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    Our lives are filled with more choices than many may realize.  Of course, when we think of choices, we think of situations where there are multiple options before us, such as a life path or a 'This or That' type statement. While these certainly are the larger of decisions we make, we have many more choices that impact our every day life.  As soon as we open our eyes every mornings, our minds are active. We make choices, whether to hit the snooze alarm, whether to turn the alarm off and get up, whether to turn the alarm off and close our eyes for a moment, or even whether we want to go to work.  We choose if we want breakfast every morning, we choose what we wear, we choose every small voluntary movement in our bodies.  What most people are not aware of is that we also can choose our mood.


    Mood seems to most to be an effected state of consciousness.  That is, most people let what is happening in the world externally to decide the mood they are in.  For those of us who do not have chemical issues in our brain that cause anxiety or depression, our mood is also in a state of choice.  Literally, "Deciding" to be happy can cause us to be happy.  Most people equivocate this action as a fake it until you make it type scenario, but don't really understand this impact.


    "Faking hapiness" requires a conscious effort--to appear happy, we need to smile, we need to act as we would on any other day where we were happy.  The process of acting this way has an effect on your own body that literally changes your mood. 


    Does this mean that your external environment has nothing to do with your mood?

    Aboslutely not! your mood is definitely affected by your environment.  But again, there is a choice. Something good happening usually causes us to be happy, something bad happening usually causes us to be sad.  In both situations, we can choose the opposite effect.  In a bad situation, our outlook on the situation.  Groaning that you need to go to work today is often being taken as an action that needs to be done that you do not like to do.  While this is often true, many people living and going to work tend to only think of it that way rather than finding a motivation to continue the work, which eventually leads them to burn out in their profession.  A simple change of perception is all that is needed to change their entire day.  Rather than complaining about going to work, if a person were to think of work as a day to make money, a way to help people (Depending on what it is you do), this can cause you to look forward to the actions you know you must inevitably perform.


    But how can a good situation be taken badly?

    Easy enough. This again has to do with perception.  Take, for example, the act of getting a promotion at work.  The promotion not only boosts your confidence, but has a change that will be coming to get you out of the monotonous routine that you hated.  This same promotion, however, often results in an increase in responsibilities--when taken this way, it can drag you down, even make the dread felt by going into work in the first place increase dramatically. 


    Remember that while life is a series of events that happen to you, it is your choice how they effect you, and it is your choices that have led to these events--why not be happy about the choices we have made? I, for one, am always grateful for my experiences, even the bad ones.

  2. This is an update on a long running series of RPs I'm currently running, loosely based on the world of the Lioness novels and shamelessly imitating the plot of those books. The main players so far remain myself and Sealdust. 




    The King began to address the Pages, noting his gratitude to the noble fathers of Tortall in continuing to send him their boys. 
    "With any luck, in a few years, we will be able to return some of them Knights" the King said, and a chuckle rose from the hall. Nathaniel gave a barely perceptible shiver.


    Louis of Eldorne, raised a boy to protect her family's fortune, has taken the dangerous step of training as a Knight in the King's court. Women are barred from knighthood, and if Louis' secret were discovered the consequences would be dire. 




    Louis cast glances at her father, Lord Tyrion III of Eldorne. He was the epitome of uneasy, and not for the first time, she recalled the heated arguments between her parents which had been the prelude to the conclusion that she had to go. Her father had stood firmly against it, until the same argument that had caused him to buckle years ago brought him back to his senses. What about the girls? If you refuse the king, what will happen to all of us?
    So, feeling only the tiniest bit justified in his second abandonment of her, because it was for her older sisters, Tyrin had begun the long trek to the palace. However, she was not blind to the regretful looks, or the quick determined stare towards the direction of Eldorne - as though he planned to turn around and give up on all of their current progress, king be damned. Louis didn't mean to be harsh, but sometimes it seemed that she had more nerve than her father. Perhaps it was because her father's lessons to be strong (or perhaps just stubborn) had impacted her more because of the necessity to hide who she was. Maybe it was because keeping secrets had strengthened her fortitude.



    Nonetheless, Louis- who covers her secret under a bold, scrappy persona- is already attracting attention, positive and negative, from other pages. She seems unafraid of antagonising bullies, and already has a couple of prospective friends in the confident, easygoing Daniel and his nervy, smart-aleck friend Nathaniel. 




    He turned around at the sound of Louis’ voice. There was something rather eerie about his appearance in the moonlight. There was a certain resemblance to a cat- not just in his pale eyes, which seemed colourless in the grey light, but in his smooth, wide-spaced features. 
    "Do I know you" he said blankly. It was unclear whether he was questioning Louis' sudden appearance or simply echoing him. He seemed to consider it for a moment, his hands still in his pockets. 
    "Isn't it normal to be curious about new arrivals?"

    Louis wasn't sure exactly what to say next, but he seemed to be evading her question entirely. "It's also normal to be curious when you catch someone staring at you," she echoed, using his own logic against him. "If we're going by normal, you were the only one that I hadn't spoken to before that I caught staring at me." 
    The page tucked her hands into her own pockets, mirroring Moreland's stance, her pale glacier blue eyes trained on his movement since there was nothing else to observe. However, so far this conversation seemed friendly, compared to the darker note of violence that she half-thought she could be expecting from her new friends' speculation. "So are you still curious, or is that over now?" Louis inquired. 

    Moreland looked at Louis for a moment. 
    "What have the others been saying about me?"


    More unsettlingly, she has attracted intense and inexplicable scrutiny from the peculiar Jacobin of Moreland; a sinister page who seems determined to find out what she is hiding.




    "You both look exhausted," Louis remarks. Then she pauses, "Were you waiting up for me?" Because she believes she already knows the answer to that question, she flops onto a gap on the couch. "You make good friends," she decides out loud.


    "Excuse me?" Nathaniel raised an eyebrow "that's um, that's- what do you call it" he struggled to speak through a yawn "... Presumptuous."
    Daniel merely grinned and shrugged, a shrug that was half-stretch. He looked pleased. 


    Meanwhile, a new set of young Knights struggle to find their footing among the intrigues of court. 


    All characters belong long to their creators, message or follow me if you're interested in getting involved in this role play. 



  3. Odd.

    The feeling of living seems to always feel this way, especially as I lay upon this cold metal sleight thinking about all that could be. A nurse bustles quietly beside me, her steps echoing in the small room causing my head to buzz as each step vibrates through my newly constructed brain.

                “Sir, I’m going to need you to sit forward for only a moment,” Her voice sounds like silk, but the sharpness of it cuts away any hope at it being the sound of a mother, still after a moment of hesitation I push my body forward allowing her hands to caress the small of my back while a small needle is pressed into my forearm. “That’s all.” She mutters holding my blindfolded head in her delicate hands.

                “Newborn I suppose?” She asked, this was not a question I realized from the tone of her voice, it was expected of me to answer, not asked of.

    “Yes I am.” I reply, giving my head a small shake, indicating for her to take of the small piece of cloth hung around my eyes tightly. She scoffs at the gesture, but still removes the object. Suddenly light bursts into my vision, erupting a grimace from me and a small chuckle from the petite nurse.

                Her name is Alice, or at least that’s what the card upon her chest states. She stands tall and proper a look of disgust festering in her eyes… But curiosity crinkles her lips into a small smile.

    “I believe it’s about time to name you” She says, holding me by my chin, “How about Vex? It seems befitting.” She thinks unto herself, still gently handling me. But this motion no longer feels necessary.

                “Mind letting me go?” I mumble turning my head away from the beautiful nurse.

                “Why of course, sir.” Alice replies, a look of surprise haunting her features, but it only lasts a moment before her façade of importance and need for time returns back to normal. Once again I make a new gesture, this time towards the door way, “Can we go on a walk?” I ask, scooting of the slab in a messy, embarrassing manner. Alice has to help me stand, but I truly don’t mind, I’m already tired of being alive and it’s only been a day. “Of course.” She replies, opening the brown slab of wood supposedly called a door. I chuckle at the name and attempt to keep up with Alice.

  4. Shiri “Haunting Jade” – Supernal Awareness Night Caste


    Character Sheet

    Shiri was a difficult character to pick a Supernal Ability for. Survival seems like a good option, but not available to a Night caste. The concept could fit Zenith, but her methods matched Night caste better. Either way, I ended up not taking any non-Essence 1 charms at character creation.


