. Pissing off the angels was mistake number one.
  3. Your hold is secure and your rule is unchallenged. For now. Roll+hard for your Wealth move. Bak wakes as he sleeps, alone. A man like him can't afford the risk of sleeping in another's presence, not if he means to stay in business anyway. His gun is near, and he grabs it for his morning ritual of scanning the room with it's barrel before his assassin knows he's awake. As usual, his suspicions are found invalid. A strange disappointment has beset these acts, as if a desire for his paranoia to justify itself in the flesh has come to develop over the years. But a hardholder has no time for such thoughts, so he quickly dresses, splashes his face from his own water supply, and unlocks the only door to his windowless room. He descends to the ground floor of his compound, quickly moving past his men to the Chowmaker's room with it's fires and smokers and smells. He's disappointed by the light pickings on his men's plates (figuratively speaking, plates are pointless). All clutch meat jerky or dried plantfood and bite at the tough flesh with reluctant teeth. Bak takes his jerky from one of the metal boxes for stored food, chewing with learned ease. Either the food trade was on a dive or the hunters and farmers had run out of luck. As he walked to the exit of the compound, he noted that if the Taxmen working to sort tribute were anything to go by, then at least some scratch was rolling in. (Rolled a 9. +3 scrap surplus. Want: Hunger.) What does your hold look like, and what is it called? Is it a new compound created from broken parts, or does it use an existing building? Bak leaves as the Sun rises, now accompanied by the two Taxmen that make up his personal guard. He turns on his heel and allows himself a moment to admire his hold. Before it was his, it was a rebar and steel ruin, missing most of the walls, the roof, and some of the floors. But the frame had been there, and the mound of rubble had been transformed into a capable if cobbled together fortress. A section of the ground floor had been turned into a tunnel, with welded together gates on each side to limit access to Tributon from the only road to it. A scrap wall ten feet high and topped with sharp bits of metal trailed along the sides of the hold in two curves that angled away from the road and met in a complete circuit, condoning off the contents of Tributon from access besides the hold's gate. The patchwork look of the three story building, what with some of the walls being concrete and others being welded together pieces of scrap, didn't take much away from the imposing look of it. His eyes identified the well placed gun slots and high-rising crow's nest, the latter of which gave his Watcher a prime view of the small farms and camps just outside the walls but no less under his protection. Having allowed himself this moment of pride, he turned to walk deeper into Tributon. What is your gang like? Why do they worry you and make you want to shorten their leash? He walks through the market, the main feature of Tributon and one of the easiest ways for Bak to get a read on the day. The market is successful because it's safe, vendors cry their wares with little fear of robbery, for only a fool starts trouble in Tributon without expecting to deal with Bak. He sees one of his Taxmen haggling fiercely with a waterbeater. He listens from afar, not exactly sure what for until it happens. "All I'm saying is, if you're relying on us for protection, it seems like we should get a discount or something, you know?" There it is. Almost, but not quite, a threat. The waterbearer stands strong and the Taxman pays in full, but the spreading sentiment of gang-privilege has been exposed for the first time before Bak's own eyes. Despite all they have, the Taxmen want more. Such is the way with those in power. He'd need a way to curb this way of thinking, before almost-threats became more and ruined Tributon. Which of The Blues did you piss off when you and Rex were last defending the hold? It is while still brewing on the Taxmen problem that Bak Gamun hears the roar of the Blues' bikes. He grimaces with recollection as his mind turns itself to the possibly more pressing issue. Some time ago a pack of them showed up at his doorstep, Panther leading them, asking to be let in. Bak was more than ready to oblige, business being business, but didn't like the idea if over twenty rowdy assholes cruising around his market, so he restricted access to Panther and ten more. The Blues got pissed, left, and returned with even more rowdy assholes. This time, they demanded to be let in. Bak ordered all the killers in the hold rounded up, Rex among them, before delivering his curt reply. Some skirmishing later, and Panther rode off with a somewhat lighter pack. Bak rubbed his forehead, wondering just how bad Panther had taken the loss.
