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  2. Van had a rough fall at the entrance of the school, but once he stood back on his feet, he took in the sights around him. A blood red sea, a misty looking forest with tree's as tall as the clouds and the giant looking school. When he looked down a light was emitting from a diamond shaped crystal embedded into his hand. It explained how this would be a second chance in life and that we had to survive until graduation day, even though he was past school. What interested him the most was the whole 'powers' aspect. He wondered which one he had been given. Enough about that though. Why did he have to go back to school? He was twenty seven years old, so he had already graduated. Van walked through the gates of the school and into the main yard, which contained a fountain spraying out the same red sea water. The statue was gray and in the shape of a tall man, with no face. And I know what you're thinking, but no it wasn't slender man. Van believed it was the principle of the school, because of the statue having no face, being all mysterious like. He admired it for a bit, before he moved on to the door entrance of the school. Before he even reached the entrance, a bat looking monster that was three times the size of a normal one flew out at him, trying to grasp him with it's hawk-like feet. Quickly, he drew his sword and blocked the attempted attack with it, before spinning it around, using the sharp end to slice across one of it's wings. It fell with a thud, causing the ground to shake ever-so-lightly. "Not so tough now, are ya?" He'd say, spitting to the side of him while he approached the beast cautiously. (( @Anyone ))
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    Reaper/ Soldier 76 (Overwatch) D.Va/ Hanzo (Overwatch) Reaper/ Mcree (Overwatch) Reaper/Sombra (Overwatch) Tracer/ Widowmaker (Overwatch) Zarya/ Katya Volskya (Overwatch) Mei/ (Overwatch) Mei/ Zarya (Overwatch) Mei/ Mcree (Overwatch) Reinhardt/ Torbjorn (Overwatch) Raime/ Velstadt (Dark Souls 2)
  4. Name: Daniel/ Dan the battle med Age:15 Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Race: Human Appearance: Default hight, black hair, green eyes, scar over his lip, Average build. Personality: Light hearted, dedicated and open Likes: Helping others, video games, being a battle medic Dislikes: Staying in the back, chewawas, being left out Class: Healer Stats: 30 points split between Strength:5 Intellect:7 Agility:6 Spirit:7 Constitution:5
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  6. @Pastel47 Accepted! Welcome aboard. Please move your character sheet to the character sheets thread.
  7. @Psykofreac Yes! Murder mysteries are the best, my guy. Nope! The only thing really is that they're part of the FBI. My own character might be part of the Cape May police, but that's only because FBI usually cooperate with the police (and I already know the mystery, so I can't really go solving anything lol)
  8. The partnership fostered by Tony and Frank quickly dissolved into a burning rivalry. Especially with Tony delivering a low blow by using Natalie's story against Frank. A trust betrayed. Far enough that it went to the degree of Frank quitting the LAPD. Unbelievable, Tony's outburst went this far. And amidst the chaos, he was proud of it all. People's true colors were revealed. At least everyone in the room would think twice before trusting Thalia again. Then again, they'd think twice before trusting him either. James sure as hell didn't, tearing his firearm apart right in front of his eyes. He was going to be kept on a much tighter leash now. What role would he have in all of this? Just a getaway driver if anything? And who's to say James won't kill him later for his own infidelity? Frank defending Thalia the way he did... it meant a lot to the girl. Sure, Karin being on her side meant the world to her, having a friend like that. Like she mentioned before, Karin felt like that big sister that got on with her so well. The kinds who tell each other their secrets and such, but in the form of a best friend. But Frank was a cop, and he was defending a liar, a thief, before his own partner now. Even after all of the exposure and negative comments thrown at her, Frank still sat by her side. The fact he believed that she felt guilty about this entire mess was enough to make her feel a bit better about herself. Once Frank took a seat next to Thalia, the girl immediately noticed the stress in this man getting the better of him. He was in pain in more ways than one. The redhead didn't know the full story about this girl named Natalie who apparently died at the age of four, but she could understand the fragile nature of children, only because of how vulnerable she was when Ra's found her that cold day in Philly eight years ago. She reached out with her left hand and patted Frank's shoulder in a sign of comfort. Her palm felt cold because of touching the ice pack, but the warmth of her gesture was definitely there. Thalia was worried about Frank, especially now. This went beyond her desire for him from a romantic