    Shiri stood before her father’s grave and considered what she was going to do with her life. She opened her hands and scattered wildflower seeds on the freshly dug earth. For as long as she could remember, her father honored her mother this way. And now her father laid next to her mother and Shiri was alone. When she got back to the cabin, she pack supplies on Bay, her father’s… no her horse. The stallion followed solemnly as Shiri lead the horse down the mountain and to the nearest legion outpost. There she took the coin and became a member of her Empress’ legions.


    Shiri designated a scout. She used everything her father taught her about poaching, silence, and the wilderness to guide the Dynasts of her legion though untamed areas of the Blessed Isle. Her record was spotless except for one incident where a Wood Aspect took a liking to Bay. The Dynast offered jade to buy her horse and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Shiri dropped the Dynast before he knew what hit him. Bay was the last of her family and you don’t sell family.


    Her legion was assigned to hunt down some rebellious slaves in the Dragonwrath plains. Shiri searched though the swamps for the rebels. She found them in the base of a large cypress tree. These people reminded her not of hardened criminals, but of the mountain villagers she grew up with – weary, starving, and doing what they could to survive. Shiri went back to her legion and lead them away from those hiding in the cypress forest. And her deception would have succeeded, if her actions hadn’t attracted the attention of the Unconquered Sun.


    Glowing like the sun with the mark of Night on her brow, Shiri whistled for Bay and fled the legions. She saved the rebels only because her former legionnaires had new prey to hunt – Shiri herself. Soon Shiri became known as Haunting Jade. She lived on the edge of civilization, taking what she needed from the villages and slipping away into the night like a ghost. At first, she only had Bay as a companion, but soon she began to attract followers. Desperate men and woman who were willing to throw their lot with a taciturn Anathema in the face of coming war. Haunting Jade raids legion supply trains for what she needs to support her people and considers a future where inhabitants of the Blessed Isle can living without the interference of the Dragonblooded.

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    Of Games and Dreams

    ((Dream notes))

    A New World




    Please keep in mind this is not the short storie. When reading this please read them as they are, notes. As I recall things from my dreams I will just put words on paper to help me recall everything. As I get more stuff written down, I will get started with the short stories. I have a friend who will be doing art with it as well. So if you want to write a short story from your character’s point of view please do! I would love to see your thoughts and words. Just keep in mind you are writing from /your/ thoughts and feelings. Not the character. The character is just a skin, you are the person trapped inside.


    Comic Idea Layout:


    “The first draft of anything is shit.”

    ~Ernest Hemingway





    Oni took a moment, it felt Unlike any game with the Oculus Rift she had felt before. Everything seemed real, felt real. It made her smile, if this was even a fraction what was to come in the next few weeks….she was ready. The girl looked at herself in the mirror, going over the different races and classes that would be offered. Playing around with the character creation beta that had been given to everyone that reserved a copy of the newest MMO RPG to hit the market.


    Maybe an elf mage...or a human fighter. Or maybe a tiefling rogue. The choice was hard to make, more so because everyone would be limited to one character upon game release. Sure more character slots would be unlocked as the game grew older. But the group that was making the game had made it clear that upon release everyone would only have one character. Even more then that, it seemed they wanted to make sure the races and classes would be well rounded opening day. Rumors said there would be a limited number of slots for everything.


    Which made the choice even harder.


    Who knew when they would allow for second character to be made.


    After a while however, after she got a good look at everything, Oni found herself logging out with a sigh. The time in the upper-right hand corner of her view blinked 12:00am. Midnight. Yes, it was time to log off and get some sleep. Work tomorrow after all. Life did not stop because of a video game.


    As she came to reality once more, hands lifted the game set off her face and onto the pillow next to her. With a yawn she rolled over, smiling some to see her husband laying next to her in bed. His OF system still on. There she just seemed to watch for a moment, until he too slowly came back the world of the living. “So?” She asked softly as the set was put to the side.


    “Magus,” He blinked turning to look at her with a smile. “Not sure what race though...the Dragonborn sure looked nice.”

    “How did I know you would say that.” She leaned in some, kissing the blond haired man softly on the lips. The man happy to return the kiss. Slowly they sat up, breaking away for a moment.

    “You know me and dragons.” Those blue eyes of his held the same smirk that was on his lips. “How about you?”

    “It’s hard to say…I want to play them all.” The bright eye woman looked at her husband with another smile, the looked over to the nightstand. The letter that sat upon it.


    “Though, it will be fun either way. I could not have done it without you…all of you.”

    “What do you mean?” Blue eyes followed the eyes of his wife. “Well, it’s your leadership that has lead us this far. I just do the writing.”

    “Still...” Guilds, that was another thing. Only the top five guilds of ten categorizes would be allowed “Guild Contracts” as they called them. It just so happened their little guild had made it into the top ten when it came to Roleplaying Guilds. The other nine being Player vs Environment, Player vs Player, World vs World, Social, PvX, Merchant, Crafting, Adult and Raiding. Odd, but it was how they wanted to do it. Besides, like having more than one character, they claimed more “Guild Contracts” would come with time.


    Big release, they wanted everything to go smoothly. The first week or so allowing everyone to learn how to explore this new world through the Rift instead of a computer screen. Oni let a shiver of excitement run through her, “I can’t wait to be honest.”

    “I know you can’t...” Mike started to laugh, then slowly got up. “Shower and then bed.”


    Over the next few weeks the new buzzed with the game known as, “Fall From Heaven.” Gaming communities online chattered with the latest updates. Guilds from active games held meetings what seemed like daily to ready themselves for the leap from one game to another. Hourly, the news channels ticked away another system sold it what looked like to be a record breaking opening for a new game. With nearly 41 million copies sold it had beaten World of Warcraft for most popular MMORPG and was on it’s way to beat Wii Sports for best-selling video game.


    But with names like, “Wizard of the Coast,” “Paizo,” “Blizzard,” “Battle Net,” and “Bethesda.” It was hard for the game not to be the talk of the internet. The game’s website was more often down then up because of the flood of people rushing to the forums and market.


    Millions had been made already in skins for armor, weapons, outfits, mounts and pets. Boost and dyes. Gold. Hair Kits. And the more people bought, the more the developers put out.




    “Kitsune Slayer,” Oni piped up as she bought another few things to add to her account.




    “Kitsune Slayer.” She said again turning to look at the people that had gathered around her living room. Friends and guild mates alike who had gathered for the opening night of the game. Pillows and blankets seemed to cover every inch of the floor and sectional. Ox, Chris, Dug, Tony, Sky, Ruby, Lynden, Heather, Sanchez, Phil, Jason...just to name a few faces that sat about. Their head sets ready to go as the news played on the TV. A small count down on the screen. In one hour millions of people across the world would dive into the world of “Fall From Heaven.” While another counter counted the number of copies being sold.

    Entertaining more than anything, talking once more buzzed around the room. People talking about the kind of character they wanted to play. History and stories for characters slowly but surely coming to life. Even if the game's lore was little more than a myth itself.


    Oni smirked at Mike, who in turn smiled at her. Carefully she stood up and walked over to him, taking a seat in his lap as they turned to watch the news, counting down until the game would start. First with a small Con, a time to get characters made and classes picked. Time to walk around and talk with players around the world until the gates would open into a new world.


    Five...Everyone slowly got up and moved to their little spot. Picking a place to lay down and rest. Jitters and excitement seeming to wash over the room. Four…slowly people started to pick up their headsets. Slide them on. Three...a little red light on the headsets flashed to blue. Two…white screens slowly took over the world everyone once knew. light turned to green and for a moment everything went black. Then the screens came to life, pulling the world into virtual reality.



    Into the Game


    The room she stood in was white, as white as white could be. Like one of those rooms you would see on the twilight zone. One that seemed to go on forever in all directions. That kind of white room. Then words flashed in front of her face...”Step Forward.”


    So she did. “Step Back.” Again she moved like the prompt told her. “Step left...step right. Lift your right arm, lift your left arm.” So on and so forth the prompts went. Calibrating every movement the body could make, or so it seemed that way. After that, a mirror appeared, just like in the Character Creation beta. Her heart jumped into her throat. The first prompt that pulled up was race

    .eSNSduIHTq6k6QMjuH76Ye-K0j7awQJNF8rv76ZWz1izH3IsC3GPaI4ahmJGCvYs5rn-zEYpMESshvD-ttkm7JmU_TFFNSAc0xmy4rIbNsufJ4rfkAz2Vx3wBf2afjYCIBlGrwgw                                                                           0A90fudZ09ffwJII-wOvJEGFzsIvI7DT_cx7GBLkAiQYXDLU5TmdPJ1ePvqZExLDNxEYZX_AQmU9P3H4FdHAOnqDzUXAhtqPCu6sKmafxardFGQ8_xJ456NBtiBxGeMIXWg86JTr


    Numbers ticking away from each race, counting down the number of slot allowed to play that race. Quickly and without much thought, Oni clicked kitsune. A green arrow and a red X appearing. She clicked the green arrow. No going back now. Next came classes. Same as the race. Numbers ticked down, some classes already grayed out. Slayer. Green arrow….Name.


