Exalted Gaia's final move

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    One Primordial is most definetily enough to create a "Creation". Just look at Autochtonia... by the way, where's that 2nd edition Alchemical's book?
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    Malfeas counts as a 'Creation', right? Which means that one Primordial's body is enough for a planet.

    So, there are now, what? Four planets? Creation, the Shadowlands, Autochtonia and Malfeas?

    Did I miss anything?
  3. A single Primordial might be able to make a world roughly like Creation, but Malfeas and Autochthonia aren't that type of thing. They're fairly unique bodies of titans. The Underworld is pretty much its own little thing, too.

    If I were to map out how Creation was made, though, it would involve such power and teamwork that no single titan could ever do anything but fashion what could generously be called "mockeries" of its glorious complexity and variety. I like Holden's theory about Cytherea as a sort of big bang catalyst, so the motes required would make it literally impossible without some similar aid on the part of the builder of this new world. Then there's the raw thematic constraint that the titan would suffer. If Gaia made her own little world it might be one of elemental tempest so constant and terrible it would look like an unholy storm to anyone with a Creation-based perspective. Or one of such unbridled growth and exploration of the principles of life that it would overwhelm itself. Which would actually be a pretty cool place to introduce as a foil for Creation after your Solars have set all things right and are scratching their balls with an orichalcum nut-scratcher made out of the Unconquered Sun's bones, wondering what to do with themselves.

    Also, these:

    Ocean-Birthing Maelstrom
    Cost: (number of seas x 500)m, 5wp; Mins: Essence 10; Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
    Keywords: Blasphemy, Obvious, Sorcerous
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: The Marching Sea, Endless Depths (x3)

    Kimbery washed across the face of the world as it was born, filling it with the water it needed to spring to life, the water that would drown it all if left unchecked. Indeed, without Gaia's soul Daana'd there would be no world as we know it, but merely a stinking bog filled with bilious steam and corrosive acid. This Charm is the dramatic action of giving birth to one or more seas, which takes the greater jouten of the character 10 years plus five additional years per sea after the first. "A sea" is a body of water with a contiguous surface area no greater than (Essence x 100,000) square miles and no smaller than 1,000 square miles. Each sea must have a shore of some kind, whether it is roiling chaos (which tends to take on the characteristics of the water it abuts) or a beach, a great container or an infinitely-sided tower. Seas created with this Charm have no ultimate bottom unless they are built on some foundation, as Kimbery built the oceans of Creation on the craggy depths of the West laid by Gaia and Pasiap.

    The birth of a sea or seas is quick by titanic standards. The initial flood of watery Essence precedes the onrushing tsunami that will wipe clean the land. This burst of primordial Essence liquefies and washes away the weak on an atomic scale, inflicting 10 levels of aggravated damage as an environmental effect with immeasurable Trauma. Those slain burst like overfull balloons full of the acid waters of Kimbery, while those that survive lose a dot of permanent Essence and vomit this lost piece of their soul as a 50-gallon pool of bile. If more than one character survives in close proximity to another, it is not unlikely that they will both drown in the collected liquid. This is, perhaps, a merciful death.

    The first wave of water comes as a great wall of acid 10 miles high and as wide as the Infernal wishes the sea to measure. Anyone caught in the birthplace of the young sea first faces an unblockable, undodgeable 150B piercing. As the flow of new water slows, the force alone becomes an environmental hazard with Damage 10B/hour, Trauma 10L. This hazard persists at its full strength up until the last year of birthing, at which point both values are halved. Anyone in the area is also subject to the normal environmental hazards of Kimbery's own body (The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol. V—Malfeas, p. 102), though this is a permanent quality of the water unless outside assistance purifies the sea. While the sea is growing it also inflicts a -3 external penalty due to the constantly buffeting water, in addition to the normal difficulties of dealing with choppy waves (Exalted, p. 155). There will be overflow beyond the described borders of the sea, but this largely has half the same destructive effect as the initial blast of water out to two miles beyond the shore, after which the hazard is contained within the sea's borders.

