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    I'm a new ST (well, new to Exalted almost entirely, really) who just wants to check a few things for now.

    First off, if a character flurries/multiple actions to such a degree that their internal penalty means they couldn't possibly pass a test (i.e. they have a 5-die pool and end up at a -5 penalty minimum on their rolls), but then buys successes with the second excellency, can this let them bypass even massive flurry penalties or is there some ruling against this somewhere?

    Second, just how common are Dragonblooded? Not just Realm ones, but DBs in general. My game (which is still just starting) is set in the Scavenger Lands, but i'm not really sure how common DBs are and how often the players should actually encounter any. 10,000+ sounds like a lot, but given most of those are probably in the Blessed Isle and Creation is hella' big, i'm not really sure.

    Additionally, any advice on how to handle Mass Combat? My main worry is that whilst you can sort of fudge locations in normal combat, it seems like it's kind of a bigger deal in Mass Combat, so any recommendations for programs to use for it? I'm thinking of checking out Vassal since I figure that would (maybe) work.
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    Oh, some additional questions:

    Dragonblooded anima flux, at it's highest level, is doing 1 Lethal die of damage per tick. Anyone with lethal soak, including all Exalts, are totally immune to this still, aren't they?

    Artifact weapons and armor: Are they destructible at all? I.e. either feat of strength or charms designed to destroy objects. I can't seem to find anything detailing how much harder it is to destroy them, assuming it's possible.
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    As far as I can tell (though I may be wrong):

    1) This is a viable, if mote-ineffective, tactic. Far better to use Extra Action Charms.

    2) In my setting, There are about 80,000 to 90,000 Realm Dragon-Blooded, approximately 40,000 in Lookshy and about 30,000 Forest Witches, 'Lost Eggs' and other Outcastes.

    3) I don't often use Mass Combat so, pass. I'll take a question on Sports Stars of the 1980's.

    4) As the DB book says (on page 122), at 11-15 motes any being that can soak Lethal with their Stamina are immune. At 16+, all creatures suffer a dice of damage.

    5) Oedanol's Codex (page 12), says that an artifact can be broken with a Strength + Athletics roll needed to break a mundane item of the same type (such as a slashing sword for a Reaver Daiklave, a spear for a Direlance or a steel breastplate for an artifact one) plus the Artifact rating. The rules for breaking mundane items are on 153-4 of the main rule book.

    The rules above are a guideline. If you want to have the Realm peopled by the 10,000 Dragons, then it can be. If you decide an Artifact sword need 12 damage successes after a soak of 9 to break, then that's what it needs. Work with your players and adjust the rules as written to suit your setting.

    Have fun with Storytelling and Exalted.

    Captain Hesperus
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    For 4, my problem is that it doesn't say this damage is unsoakable or anything, so it still seems like almost anything will be able to soak it no problem anyway. I might just be misreading this though.

    Additionally, on that note: When an effect applies dice of damage (such as this, in fact) does it mean rolling a die to determine successes and therefore how much damage or does it just mean directly apply levels?
    Similarly, what about things like Bracers adding dodge dice? How is that meant to be dealt with?
  5. Ah, a refreshing batch of reasonable questions from someone who is not poisonously jaded. Thank you, I will partake:
    Nope. If your dice pool before adding automatic successes would be 0 or less, the action automatically fails. It doesn't appear to be released into the errata document, yet, but it will be (check my signature for a link).

    Roughly somewhere in the region of 25,000-30,000, canonically, with the largest "single" concentration being the Blessed Isle. Outside of the Isle, the largest single collection is Lookshy, the only other major described nation with a breeding program (and they happen to breed for numbers, too). These numbers and the situation of nations is probably too small as a canon jumping-off point. Since that boat sailed 10 years ago, if it seems too small just ignore it and do whatever. Maybe someday there will be an Ink Monkeys post about how those figures were a poor estimate made by savants in a fallen age with no census-gathering apparatus, and the real omniscient narrator figure is X.

    There are enough wandering heroes and elementally terrifying kings of little nations to bump into them all the time, if need be.

    You may find some breeding and Exaltation guidelines in the errata or the First Edition Dragon-Blooded book. You might have some understanding of math and question why Terrestrials have no overrun normal humans. These do not reflect reality and specifically for generational game advancement of PC families.