    Fuck, she had forgot about that. She had forgotten to think of a name for this new character. This new persona. Slowly she moved her fingers until the name Eri’oni Asyume was written. An old name, one she always used. But at less everyone in her guild would know her by that name. None of that “Having to get to know you” bullshit. Next came the character creation….this would be fun. Kitsunes came with two forms. First her human self….


    Long red hair, blue eyes...pale skin. Her anthropomorphic fox self had the same blue eyes but black fur, not red. That would throw some people off. Oh well. Like always this seemed to take the most time, but Eri made sure everything was just as she wanted herself to be. Tall, but not to tall. The shade of blue in her eyes just right. The slight curve of her nose, down to the scars on her body.


    Finally she got to look at her starting armor and weapon. Not to bad, then a small icon in the bottom-right hand corner of her view showed up. With a little tilt of her head, Eri reached up and touched the little symbol. A mini map and the time showed up in one corner, while her name and health showed up in another. On the left side some buttons appeared: Items, Character, Friends… she looked over each in turn. Smiling some when she saw that guild had already been set up, and people one by one started to pop up one by one.


    Once more she looked herself over in the mirror, taking in the simple leather armor she wore. And with a small giggle and a smile as wide as one could have. Eri pushed the last green check mark.





    When she blinked, Eri found herself in a new room. This time people moved about freely, talking filled the air...and everyone she looked at a name appeared above their head. Tables lined the path, last minute items for sell. Only this time, you could actually look at the items as NPCs...or she thought they were NPCs called out their wear. A few guilds had set up booths already doing their best to get new members out of the millions of people walked about. Looking at themselves and others. She moved slowly down the path. Looking at different people and the choices they made. Orcs, Elves, Humans, Dwarfs, Shifters…never before had she seen such a mix of people. Then she saw him.


    She new that name...”Altreigh!”


    The Magus blinked a few times, a tall man. He looked human, save for the light purple scales that gently outlined his features. Light brown hair, bright blue eyes. Just like in any game, the man was dressed in fine robes and held a blade bladed sword. The Slayer moved lightly on her feet, making her way through the crowd of people. The two hugging each other tightly, “You look great my dear.”


    That accent seemed to just roll off his tongue as he spoke, he sounded just as she thought he would. Well, just as Mike had always portrayed him. The subtle rolling tone of a noble man. Though, she did note that her own tone of voice had changed as well, “As do you my love.”


    “Eri?” The two paused for a moment, turning to look. A chuckle leaving them as they saw, ‘Boris.’ The man stood at less seven feet tall, a wall of muscle...a shifter. Ether a Gorebrute or a Beasthide. He looked very much like a bear. “Wearbear don’t care.” He grinned from ear to ear, a heavy Russian accent on his tongue. Behind him stood a tall, stark white, slender man with golden eyes. She knew that names as well.


    “Al,” Though she did not know the elven woman standing next to him. Though her name did read ‘Rose’ over her head. The next to show up, was Leeyna...her starting armor red as red could get. Human Warrior. Then a man named Banditc...a rogue who had dyed his armor black. Eri was not sure who he was...but he did show on their guild list.


    Skyeraid showed up next...a Tiefling monk, she was with Ruby a cleric who seemed to be human. Though, there was something honestly beautiful about the woman. There was just something about her that stood out, almost like an aura. A human mage by the name of Zion showed up next, a dark look to the man. Of course, he had taken necromancy. With him was a catfolk girl, a witch named, ‘Rubrae.’


    A kolbold alchemist named, Qix. One after the other the guild slowly seemed to meet up once more. Soon the group had to find a bigger area, taking over one of the booths near a corner of the room. Now, Eri saw why a lot of guilds and even non guilded were trying to claim booths. It was a way for people to find each other…


    Though we did find out something. Small groups of people could become things called ‘Companies.’ No more than 100 people could join a company, but still it was a way for friends to keep close. More so when the bigger guilds were so limited. Eri took some time...set up the ranks in her guild, the permissions. Putting people were they needed to be. She let out a small humm when she looked over the guild limits. 5000 people could join a guild. Another humm then a laugh...that was a lot of people. Then again some of the larger guilds would need it. Right now, they had maybe 700 people, a bit more. But that was because some of their ally guilds had merged with them to get into the game launch. She was not sure how many would stay or leave. Make their own company, try to get their own guilds going. Only time would tell. What mattered right now was making sure the 70 members that were her own, found them.


    It did take a while, but soon things would be put in order. A lot of people got turned away, no new members would be taken right now. Not until the guild got settled in. Large screens started to play cut-scenes and previews. Then the top 45 guilds of EU were announced. China was next. Followed by the top guilds from Oceania and Latin America. Finally...the US. The chatter went quiet as the top guilds in each category was listed until the came to the RP guild. Fifth place went to a SWTOR guild, forth to a ESO guild, then third to a Final Fantasy guild, second to a GW2 guild...and finally first place. It felt like everyone was holding their breath as the name “The Freemen” came onto the screen.


    There was a loud cry of joy, they would be able to keep their guild, unlock their guild hall. It didn’t matter if they got gold and other prizes. They would get to keep their guild. Then all would fall quite once more. As a voice came over the flat screens. It was time….the game was now starting. In everyone’s field of view, a “PLAY” could not be seen. And with a shaky hand, Eri pressed the button.



    • Alchemist

    • Artificer

    • Artisan

    • Blacksmith

    • Catographer

    • Leatherworker

    • Mason

    • Mechanic

    • Merchant

    • Scribe

    • Tailor

    • Woodcrafter

    • Musician


    • Farmer

    • Cooking

    • Herbalist

    • Miner

    • Fishing

    • Hunter

    • Woodcutter

    • First Aid










                    Basic Information             

                Name: Kim Hwan-Gi
                Stage Name: Gene
                Nicknames: Hwan, Gi-Gi.
                Position: Lead Dancer, Rapper.
                Height: 5'7 // Weight: 160 LBS
                Heterosexual (or is he????)
                Zodiac: LEO // Birthday: July, 26 // Birth place: Incheon, South Korea.
                Hobbies: Dancing, Photography, Traveling, Collecting memories, Video games
                Age: 20             

                    ~Fast Facts~             


                    (FC: Jooheon from Monsta X)
                    ~He always has his phone or a camera of sorts on him
                    ~He loves the color Cyan
                    ~His favorite food is anything spicy
                    ~He likes to take walks at night
                    ~He loves to make others laugh
                    ~He likes to play little jokes on the other members.             




                    ~He does swear, just tries not to.             




                    ~Fluent Korean and Japanese.             




                    ~Knows a little bit of English             




                    ~ More to be added.             


                    Backstory & Persona             


                    Persona:  Outgoing, social, open, does not like being alone. Easy to read. Warm-hearted and popular. Tends to put the needs of others over their own needs. Group oriented, affectionate, complimentary, loving, considerate. Feels a strong sense of responsibility and duty. Well-developed sense of space and function.  A planner. Regular, orderly, clean. Need positive reinforcement to feel good about self. Content. Positive. Loves getting massages. Really sweet and fun to be around. Mischievous.              




                    Biography: Hwan was born in south Korea to a wedded couple in Incheon. He attended dance classes since he was young and went to private schools for his education. When his family suddenly pulled him out to home school him due to some problems withing the schools, they began to travel for his mother's work and he picked up photography for a hobby because he liked to remember the places he been. He gave himself the name 'Gene' because it's close to Gi-Gi in his opinion. (A child hood nick name. )             





                    Coded By || StoneWolf18             
  6. By AnimusLight



    Magical Abilities:
    ***Enhancer - He has the ability to pull magic into three attributes he focuses on: strength, endurance, speed. This aids him in battle, making actions possible that he couldn't do with his standard skills.
    ***Regeneration - He heals faster than normal that broken bones can be repaired the next day.
    **Sense - All five senses are heightened.
    **Arsenal - Conjures any weapon for a short period of time. A handy skill he picked up currently. He'll never be weaponless.

    Aristeel Armor - Light and durable armor. Looks heavy but it isn't.


    Traveling Cloak - Tattered. That's what happens when its used for sleeping outside.

    Steel Longsword - Had to get a new one after breaking his previous one. Despite his skill Arsenal, he prefers a physical weapon and wields a large sword better than other weaponry.