  4. Ken recognizes a drunk person when he sees one. That, and he can smell the booze on her breath. He guides her to sit down on one of the bed next to him, so she doesn't fall over and hurt herself. "Slow? What do you mean?" Ken isn't expecting a proper answer, and is asking out of 'playing along' more than anything else. After all, she might be emotionally unstable with the booze, and he wouldn't want to seem rude to her in case she gets angry. @JessBeth
  5. "The succubi queen" ?
  6. some people on this site ://///

  7. It's all right chap i was dragged here by @billthesomething also.
  8. "Yeah, I remember what that was like. Give it a few years, and you'll be fine!" After standing back up, she limbers up her shoulders as she speaks since they were a bit sore, then returns to her usual stance. Her confidence speaks volumes just from her stance itself and her eyes are filled with all the determination of the world. Some would say she is brash. She would say she isn't brash enough. @Roman
  9. I didn't get to learn Japanese in a class till I was in Polytechnic (same as college). Well, the textbooks go through basically everything that we need to know for sentence structures (literally) and the different types of ways to speak (e.g. formal, casual) Amino is a platform where you can meet like minded people based on what you like (e.g. J-pop, Pokémon, Ace Attorney etc). The community where I'm teaching a little of Japanese is an Ace Attorney rp community. Do check us out if you're interested. Thank you! And I know Yugioh but I don't play it. 😅
  10. Both these characters are disposable but I'd prefer if only one of them was killed in the RP ✪[the basics]✪ ✭[image/description] ✭[name] Jackson Hendrix ✭[age] 26 ✭[gender] Male ✪[the details]✪ ✭[likes] The Gym, Travelling, Hiking, Kayaking, Reading The Newspaper, Seafood, Sunsets, Documentaries and Non-Fiction books, ✭[dislikes] Shy people (He finds them annoying to get to know), Sand, Swimming, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Sweet food, ✭[good traits] Trustworthy, Brave, Physically/mentally strong, Focused, Attentive, Thoughtful, Smooth talker, calm ✭[bad traits] Egotistical, Likes to show off, Too-serious, Overly mature, Emotionally distant, holds grudges, Negative-Nancy ✭[fears] His wife will leave him, His father ✭[hobbies/skills] High Adrenaline sports, Fishing, Knows a lot of various facts and skills from all the Non-Fiction media he consumes ✪[the biography]✪ ✭[occupation] Owns a Car Dealership ✭[personality] Jackson is a very serious and analytical man. He puts careful thought into everything he does and is very calm and collected. He sometimes has trouble expressing his emotions to others and be very distant when he is upset or stressed. He does not have a temper, in fact he has a very long fuse, however he does hold grudges for a very long time and can be a little unforgiving, cruel even, when upsetter by someone. He likes to soak in information of all sorts, and enjoys learning a lot of things. He frequently watches documentaries and is often seen shopping in the Non-Fiction section at bookstores. he has won several trivia nights in his time and has an extremely good memory. He needs to learn how to relax a little more, however, as when he is stressed he is very highly strung. He isn't very good at making jokes and can be quite down and negative, especially when he has done something he isn't proud of. He is loving and thoughtful to those he loves, however, and he's trying to overcome his emotional barriers because they are hurting his wife. ✭[bio/backstory] Jackson was raised in an upper class family in Hollywood. He had a mother, father and two older brothers. His mother was a very high earner and she was quite a wealthy CEO. His father was mostly a Chef for a Fine-dining Japanese Restaurant called Sono. They were a busy family and they didn't ever make much time for family time. His two brothers were both born for success. One of them wanted to be a doctor, the other wanted to go into modelling. The two fought a lot, sometimes physically as both had quite opposite outlooks. Jackson felt very independent and isolated in his family. Got used to looking mostly after himself as his parents were always out and his brothers were always quarrelling. When they were all in their late teens, Eldest brother 18, middle 15 and Jackson 14, their parents started fighting because their mother had an affair with a co-worker of hers. They tried to stay together, due to their values, but in the end a year of mistrust, yelling and screaming set them down the road of separation and then eventual divorce. Jackson had a hard time with relationships from then on. he had issues with trust and he often found expressing love for someone else very difficult. Especially living with his father, who was utterly destroyed after his marriage breakdown. Jackson finished school without direction for his life and eventually got a trainee job in sales at a car dealership for BMW. He continued in this job until the current day, and eventually gained part-ownership of the company