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    Craelia has always been a place for outcasts and survivors, for everyone else had long succumbed to the brutal nature of the planet's weather or been weeded out by the unforgiving culture. Through various means, those that had been selected to crew the newly renamed frigate Sword of Damocles have made their way to this long forgotten world within the forgotten reaches of the Halo Stars. Through bargain or curiosity they now sit among the trusted council of a certain rogue trader. Such a position is not easy but offers more freedom than many of the countless trillions that make up the Imperium of Man could even begin to imagine.

    Those that chose to wander the palace would find it to be a building of both incredible creation given the materials that were available at time of construction and of simple luxury. Tapestries of purple tells the stories of exploits from the distance past involving heads of previous dynasties while much of the bare sandstone colored brick has been painted over with lovely geometric patterns of all varieties. A rather massive structure some 5 square miles in total area, including a number of the gardens kept vibrant by one of the planet's rivers that cut the palace in half.

    Either through previous invitation or new arrival you have all been given the most gracious of rooms within the palace of Craelia's capital, attended to by an odd man that kept a dark blue shawl wrapped around his head that is know known to be the Minister of the Interior and almost frightfully polite Navigator. For some of you it is the day that you get back into the action and others it is the first time meeting what is essentially the last family you will ever know.

    Whatever the case may be, all of your needs have been attended to and any worldly desires that may be present have likely been indulged using the State's coffers. Those days however are long past and it has become apparent from a sharp knocking at your door by one of the many mild-mannered servants that Lord Blackington is expecting you in the meeting chambers for his council.
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    Marcus sat in the meeting chambers of the Lord Minister's palace, feet propped up carefully on the long mahogany table. One hand grasped a thick pile of carefully folded parchment, opened up to a specific area. On the parchment was scrawled an ancient map of the galaxy, folded to examine a specific area deep in the outer reaches of the forgotten region known as the Koronus Expanse. Held carefully in the other was a fancifully-decorated glass, full of an expensive vintage of wine. As he drained it for what was clearly not his first time today, he held it out, only for it to be refilled by a servitor.

    A sword, sheathed in ornate metal, hung from a belt on the back of his chair. Beside it laid a shoulder harness, laspistol carelessly thrown into the holster. He raised his glass in the air toward the servitor, knowing full well it could never respond in a meaningful way. "Well, here's to the final mission, boy! Let's hope this gets us back on track, eh?" He grinned before downing the rest of his wine. As he held the glass out casually once more, the servitor refilled it.

    After the glass was refilled, he set it down carefully on the table. Map still in hand, he stood up and began pacing around the room. He wiped his brow reflexively. "Let's hope..." He kept glancing toward the door, as if he were hoping someone would eventually come through it as planned.
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    The bed was comfortable, it had red sheets as specified for someone of Latoria's distinction and was matched with an assortment of pillows. It was a simple bed, yet it was not made on this desert world. It was imported, an off-planet creation from some hive world. A simple bed, it was creation of primitive cultures. A collect of fibers and stuffing that was toiled together through the collective sweat of a billion souls clinging together at once, all as one unit, in such a symphony that would praise the God Emperor and his light. Yes, it would be considered a simple, comfortable, bed.

    Latoria had slept on such a bed throughout most of her childhood within Blackington Estate. In a way she was use to life within a large mansion with its multitude of servants and while her childhood home was not much compared to the minister's palace, it was still just as austere. The familiarity made Latoria sick when she woke up in the morning and had done so for the three days she had already spent inside the palace. Such nostalgia of youth was not something women of her age or stature welcomed, but then she would think of Jeremy or Marna and then she pushed away her rushing feelings much like the red sheets on her bed.

    Her room was designed much to her order's specifications. A statue of the Craelian Sun, the Craelian version of the God Emperor, rested at the room's center with a marble bust of Saint Jesenina at its side. She would wash herself, pray and do what else might need to be done in the morning hours before the meeting. She was reading a report from her Sister Superior when a soft knocking came onto her room's door.

    "Prioress," a meager servant's voice was managed to squeak as he opened the door, "Lord Blackington requires your presence within the council."

    She nodded to the man, before grabbing her chain sword and donning her Ecclesiarchal robes. Letting her hair down, she did not bring her flamer. Looking at the bust one more time, she ensured her order's symbol was predominately displayed via the marble's shine. "Very well, lets go see my brother."