    Strengths: [Name your character's social and physical strengths here.]
    Weaknesses: [Name your character's social and physical weaknesses here - MUST be same amount of weaknesses as strengths.]
    Miscellaneous: Ambidextrous so he can wield his weapon on any hand.

    Jassur Batal

    General Information

    Full Name: Jassur Batal
    Nickname(s): Jass
    Age: 33
    Birth Date: Sette, 10th of Morte, 3467
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human/Elf
    Aspect: N/A
    Birthmark: N/A
    Element: Enhancer
    Class: Warrior
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Marital Status: Single

    Hair Style:  Short-cut messy, unkempt hair that tends to stick and stand wherever it wants
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Dark brown
    Skin Color: Tan
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 153 lbs
    Body Type: Toned, lean
    Tattoo(s): None
    Scar(s): Many faded scars but visible ones could be seen on his right shoulder, left abdomen, across the back, and on his right thigh.
    Other: Ears are slightly pointy


    True Neutral
    Jass does what he can to live. His actions are usually good but his intentions are to gain for his benefit. If the siutation isn't something to put in effort for, he will ignore it. The former knight looks out for himself most of the time- the exception, the small amount of people close to him. Through conditioning from former knight training, his mind works like a solider, thinking and assessing a situation before acting. Instincts take the rein in desperate moments but thoughts triumph mostly. He doesn't really do heroic acts, loosing that- what he calls- hopeless mindset.
    Jass has a terrible sense of humor and likes sarcasm. Don't mind joking with dark humor; at this point he doesn't care. He's persistent in getting what he wants if it’s in his reach. He's alert to his surrounds most of the time. His habit of being a pessimist who drinks his sorrows show up once in a while when he's not feeling up for anything. Jass will never back down from a fight and if he trusts anyone close to him, he will protect them with his life. Loyalty to friends without betrayal is something he sees appealing and goes by that code. Years of traveling and meeting people has told him to never trust people but after getting more clues about the incident his heart seems to weight just ab it lighter than before.
    - Booze
    - Weapons
    - Money
    - Exploring
    - Treasures
    - People after his head (Solved ;D)
    - Knights
    - Ghost Stories
    - Demons
    - Live to his fullest
    - Destroy the bad reputation of his former knight companions
    - Ghosts (he's already haunted enough as it is)
    - Repeating the same mistakes of the past
    - Dying without clearing his friends' names


    Offspring of a male human and a female elf. Mother died after birth and father sent him to knight training, bearing the man's last name Batal. Inherited the talent for magic. He only uses his magic for basic healing and boosting his strength, endurance, and speed. The usage of magic helps lessen the amount of physical training he needs. When wielding his sword, he is able to use it with one hand even though he doesn't look capable. A former Verdant Knight: A past quest operated in secret with his assigned group of knights ended up with them slaughtering a whole town. Turns out the higher ups, who were only a few, directed them to the wrong town and gave them the wrong information. After the disastrous mission, they try to sweep their mistakes onto his group, tracking down then arresting and publicly executing them on false charges piled on the slaughter of the town. Most of the knights didn't know of the secret quest so everyone thinks of his group as a couple of rogue knights. Jass escapes but now has a large bounty on his head. Currently, the bounty hunters after him has lessened and the incident's impact has died down.


    After a year of moping around, he becomes a sellsword and travels Landfall to earn coin in any place while running away from hunters after him.

    An Unlikely Employeer

    After a creative way of getting his attention (boy was that 'fun'), Jass meets Morgrim, who he labeled as an interesting oddball. The walking corpse hires him for a pretty-much-suicide quest to defeat Marquis Tuso but with tempting rewards instore. With three other mercenaries, their group sets off to the corrupted city of Dunheim. They plow through enemies with some effort, even freeing a town from bandits. Morgrim devices a plan once they set foot in the city. Despite how smoothly it fell through, the party end up fighting obnoxiously tough angels. After a long gruesome battle, the only ones left were Jass and Morgrim while the others turned into meat shields. The quest was complete but not only did Jass recieve more than he thought he would, he found clues to his and his friends downfall. It sets him off on a course to redeem their names.


    After Morgrim's employment, the two keep in touch- mostly with Morgrim offering more quests to do. A humorous frienship was made. Jass follows the trail of clues from Tuso's vault but runs cold after months and monthes of searching through many locations. Deliberate schemes of human nobility mixed with religious stupidity was the blunt of the information. Jass had enough, returning to the city he fled from with the large amount of money accumulated over his travels (a bulk of that being Tuso's). Not many people remember the incident but once he reached to his former organization, trying to get out there alive became tasking. Jass payed his bounty with a smug grin- which later turned into a scowl when guards followed him during his short stay. Even with removing the bounty off him through legal ways, Jass couldn't escape the defamation. He continues his road to redemption with a more eased mind and small leads. Its been two years since Jass was hired to aid in the death of Tuso.

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    Recent Entries

    Hello random people, who stumbled upon this by coincidence or by will. In this blog, I *a sleep deprived Electrical and Electronics Engineering student* shall try and blog about my experience with a week of all nighters for my upcoming exams.

    soooo without further ado, let's start this motherfucker!!  week!!

    Today is Friday. It's almost six PM, I've slept from 6 AM till 2PM. and i'll be pulling my first allnighter for the week.

    To keep me from boredom and in order not to be temepted to sleep, my motivation for studying will be:

    • Role playing
    • Eating
    • Beautiful strong black sweet coffee :smile10:  <3

     I'll be updating my state of mind, how i feel, what i crave and my progress in studying for five subjects during this week, so if you don't have any better thing to do, stay tuned!

  7. Main Story RP vs Free Story RP


    A discussion topic brought to you by YoungX


    Greetings users of RpNation; my name is YoungX. So what am I here for again after about a few months from a post I did for this blog? Well I originally didn't plan on discussing this topic but I decided why not? I already have experience in GMing several RPs at this point, so I can safely say that I've got some experience under my belt. Of course I am no expert and my opinions aren't always the best. Just sit tight and enjoy reading this piece of HTML coding of a discussion.


    For those confused by what Main Story RP and Free Story RP mean... I'll gladly explain. 


    Main Story RP


    Main Story RP is in reference to RPs that generally only focus on one main storyline and only focuses just on that.


    Let me give a brief example:


    'Five ordinary teenagers are chosen to become protectors of the Earth against the evil Hell Empire, Bardon. Together they must work together and call upon their power in order to save not just the Earth but the entire Universe!'


    A very simple plot, yes? Well it gives you what it's about and what to expect. What the story is about is given right in your face and will be the true focus of the RP. The story can be separated into Arcs that all connect together as one whole medium. Everyone follows this story and will not branch off onto other sub-series. These RPs are also generally closed since more people joining at any time can interrupt the flow of the story unless given permission to do so.




    • A more focused storyline allows the GM to coordinate with his/her RPers.
    • Character Development can come much more easily since the characters are all involved within this story for one reason for another.
    • Communication is much more simple since it will surely involve the GM.
    • The GM has control and is able to express his or her ideas in the way he or she intended.




    • Because the story involves every character, posts become mandatory. Combine that with other important priorities, it can cause this type of RP to die much more easily and frequently. One must be able to communicate properly and plan effectively in order for the RP to succeed.
    • Everyone has their own ideas and thoughts on what the RP should add or improve upon, so it can be difficult to give compromise to everything.


    Free Story RP


    A Free Story RP follows a more open-ended network built upon others creating their own story and lore. You generally see these works in RPs that have no actual story and generally have the tag [Always Accepting] or something of the sort. Unlike Main Story RPs, Free Story RPs have no actual end goal and can be used to create an endless world of RPing for players. These RPs allow for non-GMs to express creativity via storytelling in ways that couldn't be possible in Main Story RPs. 


    Just in case I'll give a brief example:


    'Are you a Hero or are you a Villain? The war between the two sides rage on through the city of Archville; you are among these heroes and villains. Are you one who seeks revenge, power, justice or some other reason? Join the fight today!'




    • The RP allows players to be able to do much more than what a Main Story RP would provide.
    • Since posting is generally more or less not mandatory, people are able to manage time and posts much more effectively.
    • Everyone has a chance to pitch in on ideas that they want happen.
    • Character Development comes much more easily at the player's pace.




    • It can sometimes become a jumbled mess with players mixing in and performing their ideas.
    • Communication can be troublesome if players don't respond. What other players do together is contingent upon their group's decision.
    • Making the RP open-ended can lead to unexpected situations that the GM may or may not feel strongly for.