when the old boss left the job to him. He met his current wife five years ago at his fathers restaurant, and the two decided to date. When Rumiko got pregnant, her family expected her to marry her husband, so after a discussion with Rumiko and her family, he decided he would propose, as his family also had the same values. Unfortunately Rumiko miscarried early on in the marriage an event which scarred both of them and put their marriage to the test massively The two love each other but their relationship has been rocky for their first year of marriage, because Rumiko feels that Jackson is too cold and that he regrets marring her, which is completely untrue. He decided to take her on a cruise on his work holiday to mend things and show he cares. ✭[why they were on the cruise] He is on a Holliday with his wife ✭[extras] ✪[the basics]✪ ✭[image/description] ✭[name] Rumiko Hendrix ✭[age] 25 ✭[gender] Female ✪[the details]✪ ✭[likes] Beaches, Sand, Rockpools, Jewellery, Social Media, Shoes, Cocktails, Sushi, Books, Romance Movies, Summer, The outdoors, Ballards and Power ballads, Piano music ✭[dislikes] Dirty things, Grime, Messy appearances, Slobs, Curry, Meat, Sports, mothers who constantly post baby photos, Being alone, The cold ✭[good traits] Loyal, frugal, Smart, Loving, thoughtful, Healthy, responsible, fun, Committed, ✭[bad traits] Jealous, Prissy, Neat-Freak, Perfectionist, Opinionated, Skittish, Cries Easily ✭[fears] Any future miscarriages, Being alone, The strength of her marriage, Spiders, Snakes, Dogs ✭[hobbies/skills] Fitness Blogging, Vegetarianism, Instagram, Reading, Public Speaking/Debating ✪[the biography]✪ ✭[occupation] Up and coming Model ✭[personality] Rumiko is traditional and wishes to please others as this is how she was raised to be by her father especially, however she is also very much her own woman. She tables in lots of things and likes to stay busy all the time, finding doing nothing to be the opposite of relaxing. She can be very over emotional, and is known for minor to extreme bouts of depression. She is a passionate vegetarian, which she will happily tell the internet and the world, and she is big on fashion and beauty. She can be a little judgemental of people who don't care about their appearance. She is also prone to fairly strong bouts of OCD, and cannot stand mess. mess and dirt and bugs, all those things make her angry and distressed. She is a little mentally unwell after her miscarriage, and because of that, she has her quirks, but overall she is a very kind lady, and a very loving wife. ✭[bio/backstory] Rumiko was born in japan as an only child to a businessman father and a housewife mother. She loved them both to bits, but she simply did not want the things they wanted. At 16 she dropped out of high school and did modelling and photography in Japan. Eventually she became well-known enough to do paid and professional gigs. She ended up moving to America to participate in 'America's Next top Model' when she was 18. She was outed early on in the series, but the boost of fame was enough to give her some momentum. She began blogging online and loved advertising herself on social media. She met her now husband at a restaurant when she was 20, and fell in love with him. 5 years later the two conceived a baby, yet early on that year Rumiko Miscarried. The event scarred her and she had to put her career on hold for a while as it ended up in the press. She dealt with her depression with the help of a professional psychiatrist, whom she is still seeing. She feels her husband becoming more and more distant and she blames herself sometimes. She was so relieved when he invited her away. Maybe she could get him to become a little bit more open about his emotions. Maybe she wouldn't feel so alone around him anymore. ✭[why they were on the cruise] On holiday with her husband. ✭[extras] Rumiko is available to be killed off in the RP for added sadness
  11. Kai was busy cooking up the last of the burgers by the time Aris started ranting. He was lost in thought. What were this "hollis and amy" going to be able to do for them? They used to be part of the bad ass crew that Red and Demitri were apart of, but what were they going to do now? Were they ready for a fight? To protect everyone here? And how long could they before the angels find them? It wasn't like they could hide out in Hell, Jade wouldn't have been welcomed. They could go to the ocean, but none of them could breath under water like he could. He was dragged out of his thoughts when the door slammed. "What's going on?!" His eyes widened when he seen who was missing. "Yo, where'd the brat go?" He put the last burger on the paper plate as Ferris tried to open the door and windows. "You're not going to win, dude. Just let her have her tantrum and we can go after her. Well, I'll go after her. You guys look dead tired." Maybe he should have put Aris to sleep once they arrived...either way, what was done was done and over with. "She won't get far. She doesn't move very fast." The only real advantage was the fact she could see in the snow. "Come eat, guys."