    Be as fast and loose with it as normal combat, I say. "The unit is threading through the hills, slowing it down in its ambush of the unit on the road" is just fine, even if technically they're 100 or 200 yards short by the rules and would've just stopped in the hills while the element of surprise whistles away on the wind. The way mass combat is presented in the book, it's aggregate guys beating each other up using the normal combat system with a bunch of extra stuff tacked on.

    Nope, you have to have Hardness to ignore low levels of damage. Otherwise, minimum damage rules kick in. (As with standard Essence users' minimum dice pool rule, if the damage would be lowered to below the attacker's Essence, it instead equals their Essence or the value of the damage if that is lower than their Essence.)

    The indestructibility of artifacts is squirreled away as a sentence fragment aside, and due for clarification. What it's probably going to shape up as eventually is: artifacts of the magical materials are indestructible by any means that does not specifically call out being able to destroy them; other artifacts are supernaturally tough, probably adding a significant bonus to resist magical destruction and being outright immune to purely mundane sources of damage, unless the artifact is specifically called out as volatile. If you have Oadenol's Codex, the rules in the beginning are a start, but they're honestly incredibly weak in the face of any concerted effort; even a weak mortal who channels a Virtue could break pretty much any artifact that isn't metal or stone, and even many of those tougher artifacts, too.

    Lots of magical things, yeah. Mortals (and horses) tend to get chewed up. But, really, the anima flux rules are in serious need of revision. I'd suggest remodeling it as a form of environmental damage (Exalted, p. 131) with a recurrence no more often than once per action.

    It just straight up does damage, without a roll to hit (and no extra damage dice from a successful hit). It's not a standard attack, so there's no dodging or blocking anyway unless you use a perfect defense like Heavenly Guardian Defense.

    It's common for people to simply add the extra dice to the dice pool for calculating the DV, instead of rolling dice every time the wearer is attacked.
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    Thanks very much for all the answers! (And dang, i'd forgotten about the minimum damage rules.)

    ...actually, on that note, i'll just confirm that, however, minimum damage rules won't cause the anima flux to end up doing (Essence) damage, right? Still only the 1L?
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    We had a mostly pointless discussion about this around four years ago. It contains the (at least up until that point) references to all the contradictory "facts" about the DB population. The basic gist of the whole thing is that you are pretty much better off just saying "fuck it, there are X thousand dragonblooded" instead trying to match the books or being "realistic". (Generally speaking, this is pretty good advice in most things Exalted, as White Wolf historically hasn't placed much value on continuity editing. Just make sure you and your players on on the same page for the things they care about.)
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    Oh hey, two minor-ish questions.

    First, mortal Immaculate monks; are they able to practice any kind of martial arts style (like the terrestrial martial arts I guess?) or are they just limited to natural attacks and having a lot of dots in MA?

    Second, the Immaculate Dragons. I know there are the five elemental dragons, but I also see mention of what appear to be some ancient Exalts of yore (Mela, Pasiap, Hesiesh, Sextes and Daana'd) ... or they might be said elemental dragons. It's a bit confusing because I see mention of them Exalting in life in the DB splatbook, which suggests they were ancient super-DB or something, but I also see stuff that makes them look more like they're the elemental dragons, i.e. actual elementals. Which is it, and why does it seem kind of conflicting?
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    Mortal Immaculates, if they are Enlightened, can learn Terrestrial Martial Arts, as can any other Enlightened Mortal. However, only Five Dragon Style is considered acceptable for such, all other styles are considered heretical for a mortal Immaculate monk to learn. Many mortal monks also know a moderate amount of Thaumaturgy, particularly the Art of Warding and Exorcism and the Art of Spirit Beckoning as well as the Art of Geomancy, the latter of which includes the method through which most mortal Immaculates gain Enlightenment. Specifically by practicing the Essence Enlightenment Sutra ritual.
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    Okay, i'm derp I know, but how does a mortal Monk get enlightened? Or, at least, can you advise which book it's in? I know there's Enlightening-keyword charms for DBs to learn CMA, but I'm not sure how mortals get to that kind of stage.

    (I'm asking because being able to give opponents who are mortal and not 'an armoured mook who will be instantly bisected' would at least add some variety to non-exalted opposition.)