    The two styles are different with some similarities but it's ultimately up to the GM to decide what he or she wants to do. So the next time you decide to make an RP think about what you want. Of course what I have listed may not be everything and everyone has their opinions. You are all free to tell me your thoughts so long as it isn't just blatant negativity.


    Thank you and have a good day.





  8. My name is Andrew and today we're going to talk about Abrosexuality! I have a lot of experience with this, being Abrosexual myself.




    What Is Abrosexuality?


    Someone who is Abrosexual experiences a rapidly changing sexuality. Tommy is a fictional example:

    Day 1: Tommy is gay and feels attraction to men.

    Day 2: Tommy is straight and feels attraction to women.

    Day 3: Tommy feels Bisexual.

    Day 4: Tommy feels Asexual.

    This varies for everyone: Some Abrosexuals are attracted to the same gender(s) all the time but their label changes (one day Bisexual, the next Pansexual, the next Polysexual) and some Abrosexuals actually experience a change in what gender(s) they find attractive.




    It's impossible for an Abrosexual to be in a committed relationship: No. As I said, some Abrosexuals are attracted to the same gender(s) all the time but just change their label. And for Abrosexuals that do experience a literal change in what gender(s) they are attracted to, usually they still find the same people attractive no matter what (I can tell you, even on days when I feel more attracted to girls, hot damn Hook from Once Upon A Time is sexy).


    What Not To Say To An Abrosexual Person


    "Abrosexuals just can't make up their minds." Not really. I mean, Abrosexual people identify as Abrosexual, so they must've made up their mind about that.


    I hope you all enjoyed this, thank you and good night.

  9. JonathanRegal
    Latest Entry


    He laid on the floor as his father kicked him over and over. His face was bruising and blood was pooling onto the floor from his busted nose. "And if I ever catch you using my tools again!" His father yelled. The offense must be deep for you to strike down your own son in such a way. I don't know how many more beatings like this I can take father, don't you love me, your own flesh and blood? When his father finally stopped yelling and kicking, Jacob realized he was whimpering like a hurt pup. "Shut the hell up you little pussy!" His father said slamming the bedroom door on the way out. How can I help the sounds that leak from my mouth when you touch me so father. A taste like rust drained into his mouth as he sat up. He reached up to his nose to pinch it off and leaned his head back. 


    He got up after a minute grabbing at his stomach. He clumsily made his way to the bathroom and he looked at himself in the mirror. Blood was matted in his hair and on his face. His eyes and nose were turning purple. He stripped off his shirt and watched for several minutes as the swelling and bruising spread. Oh father, look at what you have done. Why would you visit such pain on me? If only mother hadn't left us. Then you wouldn't be hurting me like this. But how can I let this go on? Look at this poor boy. The damage runs deep, deep into the bone. Don't worry though, father, I won't call anyone. I won't be making a report. No, your end will come from my hands. The boy that I stare at now. He will be my vindicator, my redeemer. He will save me from you. Jacob went back to his room and went to his dresser. Almost ceremonially he opened the dresser door with both hands. He peaked in with purple shiners and took the hunting knife that was in there. He pulled it out of its sheath and dropped it to the floor and then held the blade up to examine it. Its edge reflected the light like lightening from the heavens. This, dear father, this will be the blade of vengeance. I will inflict upon you the wrath of gods for what you have done to me...


    Jacob lowered the blade and walked out of his bedroom, down the long hallway, each step bringing him closer to his tormentor. When he reached the living room he saw that his father was sitting on his favorite chair, a throne where he cast away the unbidden and crushed those around him. Jacob slowly approached from behind as if walking in a procession. Child versus the Titan. This would be the finality of there lives. Somewhere deep inside Jacob knew that by killing his father, he to would be destroying his own life, but this was the way it had to be. Others must not be injured by this tyrant of broken souls. He screamed as he impaled the blade deep into his father's back. Again and again he screamed with each thrust of the blade. Deeper and deeper it went in, blood spraying the furniture and Jacob both. After a minute he was finished. The Titan was slummed over. Blood flowed from everywhere and ran onto the carpets like a crimson waterfall. 


    Look what you've made me do father. I will leave you there for now, one last night on your throne. Tonight I will sleep peacefully for once and who knows what tomorrow brings. A journey perhaps.



    I don't know honestly

    Umm...last night


    Ham I guess


    No probably not

    I speak fluent sarcasm so yes


    Yes. But without the cord.

    I don't like cereal



    I don't like icecream

    Im embarrassed to say this, but people have confronted me about my bust. Or eyes. Or smile.

    15. RED OR PINK? 
    What about black? I like black


    Definitely my friend Ryan

    Get Scared

    None right now. But all my shoes are black


    Terrible things by Mayday Parade

    jet black

    mint, smell of roses


    No one

    Mountain Hideaway

    I don't watch sports

    27. HAIR COLOR? 
    Black (Fun fact: If I stay out in the sun for a long period of time, it turned red. Not bright red but dark red. It something that runs down in the family)

    28. EYE COLOR? 
    Dark Dark Dark brown



    Scary movies

    Suicide Room



    35. HUGS OR KISSES? 
    Hugs are nice

    I don't like sweet things. Except for candy. 

    Strength training


    None right now

    None dont have one (Laptop) 

    41. ANY TATTOOS? 
    I don't have any. But I want a sleeve


    I can really think of anything 


    Modesto, California

    I am really flexible. No joke

    Modesto California

    None of your business, California

    White and Green XP

    Don't have one

    50. ANY PETS? 
    3 dogs, 2 cats

  11. Now I know now you guys feel. 


    Coding, quite frankly, is one of the hardest things that I've done in quite a while. But, the reason it's so hard, is because of this. The thing I'm doing the coding in the first place. Now, before anyone of you jump on me, I like this feature, and I understand the purpose of it. It was meant for the sole purpose of making your post look "nice" (note how I use air quotes). I understand the reason behind it, yet, the problem lies in it being harder in some areas. You see, last time, I was trying to figure out a way to code my scrollbars in but I accidently changed the scrollbars on the site, too. 


    I asked someone what was going on and they said it might be because I haven't specified the name of it. As so as I'm told, I did what they said but it didn't do anything. After trial and error, I came to the conclusion that it just doesn't work for me. I'm well aware that I'm not well versed in complex things such as this. Thus, I understand that it's my problem rather than the code I integrate. So maybe I just haven't learned enough to do this.


    Which now brings me to this. Is coding for you as frustrating as some make it out to be or does it depend on the person. And, if it does depend on the person, for how long does one, on average, teach themselves to learn it. It’s pretty much a common truth that it takes time, effort, and patience to master it. This might come in handy if you're making a site, but when it's some post on the forum, not so much.

    Note: By no circumstance, am I having issues with the source editor. I have yet to find actual, clear, easy tutorials that apply to situations like these, and the simpler ones have only given me the bare bones of it. And yes, this was all about the whole scrollbar thing. I'm sorry but I had to say it.                                                                                                                                                     


    This is a design meant to replace the Anime School Girl design.  Due to some coding complications, it was necessary to pull the code until it could be re-worked.


    Thus this design has come to official replace the original design.



    Everything you type here will be lined on the bottom to give a notebook paper effect.


    This text area will adjust to your text automatically as well and will scroll with a minimal scrollbar (only works in select browsers).



    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus condimentum sagittis facilisis. Proin posuere eros ut lorem suscipit aliquet. Quisque gravida ex quis velit vulputate faucibus. Proin consectetur, dolor id semper finibus, elit libero posuere felis, ut tristique libero orci in nunc. Fusce felis leo, posuere porttitor diam at, iaculis tempor magna. Duis at hendrerit tortor. Pellentesque dui dolor, iaculis ac tortor quis, venenatis vehicula tortor. Fusce suscipit felis at sollicitudin volutpat. Nunc sollicitudin eu eros nec tempor. Proin venenatis condimentum est, sed bibendum orci accumsan in. Proin ac commodo quam.


    Integer lorem diam, sodales sed urna ac, mattis ullamcorper lectus. Fusce consectetur ipsum ac scelerisque feugiat. Curabitur eu cursus nisl. Aliquam vulputate consectetur pretium. Ut lorem leo, tincidunt at augue et, dictum condimentum ex. Duis cursus risus risus, tincidunt ornare tortor porttitor et. Quisque commodo fermentum rutrum. Sed vel tortor neque.