standpoint; no, she wanted to be his shoulder to cry on. Her hand reached over behind his back, looking at him in shock at what Tony had done. At this rate, he's hurting more people than he's helping, and losing sight of the bigger picture. Before she could continue talking, she leaned over to Frank's ear and whispered, "I'm sorry." Sorry for what? Getting him into all of this? Is any of this your fault? Was it? Thalia didn't even know, but she knew they couldn't keep this up. She felt bad for what Frank had to go through. Maybe he'd open up to her later. She'd find a way to find him, no doubt. "Tony," she began, facing Frank's partner, "James is right. You took our entire plan and made things personal in order to separate us all. And the more time we waste making enemies out of each other, that's less time Melissa has to live. And they just might start sending pieces in the mail. Believe me when I say, the things that Al-Asheera will do to her, just because she means something to you? You don't want to begin imagining. So, how about we make good to our peace. Stop targeting each other for good now. Work as a team so you won't have to see me ever again." "I won't be satisfied until Richard's assailant sees justice." "You don't know it was me. I don't know if it really was me. I told you, I panicked and rapid-fired behind me. The last thing I wanted was to hurt anyone. The deal back at the motel was evacuate and reclaim. We didn't count on police to show up and ruin the fun. So we retreated. But you cops were shooting at us, so we laid out cover fire. It was our best bet at getting out alive. Again, no cops died. There were injuries, but if we didn't injure a few cops, you would've had a bunch of dead bodies on your hands, and a mouthful from your superiors." "Dead crooks are meaningless. Injured cops are a sin to us in the department." "Not all of Al-Asheera are cold-blooded, Tony. There are people in there who were stupid kids like me who had nowhere else to go. That wanted to stand for something. And I think our best bet at separating the good from the evil is to get rid of the core: The Ten and Ra's. Al-Asheera will disband, and the remaining recruits and thieves will go their separate ways. Then and only then, you'll know how much of them are like me, and how much are like Ra's. Give them a fair shot. Deal?" "I just want Melissa back. I don't care about you and your petty thief friends." "Only fair. But after we find her and get rid of Ra's... I never want to see you again, Tony. You don't come near me or Karin ever again. You move on with your shit life, and I'll move on with mine. Okay?" That's the closest Thalia and Tony would ever come to a truce at this rate. "Mark my words, Griffin. Even if you are exonerated, once we go our separate ways, I'll look for a loophole to lock you up." She ignored the threat, as it felt too empty to be true. Nobody would let him do that. Rolling her eyes, she looked back to Frank, her hand rubbing his back gently in a form of comfort. With that headache out of the way, Thalia turned over to James. Finally, to get back on topic. "If... we're going to keep this going further, I have a suggestion for the third location we can lure Ra's into, in case our two secluded locations don't appeal to him. It's a bit more public, but we can get our privacy and keep the operation relatively quiet. I'm sure the last thing anyone in this room wants is bullets flying or anyone dying... well, for the most part." Thalia didn't trust Tony to watch her back. The second she looks away from Tony, she could bet that he would put a bullet in her back or suffocate her. Trust was almost non-existent between the two. Thalia had no ill intent towards him, on the contrary, she felt for him in his current dilemma with Melissa. And when James threatened about delivering her head to him in a box to his doorstep, it reminded Thalia of the haunting head of her lover that was placed on her dresser for a whole week, so that every day she woke up, she'd see the bloodied and beaten head as a souvenir of her affair. She wouldn't wish that upon anyone, not even the man who beat her to the ground the way he did. Her words and desire to move forward were a sign of goodwill. Not like Tony would appreciate it. But if this Melissa were to suffer the same fate as Vanessa, she'd never forgive herself. No matter who this woman loves, she's still innocent, and dragged into all of this against her will. "This is a deal Ra's can't refuse. It's a chalet in Pasadena, which I probably told Frank and Tony about the other day. It's Al-Asheera property, sure, but it's uninhabited almost all the time, meaning we can set it up and rig it to our desires ahead of time before any of their goons even show up. Odds are, Melissa won't be there, and Ra's sure as hell won't bring her along. But again, it's his own location. He'll trust coming there and he'd believe it if I said I'll be there without backup. He might... well, try to get me undressed and in bed, but I think I can brave the storm. But it won't be all under the sheets. I will make him accept the terms of our