    Walking down the halls with the servant she reached the large doors of the council room. The guards outside opening them, she saw her younger brother glaring with some intensity and surprised at her. Maps were poured over the council table, some markings were placed on them but they looked to be nothing more than disorganized scribbles. Latoria was certain that Marcus was glaring at them with the same intensity he glared at her, much like a coward does when examining an escape route. "You look shocked, Lord Blackington, I hope my presence before you doesn't make you that uneasy." she said with a smirk. This was the first time she laid eyes on her brother since her arrival.
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    Shocked indeed. In fact, the look was more akin to horror. A cruel twist of fate, that one. He steadied his breath and cleared his throat, setting down the map he held. After a moment of preparation, he was ready. "No, of course not, dearest Latoria. I was not aware as to who the Ministorum would be sending. It is... Good to finally put a name to the person they chose for this mission. Ironic and fitting, in a way, don't you think?" He smiled kindly at her, waving her to the table. "Please, sit down. I assume you have not forgotten my first name?" The joke is not without its own amount of spite or frustration hidden within it.

    He set to clearing up most of the maps on the table, pushing them down to his end. Organizing the ancient parchments was a task requiring the utmost care, as most of them were priceless artifacts with few known copies to exist. Yes, a Rogue Trader's maps are among his most prized possessions, and Marcus' were no different. He gently folded the maps and stowed them away inside a carrying case until he was down to a mere four, which he methodically laid out in front of his seat. The process was soothingly methodical for the man. When all was said and done, the maps were organized going from broad to specific in a clockwise fashion, the most general being in the top-right corner of the grouping.

    With that done, he sat down, himself, and drank from his cup.
    "Would you care for some wine, dear sister?" Without much provocation, the servitor lumbered his way toward the elder sister, bottle and cup in hand. Regardless of her answer, it would proffer the cup, almost pressing it into her hands against her will. Servitors and their lack of finesse, of course.
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    Lord Seneschal Haxta Crey

    The last of her charts rolled up and stored, Haxta just barely remembered to remove the moodstone from under her tongue before leaving her quarters. The little rock of strange origin safely stored with the others in her safe. She didn't use them often but being forced into a position like this called for drastic measures. A little pick me up to deal with the long nights of plotting routes and attempting communications with contacts across the universe that seemed to never be able to respond. It would make a lesser woman tear her hair out but not Haxta.

    She was the very model of a Seneschal. Her own garb expensive, yet compared to the flamboyance of others it came off dark and subdued. The most obvious display of wealth on her person was by far the artificial arm, a quality not seen even on some of the more advanced worlds of this sector. Though that was not what Haxta was currently focused on. In her arms she carried several large tubes, each about two meters in length. The grox skin forming the tube looked old and weathered, a fitting container for the charts within. The weight of all of them placed carefully on her artificial limb, courtesy of the Adeptus Arbites.

    Upon entering it seemed she was not the first to arrive, putting her into a bit of a sour mood. When it came to dealings with the Lord, she should be informed first. It was her duty to oversee the runnings of the ship and not the esteemed Clerics. Just because of their blood relation, already Haxta felt she was being placed down on the pecking order.

    "Blackington, I've brought the rest of the maps." She looks at the wine and his own collection of charts. "You do recall the conversation we had about me being alerted to these meetings before the others yes?"
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    Lucretius had been meditating peacefully in her room, when the knock on the door came. Contemplating the glory of the Emperor was such a constant task and interruption annoyed her, at least until the servant explained why between the expletives coming from her, having given very explicit instructions that this hour was hers and hers alone. She shoo'd the servant out with a wave of her hand and waited until the door shut, finding the crimson blindfold she used to cover her eyes, and settling it on peacefully under her dark locks. Gathering her meager belongings, she slid her tall staff into the sling on her back and walked out towards the meeting room. She was well aware that her presence brought both fear and awe upon most, but as long as her faith in the Emperor stayed strong, she had little need or care for such things.

    Pushing open the door that led from her own little corner of the palace, she bowed deeply as she entered the meeting room, not saying a word until she had taken her rightfully earned place at the table, placing the staff against the edge. "You have summoned us, I presume that our departure is nigh?"
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    Tauron shuffled wearily through the halls of the palace, his tread heavy with the fog of fatigue. The proprietor of their accommodations had foreseen the Explorator's fascination with archeotech, and prepared several choice pieces in his room. Most of Tauron's night had gone into deciphering their origin and purpose, a decision whose wisdom he was now sorely questioning. The lumps of plastic, glass and metal had turned out to be nothing more than audio-file storage units, apparently luxury items that regurgitated untold volumes of music. Tauron was surprised at their resilience to still be functional after so long, but beyond that they were generally useless. The alien cerebral specimen on the other hand had provided a more bountiful harvest, if indeed it was an Ork brain as the enclosed note claimed.