    CSS/HTML Design by Fyuri



    <p style="display:none;">
    <style type="text/css">
    /* --- CSS/HTML Design by Fyuri --- */
    .fyuri001 {

    .fyuri001 .boxleft::-webkit-scrollbar {
       width: 7px;

    .fyuri001 .boxleft::-webkit-scrollbar-track {
       -webkit-box-shadow: inset 0 0 6px rgba(0,0,0,0.3); 
       border-radius: 15px;
       border-top-left-radius: 0;
       border-bottom-left-radius: 0;

    .fyuri001 .boxleft::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {
       border-radius: 15px;
       border-top-left-radius: 0;
       border-bottom-left-radius: 0;
      -webkit-box-shadow: inset 0 0 6px rgba(0,0,0,0.5); 

    .fyuri001 .boxleft .content {
      line-height: 1.2;
      background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(rgba(0,0,0,.2) 1px, transparent 1px);
      background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(rgba(0,0,0,.2) 1px, transparent 1px);
      background-image: linear-gradient(rgba(0,0,0,.2) 1px, transparent 1px);
      background-size: 100% 1.2em; /* 1.2em to match the line-height */
      background-position: 0 1em; /* Adjust accordingly at the beginning */
      padding: 1em auto; /* only works with background-origin: content-box */
      margin: 0 auto;

    .fyuri001 .boxleft {
    border:1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.3);

    .fyuri001 .boxright {
    background-image: url("");
    background-position: -110px -1px; 
    border:1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.3); 

    .fyuri001 .credit {
    <div style="overflow:auto;">
        <div class="fyuri001">
            <div class="boxleft">
                <div class="content">
                        This is a design meant to replace the Anime School Girl design. &nbsp;Due to some coding complications, it was necessary to pull the code until it could be re-worked.


                        Thus this design has come to official replace the original design.



                        Everything you type here will be lined on the bottom to give a notebook paper effect.


                        This text area will adjust to your text automatically as well and will scroll with a minimal scrollbar (only works in select browsers).



                        Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus condimentum sagittis facilisis. Proin posuere eros ut lorem suscipit aliquet. Quisque gravida ex quis velit vulputate faucibus. Proin consectetur, dolor id semper finibus, elit libero posuere felis, ut tristique libero orci in nunc. Fusce felis leo, posuere porttitor diam at, iaculis tempor magna. Duis at hendrerit tortor. Pellentesque dui dolor, iaculis ac tortor quis, venenatis vehicula tortor. Fusce suscipit felis at sollicitudin volutpat. Nunc sollicitudin eu eros nec tempor. Proin venenatis condimentum est, sed bibendum orci accumsan in. Proin ac commodo quam.


                        Integer lorem diam, sodales sed urna ac, mattis ullamcorper lectus. Fusce consectetur ipsum ac scelerisque feugiat. Curabitur eu cursus nisl. Aliquam vulputate consectetur pretium. Ut lorem leo, tincidunt at augue et, dictum condimentum ex. Duis cursus risus risus, tincidunt ornare tortor porttitor et. Quisque commodo fermentum rutrum. Sed vel tortor neque.


            <div class="boxright">
                <div class="credit">
                    CSS/HTML Design by Fyuri


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    Kuja Esstariol
    Latest Entry

    Kuja Terrafina Enchanter Esstariol

    A character with over a decade of rp history.

    I'm interested in meeting other people's characters simply for the interaction/my character's ongoing existence.

    My character will come to yours, or you can meet him as he drinks a brandy at a bar or tavern (any universe, see below for generic intro post).

    My Kuja is all powerful, hence his capability of meeting your character anywhere. If you're not comfortable with this, or you're after a fight to win, then do not rp with this character. I am happy to rp conflict with him, as long as you're happy to lose.

    My character can be very cruel or very nice, it really depends on his mood and your character. He generally likes to toy with people. He's a sadistic villain with a heart.

    - Send me a post and i will reply.
    - I save all my rp's, so if you're not comfortable that others may read, then you should not rp with me.
    - If i lose interest, then i will say so and exit my character, i will not leave the rp/your character hanging in limbo.
    - I prefer paragraph.
    - Though i started rp'ing when i was a young teen, i am much older now, and will not rp any romance or violence with those under 18.
    - I try to reply at least once a day. If my post takes longer than a few days i will apologise and let you know when i should get to post.
    - I hope you enjoy the rp. If ever you're uncomfortable then let me know. I am friendly, considerate and lenient in real life.


    Though Kuja is my main character, at the moment i am open to rp'ing Vincent Nightray, Steerpike and Loki (Tom Hiddleston version).


    A tall slender man sat at the bar, with long violet hair spiling down to his waist in wisping layers. All black attire adorned him, perfectly fitted clothes that spoke of expensive yet simplistic elegance and refinement. A little silver splashed his visage, capping the tips of his pointed boots and flourishing with a little filigree down the sides. A long lock of silver hair also glinted, intertwined on his right side, running down his masculine chest. When his blue eyes were not upon the glass of brandy between his long fingernails, the hue would look under long lashes to see either that silver, or the black rose painted upon his inner right wrist. A necklace with a blue gem also hung on a silver chain loosely around the open top buttons of his black shirt. Kuja was pale with angular features, an androgynous beauty that in the past he was easily mistaken for a woman, but these days he looked slightly more masculine, broadening shoulders and maturing face to a man in his late twenties, early thirties. His expression was impassive as he remained still, not having sipped at his drink once. Silently he would listen to the rest of the room, wondering who would be the next poor unfortunate soul for him to encounter or prey upon. To any other mystical beings, he greatly suppressed the aura of his powers, wanting to simply appear human. But to those who could observe and sense more deeply, even the shadows and darkness in the room seemed to resonate around him.

  13. cloudchaser
    Latest Entry

    Haven't been as online as I have been before, just casually dropping by the forum games and not in any active RPs lately. 


    Erm... not exactly, since there is still one going on but it's more of an exchange between two people so there really isn't much room to squeeze in without risking slowing them down. Nope. 

    As for the other two... well, they just kinda sputtered out after a few replies. *sighs*


    Now, I feel like I want to join a few but I might freeze it up when school slaps me in the face with things to do again.

    Well, crap.

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    Quick note.. This is not mine..

    Rights to this goes to..

    @White Masquerade



    -Personality Map-

    Major Traits


    What's your character's style? Are they traditional, or a free-spirit?


    • (Traditional) Your character usually follows the rules and the "normal" way of doing things. They are conservative, hardworking, routine, stable, and diligent. They focus on doing what's expected and making sure it's done without much fuss. They prefer to follow society's standard values, standard dress, and are slower to accept new ideas. They are the ones who wait for someone to finish speaking, before they themselves start. They are usually meek and respectful.
    • (Free-Spirit) Your character is used to doing things their own way and following their own path. They don't like going with the crowd. They prefer to live by their own code. These characters are open to most everything. They like to experiment and have no problem changing to take on new environments and situations. These are the ones who'd more likely ditch and leave a conversation if something more interesting pops up.

    What is your character's way of action? Are they physical, or mental?


    • (Physical) Your character experiences the world primarily through physical touch. They like to hold things, hug things, kick things, punch things; anything that lets them connect with life in tangible ways. They are very aware of their bodies and surroundings, but are liable to get irritated if they're not able to move around for too long.
    • (Mental) Your character likes to take things in through their mind. They like to plan, think, imagine, and wouldn't mind spending a whole day inside their heads. Their brain holds an entire world; sometimes bigger than the one outside. Though they may like to daydream and appear as if they're not doing anything at all, they are. You just can't see it.

    What kind of resolve does your character have?

    • (Timid) Your character is careful. These are the type who look before they leap. If there was a dangerous situation where someone needed help, there's a possibility this character might jump in; just don't expect them to be the first. If there's something frightening coming, follow them if you want to live to fight another day.
    • (Brave) This character is bold. They are the type who leap before they look. In a dangerous situation where someone needed help, this person might stand back for a bit, but they wouldn't be able to keep out of the action for long. If there's something frightening coming, stand behind them if there's no choice but to fight.

    What type of outlook does your character have on life?


    • (Realist) This character sees things for how they really are, not how they want them to be. A realist is practical. They do not shoot for the stars, but aim low and try to do things they know can be done. They can be cynical, brutally honest, always seeking the truth, and hard to make happy because of it.
    • (Idealist) This character sees things for how they should be, not what they seem. An idealist is imaginative. They refuse to be stopped by how things are and try to create change needed by shooting for the stars. They are positive thinkers who have faith and trust that most times the goal can be reached -- you just have to try.

    What level of openness does your character have?