agreement, give him proof of the money transfer, put him on call with James, and convince him to keep me alive. That MIGHT end in the scenario in which he wants to screw me, but again, I'll deal with that when and if that time comes..." Sex with Ra's was becoming less and less appealing by the day. Why would she even find him attractive, especially at the age of 14? There was nothing to love about him. Then again, Thalia's paragon for attraction was nothing stable. She's slept with more people than she can count. Who is she to judge? "Ra's will be off his guard for the most part, but it wouldn't kill to be careful. We can set up a sniper to see everything from the balcony off of an adjacent building. We can set up a camera and mic inside so you can have eyes and ears. Plus, escape will be incredibly easy for either of us, out the front door or off the balcony ledge. The place is off the third floor. I've done a bit of parkour, so I can land the jump in a worst case scenario. Ra's, at his age, physique, and health, probably can't without going splat, so his only course of action if he gets jumpy is either suicide, which is unlikely, or out the front door. Most importantly, Ra's wouldn't compromise an outburst to lose his last-ditch effort safehouse. Ergo, he is more likely to come unarmed and with minimal backup, without a tendency to start a shootout. It's optimal, believe me." 'Believe me' my ass, T. Nobody's going to believe you after what Tony just pulled. Maybe there was some truth to her thoughts. Who the hell would believe Thalia after all of this? "Keep in mind that wherever we agree to rendezvous, we are not going in to kill Ra's, and I've explained why, and the difference between assassination and arrest. We're only trying to keep him happy with me while Frank and Tony deal with The Ten so he has no successors. I mean it. Nobody shoots Ra's unless I say so, even if the situation looks bad. I'm a big girl, and I can handle myself if the going gets tough. Everyone got it?" Tony grumbled under his breath, a sort of approval. He didn't care anyway. Not like he'd be a part of any of the action. He'd be lucky to hold a gun at this rate.
  9. LAWRENCE THEODORE ASHCROFT Facing the woman who began to wake, he wrapped his palm around her outstretched one to give a comforting squeeze; offering a smile. “Lawrence. But you should get some rest, my dear Miss Collins. The clinic is a fine place to regain your strength till you get back on your feet again.” Releasing his hand, due to the odd manner of holding Nicholas in one arm, he approached the nearest bed to put the boy down. That was until the vampire opened his eyes sluggishly and proceeded to scowl. “Sleeping beauty is awake then,” Law remarked with a heavy hint of sarcasm, putting him on the edge of the bed to sit - holding his shoulder a few moments to ensure the lad's balance. Nonetheless, he wouldn’t forget his half-conscious murmurs, the ones that called out to his memories, disturbed and weak. Ashcroft often forgot what it was like to be young. And this appeared all too much a doomed youth for someone Nick's age. "Might want to get your head checked, could've hit something on the way down." With that said and done, he gave another reassuring tilt of his lips toward Molly, till leaving the room for the nurse to do her work. Blue and Yara nowhere to be found, Lawrence rolled up his sleeves, lacking now a jacket. He rubbed at his forearms a moment, till moving off in the direction of the main building. Like any vampire exceeding over the age of two-hundred, with various groups tagging after him, the scarred indents of crosses would appear every so often. Faint, but silvery and recognisable from a close distance. The silver crucifix was something he despised nowadays. Once upon a time, he'd been a Christian himself, like many where back in the days of Londons Empire. He'd prayed, and his sins had been forgiven - had they not? However, all God had done, was deserted him in those moments where faith was nothing. Seeming tired from the events which had so recently transpired, Law exhaled heavily. Covered with flecks of blood here and there, unbothered he began his approach toward the dining room. Pushing open the door and avoiding looks, he noticed which would be his seat from the simple pint-glass of blood. Flavoured with cinnamon. It's brown, spice dusting evident. Although it had cooled to a syrupy texture, Law collapsed into his chair and began to consume it like a starved man. Eyes of pure, baby blue, became a hellish hue resembling the drink he supped from. Uncaring about his crumpled clothes, for he was sure if anything, he had a better excuse than most. @Ain't Nobody Like Me~ @spookie spook @Aur0ra @Windmill (And anyone currently at dinner :))