  12. Surrana nodded, not seeming overly surprised. It wasn't Thalassian, of that she was certain. "Draconic or Darnassian would be my guess, but either way it's gorgeous," the woman stated, continuing to smile at the other elf. "I wonder if it would fit in one of my hidden sheathes," she wondered aloud. She continued to nod at his suggestions. "Maybe... I could try both, I guess. Or ask Cal's friend Bel if there are any good spells I could learn, he's always got something up his sleeve." She was feeling a bit rusty in her magic, it wouldn't hurt to practice some new spells to stay in top casting condition. "Zeppelin travel doesn't mess with me nearly as much, although the shoddy construction is always a bit daunting. I wonder what Alliance airships are like.... Sorry, lost in thought a moment," she apologised. She could see a server coming towards their table. Good thing, too, she was starving.
  13. cross platform

    Ooh, I have some. I like to dig deep. : P The most obscure game I've ever played...are games that aren't finished count? I've been keeping my eye on this game called World of Horror, a sort of lo-bit card-based rpg that combines elements of H.P. Lovecraft with Junji Ito. You basically have to solve a series of (fucked up) mysteries in order to beat an elder god before you either go insane, die, or the end times come. It's pretty broken in its current state, but I'm excited to see where it goes.
  14. Eric took notice that it just went quite up in the decks. Earlier the sound of his brothers shouting were present, now it's just dead silence. Eric went up to the main deck to check on his brethren. "What is going on here?" Eric said as soon as he found the them. Henry and Richard turned their heads towards the voice that called to them. Richard replied to Eric. "Brother! Just in time! We were just observing this fine looking lady over here." Henry looked towards Richard with a blunt facial expression. "Richard. Crank the anchor down. were getting her up here. It's dangerous for her to swim alone. Their could be sharks out there waiting to eat her alive." Henry was mesmerized by the girl's appearance. "Lower thee anchor! Get on the anchor maam!" Henry shouted. Richard shouted what Henry just said. "Lowering the anchor!" Richard untied the anchor's rope and held it. The anchor was supported by a pulley, all that Richard has to do is to just release the anchor gently. "Stop!" Eric demanded Richard to stop midway. And Richard obeyed. "What?" Henry asked Eric what was wrong. "I don't feel sure about this Henry." Eric sounded very worried as he said his words. "And why is that?" Henry asked of him. "It's just... Remember the last time we tried to do this. We were almost killed because that victim we rescued was actually a pirate captain! We don't want that to happen again now do we Henry? Pull the anchor up Richard." Eric answered Henry and commanded Richard to pull the anchor up. "Pulling the anchor!" Richard said energetically. "Look, that's the past Eric. What if she's just your regular sea survivor?" Henry looked at Eric with a sad look on his face. Without command Richard mistook Henry's words as a command and lowered the anchor "Lowering it a little!" Richard lowered the anchor slowly. Eric deeply sighed and replied "Fine whatever brother. I'll go pick up Elaine to see what decision she has in mind." Henry did not want to Elaine to decide, so he commanded Richard to go down and ask the girl for assistance. "Richard, get in the anchor and ask her if she wants anything. I'll take care of the anchor." Richard pouted to Henry "What!? why me!?" Henry was about to speak until Richard realized that Henry can't swim if he falls off. This made him pout a bit more. "Fine. Atleast she won't notice the difference since we all look similar to each other." Richard said with a followed up grunt and rode on the ship's anchor. Henry gently lowered the anchor. Upon reaching the level of the girl. Richard immediately asked "Hello to ye. Do you need thy assistance?" Richard said in a charming tone.