    • (Extrovert) These characters charge up and refresh by spending time interacting with external life. They lose their pep when spending too much time alone; most specifically during introspection. This character feels better talking to or interacting with other people and things, sometimes with more than one item or person at once. That is good. The more the merrier! They are usually effervescent characters that handle the outside world extremely well.
    • (Introvert) These characters de-stress and center by spending time alone. They lose their charm when being around people or other external things for too long; especially large crowds of them. Being spoken to directly or performing an externally demanding task, drains them even faster. When exposed to too many things at once, these characters will soon likely take a break to rest and recover. Introverted types people are usually independent, and thoughtful, reliable friends.


    Lesser Traits

    What's your character's demeanor?


    • (Serious) Your character doesn't like to play games. They're all business. They get straight to the point and quickly move on as soon as things are settled. Time is one thing this character does not waste without a fight.
    • (Playful) Your character loves to play games and have fun. Joking around is a must. They may never get to the point...instead sit back and enjoy the view. Who cares if they lose a minute or two? These characters don't. Come on! Lighten up!

    Which way to knowledge does your character prefer?


    • (Education) Your character places a high value on education. They likely took classes and studied a lot from books themselves. Though unlikely to reach a true and complete mastery of a single topic, these kinds of people usually know a great deal about many different subjects.
    • (Experience) Your character is a child of experience. They likely went out and got what they know about a subject by actually doing it. These kinds of people aren't able to explore everything in the world, but from what they have come across, they usually have a very deep understanding of.

    Is your character romantic?


    • (Yes) Your character is affectionate, comfortable with romance, and open to love. This can be as friends or as something more. This person would be the type to sit with another and pat them as they cry their problems out on their shoulder.
    • (No) Your character is oblivious to love, affection, romance, and all. This can be towards friends or anyone they see as something more. This person would rather give a tissue or direct someone to the bathroom, instead of letting them cry on their shoulder.
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    Chapter 1 {Continuation}




             As I sat there, still woozy a bit upstairs, I heard a soft knock on the door. Before I even answered, the sound of the door creaking open could be heard. 

             "Micki? Can I come in?" Mark's soft voice came from the darkness outside my room, only thing visible was his stark snow white hair and bright blue sky eyes.

              "Yeah....come on in." My voice was stiff and empty, my eyes still glued to the letter that lay limp in my hands. Within seconds, Mark had slipped into my room and had slowly closed the door behind him, his head tilted slightly to the side, showing he had already seen the envelope sometime before it had ended up in my bedroom.

            "I see you read the letter..." Without saying another word, he crouched at my feet and stared up at me, his eyes gentle and calming, like a summer view of the ocean. 

     I felt emotions rise up in me, and stifling a cry of sadness, I smirked, feeling how forced my mouth muscles were to even do that. " you think," Pausing for a second, I took a deep breath, then shook my head. "Nah, never mind. Mom and Dad just put this here to scare me! I am sure of it!" 

            Mark's eyes didn't waver from mine as I stood up and took a heroic pose, my hands in tight fists. There was no way Mom and Dad would send to the Court of Justices just because I stayed out late....right? Since I could remember I was always the one in trouble and Mark was always the one who would comfort me and such. But, something was different this time. 

             "Don't worry Mark! I will totally be okay and you don't have to worry at all!" Smirking and back to my normal brat self, I knelt down next to my big brother and tackle hugged him, smiling happily. Mark was nearly an hour older than I was, so he treated me like a little sister, pampering me and letting me do what i wished, even if it was against our parents' dreams and rules. "Mark, take me to the park tomorrow will you?" Tomorrow was the 4th of June, but there was no way in hell I was going to obey that stupid order of Court of Justices, Mom and Dad was sure to stop anything from happening to me, and Mark would surely come with me and keep from going to that dreadful place called the Parent's Dumping Ground.....right?

           He said nothing, just placed his big hand on my shoulder and smiled softly. To be honest, he looked a lot like Mother, her snow white hair and pretty blue eyes, eyes that reminded a person of a bright winter day. I on the other hand inherited our father's brilliant red hair, and emerald color eyes. We had always been a tight knit family aside from me being almost always being in trouble; but that was normal, so there was absolutely no reason to worry. Father and Mother would never let anything happen to me or Mark, that much I was sure of.

          Mark and I stayed on the floor, him resting his head on my small shoulder, and I just hugging him tightly for about an hour. I knew he was worried, and I am sure he knew that I was scared. There was no reason to be so frightened, but yet, here I was, concerned that our parents were going to forget me like Hank's had forgotten him. 

        After a while, Mark pulled back from me, smiled slightly and stood up, ruffling my hair as he did so. "You better clean up. You stink of beer." With a wink, he gave me one more pat on the head and then left as silently as he had arrived, only the squeak of my bedroom door closing and shutting telling anyone in the home that someone was up and about. 

       I had smiled after him, however, I still felt fear grip at my lungs and tighten its grip on me. There is no reason for worry. Saying that to myself quietly, I got up from the floor as well and trudged to my own bathroom, already feeling a headache from drinking coming on. Normally, I never drank, but after that blonde hunk's insult, I had felt the need to drink, which in retrospect, was a terrible idea. Unless my dad and mom turned blind before morning, both of them would figure out what had happened. But, who cares? Apparently they had already decided to let me go into the deep.

       Undressing and turning on the shower water, I then turned my full attention to my mirror above the sink, staring at myself, curious as to how I could mess up. I definitely wasn't ugly, but I knew for a fact I wasn't extremely pretty by any means, but how come I seemed to always want to be in trouble's way? Why couldn't I be like Mark? Perfect, School President, Ace sportsman, and elegant. I was elegant, but I had a hard time maintaining a perfect appearance for longer than an hour in front of guests. It had always seemed that I had turned into some sort of tom-boy that my parents always tried to hide. But that hadn't bothered me, cause I 'knew' my parents cared about me. I mean, whose other parents bought their own children from being a part of the Parents Dumping Grounds college? Not many from what I understood. 

     My emerald eyes stared back at me as I gazed into the mirror, still seeking answers, my mind reeling from the letter. Right now, at that moment, I knew I looked more like a street rat than a pompous, spoiled brat. Makeup was all over my face, my mascara was running because of the steam from the shower, and I realized that my foundation had started to run, which meant I had bought the wrong stuff again. Geez, I really need to go and buy the stuff offline, instead of online. That would save me SO much pain and trouble. Struggling to undo my fish-braid that I had my thick hair in, I tilted my head, wincing every now and then as I yanked a bit too hard on my hair. 

       "Mom, Dad, I will not end up in the System, you will save me, your little princess from trouble, I know it!" Of course I said this to the mirror right before I jumped into the shower, but I felt like I was saying to myself to stop worrying so much about something that was definitely never going to happen. 

       Once out of the porcelain pink clawfoot bathtub and dried off, wrapped in a fluffy white towel, I then put my long crimson hair in another towel, wrapping it tightly and putting the whole thing on top of my head. 

      By now I had a roaring head ache, and the towel pulling on my hair and scalp wasn't helping, so without another second left to lose, I flipped my sink mirror open and grabbed a bottle of pain killers, sighing as I did so. Popping two into my mouth as directed, I picked up my glass of water that I always had sitting next to my porcelain sink, I swallowed a big swig of the water and the pills in one go. 

      Once dressed in my bright blue jammie bottoms and top, I let my hair out of towel, messing with it as I did so. My hair being as thick as it was had tangled into a giant knot, so I yanked and pulled until I could actually run a brush through it without scalping myself. 

      Grabbing the remote that lay on the nightstand next to my plush big queen sized bed, I turned the TV on. It was nearly 5 in the morning and Mark would be waking me up in less than an hour, so I had no reason to really sleep now. 

      '--There was an uproar tonight as two children, aged 14 and 4 were both sentenced to the college. Now the youngest to ever be sent to this college, 4 year old Timothy Cardoza has been sentenced so as he and his 14 year old brother, Carmen Cardoza, broke rules in Eastern Brazil. There has been no news as to when they will arrive at the college, but we will keep you upda--" Turning the TV off, I laid back in bed, completely stressed out. 

      So now four year-olds get sent to the college? What is this world coming to that even the youngest of the youngest end up in that hell hole? 

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    Why not screw this one over? Oh, I can only imagine the hate mail that is to come of this! Honestly, I didn't really mind the SAO franchise, but it pretty much degraded to a point that I just stopped watching it altogether. Anyway, let us not dilly dally. We have an anime to review.


    OK, so we're into the first episode. A new VR game - Sword Art Online, of-fucking-course - has just been released to the public.. and only 10,000 copies have been sold because there are only 10,000 copies of the game. Because why not I guess? I mean, a game like this in a VR setting CERTAINLY must have cost buckets of green. You think you'll get all that money back just from selling 10,000 copies altogether? Actual gaming companies usually aim to sell MILLIONS of copies to remake their budget and gain a profit. Also, no one gives a shit that only 10,000 copies were available? I feel like the internet would have something to say about, y'know. It always does.