  10. Nancy understood enough. She'd had to learn to understand Robin, and she was learning to understand Vincent, but it had to be said that she shouldn't have to feel like she had to stay when she was so scared of the things he could do. Nancy was afraid, she was ashamed, she was embarrassed, but she wouldn't move across the country to Maine if she didn't value or at least want to try and save the relationship. Things just took time. And if Vincent wasn't going to understand, or try, like she was, that she had her own fears and problems because of him, then they'd never be able to work on anything. She just rubbed her temples as she waited for Vincent to calm down and get in, blocking out the boys in the back. Robin was sat, just staring out of the window, but when he felt the hand on his knee he turned and looked at his brother, but said nothing, not that he had chance before Nick spoke up. "Just leave it, please." He requested, raising one hand in defence, and he turned and looked out of the window again. It was safe to say someone like him could see some relatively terrifying or interesting things in the forest. He kept quiet, but on the way there he'd seen... Some not so great things. It was sad to think about. He could probably never be stable enough to learn to drive. He'd see something like a crash, and stop and cause one, or it would be a real crash but he'd carry on. He'd seen them hit someone on the way here, but he could only know they hadn't because no one else reacted. What if he really did hit someone one day, but didn't stop because he didn't think it was real? He didn't want to be a risk to everyone else's health. When Vincent got back in the car, it was silent, and Nancy didn't say anything as she began to drive again, her eyes on the road, driving the limit. She was particularly great at zoning out. She shouldn't have let Vincent drive in the first place. She thought maybe it would be better for him if he had something to focus on, but she knew now clearly that he didn't have enough patience to fucking focus on anything. She sighed. Boys would be boys and they would fight, especially when in close quarters like this, she knew that. Vincent didn't have enough patience to do any of this shit anymore. Robin turned and looked to the front, finally speaking. "How many bedrooms are there?"
  11. c a l i The lifeguard chair was like a throne, a place for Cali to sit and observe the guests who were beginning to flock to the beach. A smile passed her lips at the thought-- she wasn't really considering herself to be 'above' anyone, just a little joke that she sometimes mused on. With a sigh she leans back against the warm wood and reached up to tighten the strings of her white bikini. Perhaps it was a little skimpy, but if she was going to spend the day sat in the sun, why not aim to get a tan? She rarely had to race into the waves to save anyone, and while obviously that was a good thing, it did mean that she did a lot of sitting around. On the bright side, a small group of new guests had arrived the day before and it wasn't more than likely that they'd visit the beach very soon. Cali gave her ice lolly a slow, deliberate lick as she squinted a bit and gazed out across the calm ocean. It was still fairly early, only a couple of people splashed about in the waves, another couple lounged on the pale sand, a few more were headed towards the bar. A peaceful morning, but certainly a dull one.
  12. Sebastian was on the edge of his seat for the rest of the meeting. The longer he listened, the more he realized how important this was. While they seemed to be going for stealth over brute force, a lot of the mutants they were rescuing would give them the advantage once they were back to full strength. Seb practically jumped out of his chair when Rogue confirmed that he was on the team. He stood awkwardly for a moment, but then they were all leaving to get suited up. He was already wearing his jacket, so for the most part he just paced around his room until it was time to head to the plane. Despite the hour of pacing that he had just done, Sebastian was so hyped up to fly that he was unable to hold still. He sat and buckled himself in, fingers drumming on his leg. He looked up from the floor when Rogue asked how they would be getting in. It seemed like a lot could go wrong- Monolith agents might see the plane landing, the truck might not be there, or they could get stuck at the city limits -but he tried to trust that James and Rogue had already planned for anything like that happening. He frowned slightly at Rogue's conversation prompt, at a loss for what to say. He had only ever fought in real combat by himself, so that was a bit concerning. At the same time, he wasn't sure how a little bonding time and a description of his powers was going to help. "Well, um, I absorb pain and channel it." He said quietly, positive that the typical weird looks at him would start now. @FarFlungDreamer @PrincessCrystal @Jefferson
  13. Name: Camille and Bathilda Air Age: 20 Height: 5"6' Weight: 200lbs and 140lbs Appearance: Camille Bathilda They are identical twins, only difference is that Camille has more weight, because her muscles (from being blacksmith) and that Bathilda has cut her hair. Personality: [How your character behaves] Skills: [What your character can do, aside from powers.] Powers: [2 powers maximum. Nothing too much.] Equipment: [Maximum of 5] Backstory: [Optional.] Extra:
  14. Put me down for European Branch, string player!
  15. Your secret attack monsters have nothing on mine he will defend me to the death!
  16. Yara Rockwell They were finally there, and the only thing on Blue's mind was that she can't come into the guys' restroom. Yara chuckled softly: ''yeah yeah Blue, manners are more important than death'' She pushed the door open and got in. Blue looked like he was about to pass out any minute, so Yara decided against getting out of the rest room. She waited outside of the shower rooms, in the far end, listening to Blue ask her not to touch his satchel. ''What is that anyways?'' Yara asked as she slid down the wall, legs folded underneeth her resting her elbows on her knees. The sound of the water soothed her and she closed her eyes waiting for him to finish. ''any time kid'' she shook her head when Blue thanked her for not letting him die, in all due honesty , it is considered the first, no, the second good thing she ever did. Yara slightly frowned when he mentioned the loch: ''Choice mermaids?'' she repeated inquisitively, touching the wound unconciously. She finally agreed to the idea ''yup. shower then food'' saying rather inthusiastically as she stood up, and stepped into one of the closed showers. The water on her body felt good, though she didn't linger. Finishing rather faster than Blue, Yara stoppe the water, fixed her simple green sun dress on, then stepped out of the shower. She now walked to one of the sinks and managed to braid her long brown damp hair into two thick back braids, leaving the wound area open to heal. Walking to the door she stood there and leaned her head against it, holding her hands close to her chest as she waited for Blue to get ready @Windmill
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  19. Phoenix sweatdrops beating down some inmates and she sweatdrops "Try to keep them alive will you?" she asks knocking a few more out, she really wanted to focus on finding the source of the breakout, but she figured that'd be hard with all the people that escaped "We'll have to try to find who broke them out first and find that person first" she says running towards one of the larger groups.
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    This is what happens when I try to get screenshots in my games.
  21. And everyone, that's what happens when a Delta-5 breaches a Route Wall. Anyway, this is my last post for today. Gonna sleep now.
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  23. Pallet Town, Route 2, Section A1, 1529 N.B, June 13th, 0445 PM Route Walls were designed to be unshakable constructs, a testament of mankind's ingenuity and brilliance against the forces of wild mon that could have threatened to assault them everyday. The problem that the current generation of Kanto believed is that the Route Walls were virtually unbreakable. This is a misfounded belief. Tim was mulling on this fact as he stood at the ready with the rest of his officers, supporting the local militia men, the Rangers and the Hades Division Personnel that was stationed at the section. Professor Oak was at a meeting with other League Officials in Celadon. No Pidgeot was going to get him fast enough nor was there a psionically adept Alakazam capable enough of teleportation individuals over hundreds of kilometers. It was all so sudden. The Route Wall shook and crumbled as whatever fucking horrid abomination outside took its sweet time trying to pry into the tuna can that was Pallet Town. Ten tons of boulders that were hastily put together with hasty construction of guard posts and towers on top of them were not meant to last. They were meant to be repaired quick and fast in case of a breach. It was all about practacility you see. No man-made structure was ever going to last against a Steelix that could burrow through titanium alloy, a Garchomp that could bury through ten feet of rock, any Ghost Type or any Delta-5 for that manner. Sure, you could have done what Celadon did and make a 1 km section of Route Wall that was composed out of experimental Cinnabarean Carbon-Infused Rebar Reinforced Concrete Walls with a protective electromagnetic forcefield. Virtually invincible but it costed in the range of about 1 billion Idols. You could generate enough walls to cover the entirety of Kanto twice over with that much money. Politicians. Pah. Turning cash into virtually worthless projects. " SHIT. IT'S ABOUT TO BREAK THROUGH! EVERYONE GET YOUR MON READY!" About 25 of the group composed out of Policeman, Rangers and Hades Division brought out enough mon-firepower to reduce a small town to cinders. In a burst of poke-power, Flechette, his personal Nidoking that he had brought for the job. Other similar pokemon in the power-parity, some higher, some lower, several Growlithes, a