  15. Gilgamesh took the sack. A golden portal opened on thigh-level and Gilgamesh threw it inside. The sack, and all of the presents inside were now a part of his treasury. Of course he had to give them to children first. Gilgamesh listened to Enkidu's instructions and then ridiculed him. "Iskandar? He was not summoned in this war! How am I supposed to-- Argh, don't mind. I have just the thing." Gilgamesh looked outside, as a huge golden portal appeared. It moved to the side, unveiling a huge, golden aircraft of ancient construction. "So we have to deliver these all over the world?" He asked once again. "I will see to that personally. I shan't allow a single person without their gift!..." Gilgamesh rose his middle finger in the air, heroically, then became disgruntled and mumbled to himself: "This isn't even worthy of my time." "To Vimana!" Gilgamesh yelled, jumping out the window onto the large aircraft and waiting for Enkidu to follow. @MrEvilMexican
  16. Minho sat in the lush living room and reached over to Choi, wrapping his fingers through his carefully and hiding their hand between the two. He could tell how nervous she was and he wanted to do anything he could to help, however when her parents started speaking? He started to get more and more nervous with every single word. Minho was at the point that he was shaking himself. He was a mixture of scared, nervous, pissed and depressed. Choi was supposed to fall for Hoya? In what fucking universe? And this was all for some mob shit? Since when was Choi's family in the mob too?! Minho's head was spinning. "With all due respect sir, I love your daughter. I don't think that she's a disgrace to your family at all. Choi is one of the sweetest and most confident women I have ever met, Choi is such a bright person to a lot of people. I think she's put to good use every single day. Without her I wouldn't be who I am. None of us would be." Minho couldn't help himself from erupting, the words just came out of his mouth without thinking but it was all true. Choi was amazing. It was complete bullshit that her father saw her only worth as some prize for a mobster. Especially Hoya! Minho looked over to Yubin who was fussing with Hyunn, neither of them knew about this either. Then he looked over at Choi and squeezed her hand gently, "Choi..." He just wanted her to say something, to know that she was okay. Before all of his she was such a nervous wreck and now? Her father was calling her a starving failure and her mother was just sitting next to him with a smile on her face.
  17. Clarise yawns as she walks to school with Ace, who didn't even feel like going at all "The sooner you see her the better" she says, well aware her parents had said that too. But Ace had become slightly more distant, only the band members noticed it besides her and their parents "I don't want to see her, that's all" he mumbles with a sigh, even their two kwamis were worried "You haven't helped fighting villains at all, I doubt that's everything there is" Fang says, but he sees Damien walking up ahead, so he hides in Ace his bag. @Evergreen98
  18. "I don't actually know, 'jira bought it in Booty Bay but I don't think she bought it off the maker of the blade." Probably some sort of elf, judging by how finnicky some of the details were. Light knows that probably annoyed the hell out of Sajira, forcing to hand over an arm's worth of gold on something so tiny and not-dangerous. "And some people just get seasick, it's something to do with the motion or the boat and your ears." Mith and Saka'ge had tried to give him an actual medical explanation once, but he'd been rather occupied by watching Katya dangle from the ropes in a criminally loose vest. "Try ginger, I think our shaman said? Or was it mint..."
  19. Thank you, then. I couldn't ask for anything more... ten years of service, I barely survived the first year... He muttered that last part to himself silently. A huge sack of presents suddenly appeared out of nowhere, using Chaldea fancy schmancy teleporting magicks. Enkidu opened the sack and showed all of the wrapped up presents to Gilgamesh. It's a mystic code... A sack that can hold an endless amount of presents, even without looking big and huge. I need you to load them all into your Gate of Babylon and fire them down every chimney you see. Wreck their roof if you have to. In fact, just shoot a hole in the roof. I don't even know where the chimneys lead. The fireplace, that's right. He passed the unusually light sack to Gilgamesh and sat down on Gil's sofa thing. Oh, and I also need you to beat up Iskandar until he gives you his chariot... It's the closest thing to a sled I can think of... @Birdsie
