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  1. Aolaris Academy

        Humanity has seen much in its lifetime, war, peace, death and birth. They  had not expected the reformation of Pangaea.  ancient spells casted millennia ago had wasted away, revealing  other native species to this world, species so crudely grouped as 'monsters.'  This unexpected change in the Human's fragile world set uneasy and distrusting feelings down their backs. 'Monsters' moved on to inhabit inhospitable parts of the new world eager to be free from the Purgatory they once were imprisoned , from desert to Tundra, Rain forests to the ocean itself they thrived. The races amongst the 'monsters' formed cities and with that kingdoms flowered into place. Though their architecture strikingly ancient against the modern human world they lived relatively in peace.
             That's what everyone thinks at first. An ancient order rose from its grave, simply named Hunters.  With brute force and deadly technology they quickly engaged in war with the Monsters.  During this Time Monster withdrew into the remnants of Antarctica, hoping this retreat would be enough, but humans, rarely stop at enough. After attempts of magically renewing the waste land into another Eden they still had the annotation of Human, paranoid humans that wouldn't stop until the monster were gone. The Leader of the hunters commanded his generals to lead an attack on this Eden, humanity would have its way. If it were not for the dragons.
            Hunters intent on taking down monsters one at a time chose the great Kingdom City of Dragons. even with their fusions of Magic and machinery they were no match for the strength of the ancient race. The war never stopped, it had only been paused for a few years of Monster peace. Lying to their own kind Hunters gain sympathy from the human world and united them into the Monster War. Monster kind allied with each other looking to the Dragon King Ignel for leadership. The war was long, the loss was many for both sides.
             Humans had the upper hand in the end, using prisoners of war as fodder for experimentation, using the monster's own brothers and sisters against them, using the Dragon king's own sons against him. Two major experiments brought the downfall of their own kind. Humanity had won, in its usual twisted way.
             Monster retreated further into their kingdoms, now facing harsh punishment from humanity. Monsters were second class, no, Sub-beings. Not even thought capable of having a soul.  One of these punishments were called The Battle Royal, were monster experiments battle for the sport of humans, Schools forbidding monsters as students, Monsters are executed for petty crimes such as being seen in daylight. Even magic born Humans were brought into Sub-being when it suited the people. People so bent on eradicating they turn on their own kind for even resembling monsters.
             With the Dragons taking over the city of Aolaris there are whispers. Whispers of monsters among humans, of the Hunter Government using monsters to gain another foothold against any perceived enemy, whispers on a cold wind saying "Rebellion." These whispers start at  a Private School for humans in Aolaris, where Humans aren't the only students studying.


    a false peace... a risk... the memory of a war...


    Do you dare defy the law? Do you dare join this school?

    Stay safe. Stay hidden. Blend in. Don't draw attention.

    Those are the rules we must follow if we monsters are to survive. 

  2. Azae - A World At War

    Welcome to Zeldwa, a beautiful and diverse continent on the planet of Azae, full of political turmoil, rich history, and adventures waiting to be had in every dark tavern and on every breath of the wind. Here you will go head-to-head with fierce mercenaries, walk the castle halls with holy knights, encounter rebellious nobles, and befriend the sexy suave king of dance, Ziek Sidane.


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  3. Across the Ruin [Not Open]

    Roleplay area is here. Please make a character and read the rules before posting in the IC.

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