Pidgeotto, a Charmelon, Wartortles, Ferligatrs, Butterfrees. The first thought that went through Tim's mind was... " Oh shit, we're all going to die." Then, without any celebration or any sort of warning, the Route Wall broke in a explosion of rock shrapnel and wooden splinters that doused over them. Luckily, a wispy-haired Kadabra that was nearby raised its hands and created a psionic barrier that shielded them from the aftereffects, preventing anyone of dying from a cut cartoid artery or a peforated vein. The defenders huffed in relief before a blue, large behemoth came out of the dust, going faster than it's fat, chubby body and proportion had any right too giving out a heavy roar before wreaking havoc onto the defenders. Tim could barely see what was going on as they were defeated one by one, shocked and frightened beyond belief. The Growlithes to the left of him fired off gouts of flame against the creature's flame-retardent belly before they were scooped up like tic-tacs and dropped into its giant maw. The Kadabra was crushed underneath its foot, reducing to a bloody splat on the ground. Rangers and policemen alike were sent flying with a mere shift of its bulk, ribs already broken from the sheer force of impact. Then, Flechette made the move and stabbed his load of necrotic venomous secretion into the Pokemon in front of him. The venom that was secreted by all Nidos could burn out a person's veins and arteries within seconds and reduce their flesh to nothing. It did shit to whatever was in front of him as the large, beasty mon grabbed Flechette by the head, lifting it up slowly as his Nidoking tried to wriggle out of there. It then grabbed on the tail and began to...fucking chew on it like it was corn of the cob, its intestines and guts flopping out on the ground below. It haphazardly discarded its meal before it went towards Tim. Tim took out his M1911 pistol and began firing wildly into the Pokemon's eyes hoping to incapacitate it. It only angered it as he managed to blind it in one of the eyes, causing the large pokemon to headbutt him into a nearby tree. He could feel a rib crack. It roared and began to stomp, nearer, nearer, nearer and then.........Wait. Why wasn't it coming anymore? He opened his eyes and then, what greeted him was without a doubt one of the most surreal sights in the world. A man dressed in a dark BDU that was pissing over the corpse of the dead pokemon who was on fire with a Gyarados laying on top of the dead mon while a Magnezone floated by his head. A zip was then heard before he saw the Black Beret. No way. An actual, god to honest, Blackhat. The Blackhat Ranger finished his business before looking at Tim and then, going over to him slowly, sticking a cigar in his mouth. He was young, awfully young for a Blackhat with red hair and striking grey eyes that Tim would remember forever. The Ranger stopped before him, smoking for a while, before taking out a cigar and offering it towards Tim. " I think we could all...use a smoke now. Don't we, Sergeant Tim?" Tim then was a bit confused at how the man knew his name before looking down at his badge, emblazoned with the exact name the man had uttered out. He didn't say anything, simply taking the cigarette and saying a brief 'thank you' before sticking it in his mouth. He looked around at the confused and dazed survivors. More than half had made it through a Snorlax attack. That was a godsend, considering the stakes in this harsh and brutal enviroment. He then looked at the young Blackhat who was currently sitting beside him. The man puffed out a smoke ring before looking uneasily at him, the older gentlemen. " Sorry 'bout not arriving sooner. I was going back to Celadon when Sisyphus smoked out a Snorlax coming to this sector. I made my way down just in time. There was a Blackhat Handle given out 25 minutes ago but that would have been too late." The Blackhat Ranger, in a moment of weakness, took off his beret and wiped his eyes before staring listlessly at the dead bodies that laid around him. " I wish I could have done more." Tim paused before patting the Blackhat's back comfortingly. He then took a smoke. Damn. Sweet Unovan Petill. Didn't see this anywhere. " Well, son, you did what you could have. We're only human after all, umm...." The Blackhat Ranger looked amusingly before speaking out his name. " It's Robert, sir. Now, how's about a trip to the bar? Know any good places in town?" Tim looked at the Ranger as if he was kidding before slapping his hands together and chuckling. " Well, first, let's just clean up that dead Snorlax body before it attracts the Murkrows, shall we...?" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Magneton. Huh. A Shiny. The only Magneton thingy that he'd remembered over the years was Robert's Magnezone. Tim looked at the man who had entered, looking at him warily for a second. Huh. He wasn't from town. And he didn't see him in the tournament. But, he didn't look like a troublemaker. And besides, assuming made a ass out of you and me. He ignored the new patron who had entered the bar before. Tim then turned his attention back to Cora and rolls his eyes at her overconfident claims. The introduction for Margot went in and out of his ear faster than a Munchlax could eat through a 4 star Fuschian Cuisine Buffet. All the neccessary details were siphoned and sorted out of the stream of information that Cora uttered from that beer-infused mouth of hers. Margot Benedict...Friend of Cora....Writer....Likely to get restraining report..... He then stuck his hand out towards Margot to shake hers, eager to meet a new face. Any friend of Cora's was a friend of his. " Pleased to meet you, Margot. Name's Tim. Just don't cause any trouble in this town of mine and I think we'll get along just fine." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Indigo Regional Government Para-Kingdom Encyclopedia: (-143-) Snorlax Basic Characteristics: Normal-Type, Second-Form Evolution of munchlax, Warm blooded mammalian Pokemon with blue fur colouration with cream-coloured fur on its undersides and face. Spherical body shape with enclosed eyes and large ears. Possesses the largest reserves of stimpulids within the Para-Kingdom Registry so far. Avg height: 4.5 m, World Record Height: 20.9 m, avg weight: 650 kg, world record weight: 1523 kg. Description: A rarely-seen mon that lives out in the deepest reaches of the Dark Continents and is typically found in mountaineous, tundra-like climate regions, Snorlaxes are some of the most successful apex predators within the Para-Kingdom. Snorlaxes are known in the civilian sector for their ability to have a almost omnivorous diet, able to eat any organic or inorganic substance, thanks to its redundant and powerful gastric acids along with its jaws, and their ability to have a unquenchable diet. Snorlax behaviour has been boiled down by scientists by two types of activities: eating which typically lasts for 13 hours until a Snorlax is full or has reached its full limit and sleeping in which a Snorlax rests and hibernates for a short period of time to digest its food. No Snorlax is able to be captured or domesticated successfully due to their hideous constitution, strong enough to be immune to most conventional weaponry, their physical bulk which can only be matched by certain species within the Para-Kingdom, their regenerative comas in which they are able to heal all damage done to them and their ability to have a lack of complete utter fears. Chimera Industries has a viable domesticated Snorlax product, although, it has a 75% failure rate with only 5 products being league-registered snorlaxes. Nickname: The Sleeping-Pokemon, The Fat-Body Pokemon, mountain giants, azure behemoths. "...........You gotta wonder, with all that appetite and that fearsome brutal behaviour, how the hell do these guys survive to propagate their offspring in the first place. It's a fucking wonder their species hasn't gone extinct yet. It goes like this. First, the Snorlax mother releases pheremones that spread to the air until they reach a male Snorlax. These pheremones stop the fat fuck from eating everything in sight to fucking the female until it goes into a coma. That female then eats the male before it goes into a coma as well. During this coma, pregnancy occurs and a Munchlax, maybe two, rarely three, are born. These Munchlaxes have to get away from the female fast because if it's still there when Mommy Snorlax wakes up. Then, Mommy Snorlax eats that baby for a snack. Snorlaxes, man. Snorlaxes....."
  24. we don't ever talk so i'm here to just say hello and see how ur doing 


  25. Goth strolled right through the entrance to the building, taking shelter from the clouds that projected the rain down upon the city. He wiped his boots on the carpet that coldly welcomed him inside. He ingnored the other policemen and women that took up position inside. He even ignored the fact that he was soaked. Goth madeway to the basement. Hopefully he wasn't late. First impressions are quite important nowadays. He made sure to check in with the receptionist of the building before heading down. He began to descend after each step he took. The air down there felt a little heavy and musky. After reaching what seemed like a floor, he noticed several other people within the room. People he didn't know. He casually strode towards the area designated as his. He didn't exactly want to strike up a conversation right now. He sat down in the chair placed before the cheap 'desk'. Not exactly comfy, but it could be far worse.
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