  20. Sounds good to me. Alrighty. That puts Fae, between 600-700 thousand.
  21. "Very. Like they pretty much wouldn't care if I never came back." Rosee looked at Hoya and laughed nervously. It had been a while since she really talked to him, pretty much since a few weeks ago when everything with Jung went down. "That sounds good!" Being with Hoya put the conversation with Jung's mother out of her mind, at least for now. They had been so estranged for a year and now? Well, Rosee was just happy she finally had her friend back and that they were on good terms. At the tea shop she sat down and ordered quickly, looking over the place as Hoya started to speak. Dilemma? Rosee looked over at him with a raised brow, her lips in a slight frown. She was just about to ask for more when he suddenly spoke. "Wh-what?" Rosee couldn't believe what she was hearing. Hoya and Choi? Why? That was just so stupid. And he needed a favor from Yuri? If that would help Hoya and Choi out of whatever this stupid thing was, then Rosee would help. "Of course I will. Shit I will text her now." Rosee reached into her pocket and sent a quick text to Yuri; Please please please. Choi and Hoya need your help with something super crazy and super important. Will you meet us for dinner tonight? Some other people might be there but I'm not sure. Rosee was sure. But no need to even chance Yuri saying no. She felt bad for baiting her friend but Rosee was pretty sure that once Yuri was able to hear the whole story, she would do it anyways. "There. Figure out details with Lee. I'm sure that Yuri will say yes..I said it had to do with Choi so she'll want to help." She gave Hoya a small smile and went to reach over and grab his hand just as someone came up to their table. It was someone with a camera in their hand, looking down at her with a giant smile. "You're Rosee right? You're the one that was on the news for the american musical? Can I get a photo.." Rosee couldn't help but beam as she jumped up and took a quick picture with the girl. It was so strange that people were already leaning about this project. She had just found out herself a few days ago... Rosee sat back down and looked at Hoya, "I'm moving to the US. I got a spot in a musical tour... Legally Blonde. I have to lighten my hair..." She chuckled a little and ran a hand over her red locks. "Oh also, do you know where Jung ran to when you fired him? His mom called me earlier..."
  22. Arathorn is standing, watching the proceedings, he sees the train of elf accidents in the middle of the room, and isn't completely sure they were accidental. Meanwhile, an orange haired person approaches Arathon, and stands by the wall near him. The person is dressed more like a high placed villager than a court goer, maybe this will finally be someone that I can have a decent conversation with ? Arathorn turns to the orange haired person and introduces himself: "Hi, I'm Arathorn, Please to meet you. How are you doing today ?'
  23. Ferris wanted to break down and cry. He was always the first to try to cheer people up, no matter how upset he was. So when Emorie tried to cheer him up and tell him his parents he felt his eyes water. Their parents were old and dumb! Okay not really, but they were some of the old world faes. The strong ones, the ones that used to belong to light and dark. The new fae? They melded into society. Got along with humans. The old society never did that. Maybe that's why the angels had it out for them? They were in the way of progress. But if they really thought about it, they were the ones that disbanded the old world faes! This stress was getting to Ferris. When they brought up cards he let out a loud sigh. "Honestly? I'm exhausted. I think I'm ready to call it a night." His blue eyes looked up at Aris as she slipped on her shoes and went on her short rant. "Aris, my mom said-" SLAM. Freeze. Wind. What just happened? He jumped to his feet and tried the door after Jade. The door handle wouldn't even budge. He didn't want to bust down the door or break a window in this weather either, it would freeze everyone! "We're going to have to wait for the ice to melt. She really doesn't want us going after her..." Did he blame her? No. But how did she plan to bust out her mom? She was just an ice demon... Speed and strength weren't on her side. She could make blizzards, make wind, make ice weapons, but how could she fight an angel? They could fly, they were fast, strong, and they were typically very tall! Aris barely reached five foot...
  24. So whenever I say potential, just think magic. When I say these relics harness the potential of the wind, that means they harness the magic in the wind. The Upwind is magic. There is no limit to a Master Relic's functionality, just as long as you don't suddenly have god like powers because of it. My character from a while ago had a snowglobe that when shaken caused a storm that I could control with the snow globe. There was also a character that had a pen, that after creating a complete map of something, could rearrange the physical things that the map had mapped out. Granted the character who had that pen was also super week and had OCD, so having that power came at a cost, but you get the idea. I must not have been as clear on this. I'm not using the system for this RP, just the roleplaying stuff and setting. And even though the "setting" is technically being borrowed, I've made up all the junk for the kingdoms, the storyline, a lot of the monsters, most of the lore and great deal of other things. Trust me, I'm not limiting myself on this and I'll do my best not limit you.
  25. Deadline's been and gone, lets start. I'll post an intro post later and then we can start. The Champion of Kymir is still free if anyone wants it.
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