Royals VS Rebels

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    Brief descriptions of known locations in the kingdom of Aria. 





    Tykanos is the hub of the poorer areas in Aria. It's people are generally rugged, stubborn people toughened by hardships. The most populous of the poorer places, it's easily identified by these characteristics.


    Land: Swampy, shaded, pretty hidden. Abundance of small rivers and ponds, creating fertile land for growing and a good habitat for livestock. 


    Popular jobs: farmer, butcher, hunter


    Housing: most people live in huts... made out of whatever they can find. 


    Extra: The people from Tykanos usually keep to themselves, but they have the strongest opinions about the royal kingdom - mostly negative. A local in the area was responsible for the death of Princess Aaliyah.








    Woodhaerst is known for friendly, outgoing people... however, like most of the poorer regions, they strongly dislike the royal family and have a bad attitude towards richer people. They care for their own. Woodhaerst is known for:


    Land: more developed - more roads and fancier construction. Woodhaerst is the richest of the poorest places.  They have grassy plains and are known for having a giant river that goes through the whole land. It is more out in the open, but also has a stronger defense than other places. 


    Popular jobs: cook, farmer, builder, trader


    Housing: most peopke live in strong, well built houses. They may not be as fancy as the kingdom's capital, Lunaris's, but they do the job.


    Extra: has the best medical care out of everyone except Lunaris.








    Poor Myralli is the indeed, the poorest. People are bitter and unwelcoming here. They even treat their own rudely and with disdain. You can find a little more welcoming people near the center of Myralli, but even they can come across as cold. The people have very little and can give very little... but because Myralli is small and hard to spot, it makes an excellent hiding place.


    Land: mostly overgrown, dense forest... full of cliffs and high elevation. You can find houses just about anywhere... it isn't very organized. 


    Popular jobs: miner, lumberjack


    Housing: large, creaky, run down houses built centuries ago when the royals actually cared. New construction is rare here.


    Extra: the land is extremely difficult to navigate... you better have a guide.








    Astrakane is home to the more upper-class citizens. You find people from here everywhere. They are natural adventurers and often vary in appearance, demeanor, and opinion. Astrakane is mostly loyal to the kingdom and royal family, but there are small villages of rebels.


    Land: woodsy... pretty flat. Lots of forest and plains. Well rounded.


    Popular jobs: lumberjack, carpenter, baker, cook, messenger, builder


    Housing: the houses may appear outdated, but they are very updated, strong, beautiful, and usually multiple stories. Astrakane has just about as many conveniences as Lunaris does.


    Extra: Astrakane has many, many guards from Lunaris. Getting away with crime or any type of plotting is difficult. That's why there is such a small population of rebels here.








    Lunaris is the home of the royal family - the capital of Aria. It is densely populated, full of rich nobles, and the people here? Snobs. Most of them, but not all of them. They are very loyal to their king and will do anything to protect him and themselves. 


    Land: Mix of mountains and plains. Hard to see anything else since there's so many buildings.


    Popular jobs: anything you can imagine.


    Housing: near perfect constructions, multiple story buildings and castle like structures... the palace is, of course, in the center of everything.


    Extra: people here can be trigger happy if they feel threatened. Oh... did I mention Lunaris is nearly impenetrable? You can't go anywhere without seeing a guard.



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