    The servitor that led Tauron to the stateroom pushed the doors open with little pomp or ceremony, befitting the lack of fineness that it and Tauron shared. The Explorator slipped in quietly, laying eyes for the first time on his new benefactor. The Rogue Trader had hired him without so much as an interview, which was both fortunate yet somehow boded ill. Perhaps one of the Magos had decided that Tauron was a Heretek after all, and arranged for him to be eliminated. Overall though, this Trader seemed unthreatening. He was armed, and there were other individuals in the room that might pose threats, but until given a reason to engage in hostilities Tauron decided to keep on a sunny disposition. He bowed slowly to Lord Blackington as the Seneschal finished speaking, imitating the niceties of court as best he could with his experience aboard the Calixian Battlefleet.

    +++Explorator Tauton reporting for duty+++
    +++Lord Blackington, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance+++

    He turned slightly, bowing with equal reverence to the regal woman who bore a familial resemblance to the Lord.

    +++It is likewise a pleasure to be in your presence, my lady+++
    +++My apologies, I am woefully ignorant to your identity, and therefore cannot pay you the proper respects+++

    The Seneschal received a polite dip of the head, Tauron unsure of how to treat someone of her station.

    +++Pardon my intrusion, I did not mean to interrupt+++
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    It was some time before the others had arrived that the servitor offered her the glass. Drinking alcohol was strictly prohibited by Orde Jesenina unless such wine was ceremonial or sacred in some fashion. This wine however was neither case. "You were not notified so that you wouldn't refuse," Latoria said mocking, "We'd hate for you to merely resist our offer because I was sent in Sister Superior's stead." As Latoria saw it be poured in the glass in front of her, she could tell that it was something her brother could not afford, especially with his debts, it was most likely the ministers. "Furthermore, I'd find it poor of me to allow such improper finances to ruin my appetite" she said towards Marcus as she tried to turn down the drink. Such action didn't go smoothly, as in her attempt to resist the drink offered she was force to gently nudge away the servitor who was confused by her actions. After all he was ordered to serve wine, and as such a tragic being, couldn't understand why she would be refusing. Nevertheless, Latoria refused to push away the former human or knock the drink onto the ground.

    Eventually it couldn't be helped and she merely moved forward causing the clumsy servitor to drop the drink on the ground. It sprung on its feet to clean it up, confused by the woman's strange cruelty. Though to Latoria, such a machine was a sad creature.

    Taking her seat, she sat at the seat closest to the head on the left. Knowing that the Seneschal would demand the seat to the right. So when she came in, Latoria was directly across from her and merely gave a smile to the frustrated woman when she gave her remarks about being introduced first to the meeting. "My apologizes," she said to the Seneschal, "I was merely summoned here first. Though I assume you will be the one who will help Lord Blackington with his expenses." she said as she implied to the spill wine on the floor the servitor was still trying to clean up.

    The rest soon trickled in afterwards.

    Replied to the strange voice man who also greeted her. "A pleasure to meet you, Explorator. Its always a pleasure to meet a man of faith, regardless of their heritage" she said to the man who she perceived to be a martian. "I am Prioress Latoria Louvenia Blackington of Orde Jesenina, however you may simply refer to me as Sister Latoria."
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    A nod and simple smile was about all Latoria received from Marcus at her denial. He turned his attention to the Senschal next, flashing her a much larger smile than his sister had yet received. "My apologies, Lady Crey, but I simply sent out my call for everyone at the same time. As much as it is your role, I value my officers equally. The only preference anyone receives is based upon merit. I'll try to remind you ahead of time from now on, though. Thank you, however, as I was sorely missing these charts." He took up the charts and laid them out across the top of the ones already present in front of his seat. As Latoria sat beside him, he smiled and grabbed the spare bottle sitting next to him. A glass was retrieved from a rack beneath the table and filled, before being passed to the Missionary. A glass is quickly poured and passed to Haxta to make the act seem less passive-aggressive. "Please, drink and be merry. Get to know each other, for you will be living side-by-side for the foreseeable future."

    As the room begins to fill, Marcus drains his sixth glass of wine, refilling the goblet once again before standing. "Welcome, all. Welcome. For those of you I have yet to meet until now, it is indeed a pleasure. Yes, we are to leave soon. Final preparations are under way for our vessels as we speak. I simply await the arrival of the rest of you, and the Lord Minister to brief us on our venture." He called back, and another servitor with more wine came out from a door behind Marcus, beginning its forceful proffering of wine once more.
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    Haxta Crey

    "Be merry?!" Haxta was almost aghast at that comment, immediately regretting hurrying down. "I've got Explorator's and Clerics two steps ahead of me and you wish for me to be merry? I think I'l pass and continue to anxious. Did you wish for these maps or not?" Haxta frowns, her hand subconsciously flexing in irritation. "Either way Lord Blackington, I've got no connection to these beings and I assume I can do the same work for you from my room that I can do here. Is there anything else you wish for my lord?"
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