    If the seas created by this Charm are "placed" abutting open land with a shore much higher, they will eventually rush out and disperse. Generally, the open, lower land will from the outset suffer one-third the same initial and ongoing effects as the area covered by the created sea. In roughly ([sea's square mileage] ÷ 1,000) years, the sea will have drained itself and dissipated to no lasting effect beyond the destruction it inflicts. This is an approximation and Storytellers should increase the time it takes depending on the lay of the land. A great valley filled by the sea but with an open end leading to the plains might slow the process of draining from one to five years.

    Creating more than one sea at once, giving birth to an ocean, requires that each sea be contiguous with at least one other sea created with this Charm, but they need not be contiguous with seas created with the same activation. While the acidic nature of a sea created with this Charm persists, it acts as an extension of its creator's senses. This is an imperfect sensory organ, however, and in addition to any other titanic difficulties the character suffers in perceiving smaller beings, the Infernal suffers a -5 internal penalty to notice things through her oceanic extrusions. Once purified, seas born of this Charm are wholly separate from the Infernal and provide her no special benefit.

    This Charm is susceptible to countermagic only during its activation, and only from a sorcerer whose permanent Essence is no less than (Infernal's Essence − 2). Even cast by someone so powerful, the sorcerer and the titan enter a duel of wills, each contesting the other with (Willpower + Essence) once per action until one accumulates 10 more successes than the other. Countermagic stops the outpouring of the sea, but it does not banish any water that is already free.

    Chains Within the Universe Seed
    Cost: (number of shinma x 1,000)m, 5wp; Mins: Essence 10; Type: Simple (Speed 7, DV -10)
    Keywords: Blasphemy, Combo-OK, Obvious, Shaping, Sorcerous, Wyld
    Duration: Indefinite
    Prerequisite Charms: Sublimation Beyond Conception Satori (x2), The Eternal Circle

    At the behest of Malfeas and his architects, Oramus and She Who Lives in Her Name chained a selection of shinma and burned into them the laws by which their universe would be. The Dragon Beyond the World gathered up these first of the first principles, lashing them with pure energy and molding them into pleasing configurations before the Principle of Hierarchy crystallized their forms into the staid universal laws we know today. This Charm can only be used in Pure Chaos and is an attack against no one in particular, the Infernal freeing or binding a shinma as a principle of the living universe. Shinma bound by this Charm are forced to express a specific set of the principles they represent, and bound together with other shinma they combine their principles into a whole. Without an expanded foundation, such as a world, the locality of these principles constitutes a single waypoint. This has effects far outside the scope of game rules, but includes such epic feats as unmooring the principle of identity, the governing law of the universe that states that characters exist as separate entities, or undoing the law of Nirguna so that all things exist in a state of flux.

    This Charm has no power over the laws that She Who Lives in Her Name has branded with her Unmarred Clockwork Perfection (see p. XX), which renders it useless in destroying or disrupting Creation by manipulating the shinma on which it is founded. However, nothing stops the Infernal from tying new shinma to the principles of local reality, or venturing off beyond all things knowable to the world of Creation to find and forge new combinations of shinma.

    This Charm's effects are susceptible to countermagic as any Sorcerous Charm, but only so long as the shinma it binds together are not crystallized by some other power like She Who Lives in Her Name.
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    Malfeas isn't a Creation, just like Gaia isn't Creation. The Blessed Isle compares the presence of the Elemental Dragons to "the wheels of a wagon. Without wheels, it may be many things but it is no longer a wagon."
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    Apparently... Glories of the Most High explains why Gaia isn't depicted in details.
    The explanation sucks, but makes sense.

    She left Creation and mere parts of her conscience and body (jouten) are still there. She comes back from time to time, but is away in the wyld most of the time.