    Anyway, to Kirito's house! Who's Kirito, you ask? Just some dude. Trust me, we want to keep it at that. Also he has a 'sister' (whom he pretty much ignores) and... that's all we'll know of her into we get to the ALfeim part of this series. What? You thought Sword Art Online would just be about Sword Art Online? Well, sir or ma'am, you're a bloody twat for thinking that. You should know how anime works! We need a whole new plot every 11 episodes or so!


    Anyway, Kirito logs in, we find out that he was a Beta Tester, I'm still not giving a shit, sunshine and rainbows.. also, we meet this guy. His name? Sorry, forgot it. He's not really in the anime all that much. Kirito takes him out, has him fight some of your standard MMORPG mobs, comic relief ensues, still don't give a shit. Then, we find out that the heroes can't log out! Usually, that would be the biggest fuck up a company could ever do with VR. But it's part of the plot, obviously! Apparently, the developer of SAO has trapped these lot in the game, for some reason I forgot about, and says that if anyone's VR headset is removed or they are killed in-game, they'll get killed by... microwaves? The guy knows how microwaves work, right? They don't exactly make cheap noodles out of your brain like that. They would need to be pretty intense microwaves for that to work. Also, nobody ever actually took a look at the design of these headsets and thought "y'know, these doo-dads might not be safe, but oh well. They likely won't do any harm"? Plus, how did this happen when the guy was working under a corporate licence? This makes no sense! Also, what if people from IRL just pulled the headset off fast enough to prevent brain spaghetti? Or more simply, just turned off the bleedin' power from the mains?


    Anyway, Kirito decides that he'll brave the Death Game alone, rather than with that guy he met, and the mates of his he says are also trapped in the game. Clearly, Kiritimati has forgotten MMORPG 101. Never brave Death Game's alone, damnit! 


    Quick, fast forward a bit! It's time to raid a boss! Kirito is with some other blokes (no girls allowed) and everyone's rallied with this guy who will literally die about 5 minutes later. They want to raid a boss to progress to the next stage. Rather than EVERYONE in the game combining forces to achieve their fucking freedom, they decide that a small raiding party will suffice. Casualties be damned! Leader-Guy (the guy who will be getting his arse killed off in 5 minutes) has everyone pair up. Kirito pairs up with the only girl there. LOVE INTEREST! So fucking obvious. We all saw it coming. It was not a secret, don't lie. Yadda yadda yadda, exposition and random crap later, time to kill a boss! But, oh wait! The boss is different than he was in the Beta! Why would people think that nothing would change when the game was fully released!? Did the standards of games just change as we jumped into the future? And we were seriously relying on BETA HANDBOOKS? This is not a Beta anymore! But it should be, since only 10,000 copies of this standard MMORPG were ever released. By the way, Leader-Guy gets killed by the boss. Not like he could've played a more important part in the plot. His death isn't even dramatic, it's just boring, and distracts you from what's actually going on. Kirito kills the boss, by the way, with the help of Asuna (that girl from earlier) and.. the Leader-Guy rejects a healing potion. OK, what the fuck, guys? I mean, sexual assault, nudity and maiming people is part of this game, can't you just force each other to drink some healing shit? No, of course. Kirito lets him die. And we'll leave it at that. Also, apparently Kirito's a Beater (Beta Tester Cheater, though that title makes as much sense as pants on hands. Plus, if there were players called Beaters, I'd probably team up with them for obvious reasons). But, we'll never go into much detail about that..


    Anyway, that was Part One. Lemme know if you want a Part Two if you're that desperate.

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    Some of the more ambitious/larger roleplays I've been sitting on. This list is here for both personal and public reference. If you want me to run one of these roleplays, feel free to drop a comment. Remember, I only run group roleplays.


    Magical Library Staffed By Souls of the Damned

    A bigass divine library owned by God, inspired by That One Avatar: The Last Airbender Episode. You know, the one with the library. This library contains almost all of Heaven's knowledge (except for the parts about how the world finally ends), but anyone who tries to take a book will be punished by being forced to work in the library forever.


    Local School Bus Took Wrong Exit to Alternate Dimension

    A very basic, simple fantasy roleplay in which lightning strikes a school bus on the way back from a field trip. The bus, and everyone inside, is transported to a fantasy world where they suddenly have powers and may or may not be expected to save the world or something.

    Space Pirate Survival Story with Ghosts and Shit

    A team of scavenging space mercs are hired to raid an abandoned military outpost for their client. The client neglects to inform the crew that the outpost may or may not be haunted. Or inhabited. Or irradiated. Also their ship crashes.

    Invoking the Remains of a Dead God to Destroy Society

    A long time ago, there was an epic battle between the forces of Order and Chaos. Order eventually won, and destroyed Chaos. Order then created a utopia, but it kinda sucks because Chaos was in charge of things like Time and Change. Nobody dies, but now nobody grows old either, and the seasons never change. Everything is... perfect. Cue rowdy group of rebels who decide to find the remains of Chaos and fuck up the Establishment. A true fantasy-punk story!

    Dragons versus Demons

    This thing has been through so many fucking reboots and rewrites since I first jacked it from my old RP stomping grounds, shit's unrecognizable from the original RP. Almost. Basically a fantasy land with a dragon-themed pantheon is invaded by demons while the dragons are away fighting. Human champions chosen by the dragon gods are now in charge of fighting this particular front of demons. Things are made difficult when certain aspects of reality start to crumble because one of the most powerful dragons has been mortally wounded.

    Matriarchal Paradise Attacked by Plague Monsters, Gender Discourse Ensues

    A fantasy RP in a world where only women have magic, and are therefore the ruling class. Titular plague monsters invade, spreading illness and rot and it's up to the witches to destroy all the monsters, even if it means taking the fight to the Abyss.

    Cyberpunk Civil War Starring Evil Supercomputer and Idiot CEO

    Idiot CEO runs a robot manufacturing company that specializes in military and security bots. Unveils new line of droids. Things go horribly wrong when droids are hacked and start killing people. Turns out the perpetrator is a supercomputer AI that is really fucking angry about being decommissioned years ago. Drives a wedge between droid and human relations. Lots of fancy weapons and cybernetics and neon lights.

    Sparkling Majestic Super Magical Royal Desu Desu Academy War ❤


    Three Child Mafias Compete for the Last Will and Testament of Team Rocket

    A triad of Pokemon gangs, competing to control Kanto and Johto now that Team Rocket has been dissolved.


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    Crystal Pacific
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    The love life of a teenager could get complicated so you better have some popcorn. We might be here for a while.

    I'll start with my experience in love. I had a crush on this guy for a who presidential term. Then he breaks my heart in a million pieces and I feel betrayed. I thought he was my friend and he didn't even want to be that.

    I'm not going to say that I sat on my living room couch and ate a whole pint of ice cream in depression because I'm not a normal teenager. My parents would skin me alive if I were to do that to myself. They never liked him to begin with.

    Then I meet this guy who's really sweet and kind. After what happened to that last guy, though, I've kept my distance away from the subject. This guy actually wants to be my friend and get to know me and I don't want to change that. His friendship means everything to me and all I want is to wait and see where it takes us.

    I won't tell you about any of my friends of family's love lives because I am not authorized to tell their stories without their permission.

    Okay, so we weren't here for as long as I thought but it was lengthy for me.

    I have to go or I'll be late for creative writing.

    Remember to be yourself, be unique, and to find your own voice in this world. If you have a problem, you can request an entry. No problem is unimportant in the eyes of God.

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    Border Styles

    A thing I wanted to do since there are just too many of them.



    border:5px solid gray
    border:5px dotted gray
    border:5px dashed gray
    border:5px double gray
    border:5px groove gray
    border:5px ridge gray
    border:5px inset gray
    border:5px outset gray
    border-color:gray;border-width:5px; border-style:dotted dashed solid double
    border-radius:10%;border:5px solid gray
    border-radius:50%; border:5px solid gray
    border-radius:100% 100% 100% 0%; border:5px solid gray
    border-radius:100% 100% 0% 0%; border:5px solid gray
    border-radius:100% 0% 0% 0%; border:5px solid gray
    outline:5px solid lightgray; border:5px solid gray
    border-left:5px solid gray
    border-top:5px solid gray
    border-bottom:5px solid gray
    border-right:5px solid gray
    border-color:gray;border-width:5px;border-style:dotted solid double;
    border-color:gray;border-width:5px;border-style:double solid;