Pic.ture Per.fect Mem.ories

  1. Arlington Academy

    Welcome back Seniors! Hopefully you had a delightful summer break. Please head over to the OOC to introduce your lovely faces. Then head over to the IC to join in the drama. Best of luck to you all this year. Hopefully you'll reunite with some old friends and maybe you'll even find love. -Pola

  2. Outings & Activities

    Collaborations between individuals and groups can be posted here in between time skips for any outings, activities, dates, important interactions/dialogues/scenes, etc etc. Collaborations do not have to be approved by me, you can start one as you please. Please bear in mind:

    1. Collaborations must be finished before the arc/main event ends.

    2. Collaborations can be any time during the time skips so be sure to let us know when this happened (indicate the date in the beginning of your post).

    3. For each collaboration, create your own thread. There's no limitation on length, it can be short as one post to two post or long as many.

  3. Students' Information

    Please submit all characters here as individual threads. C: Don't forget to establish relationships over the OOC! Please message FirePolaris for plastic surgery (faceclaim edits), or multiple personality (cs sheet edit) changes.